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Rodolfo La Maestra's Biography

Rodolfo La Maestra

Rodolfo La Maestra is the Senior Technical Director of HDTV Magazine and UHDTV Magazine.  Rodolfo participated in the HDTV vision since the late 1980's when HDTV was first proposed as an analog system.  In the late 1990's, he began tracking and reviewing HDTV related technologies and consumer products, which prompted him in 2002 to pioneer the authoring of the annual HDTV Technology Review report encompassing all available HDTVs and related equipment, content providers, distribution systems (broadcast, cable, satellite), government, standards, connectivity, content protection, etc. Rodolfo considers himself an educator, not a journalist, transferring knowledge and experience.  In addition to this annual publication, he authored tutorials and educative articles for HDTV Magazine, DVDetc and HDTVetc  magazines, Veritas et Visus Newsletter, Display Search, and served as technical consultant/editor for the "Reference Guide" and the "HDTV Glossary of Terms" for HDTVetc and HDTV Magazine. In 2004, to help the public understand the HDTV complexity, he began recording a TV technology periodical for Maryland Cable television that aired weekly, and by 2006, the show rated as second most viewed among all the technology episodes.

Rodolfo's background encompasses Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, and Audio/Video Electronics, over 4,700 hours of professional training, a BS in Computer and Information Systems, and thirty+ professional and post-graduate certifications, some from MIT, American, and George Washington Universities.  Rodolfo was also Computer Science professor in five institutions during 1966-1973 in Argentina, regarding IBM, Burroughs, and Honeywell mainframe computers. After 38 years of computer systems career Rodolfo retired in 2003 as Chief of Systems Development from the Inter-American Development Bank directing sixty+ software-development computer professionals for information/transactional/web online systems, database administration, etc. supporting Bank’s member countries in north/central/south America. In parallel, from 1998 he concentrated his personal efforts in helping the public with his other career of audio/video electronics, which started with hi-end audio in the early 60’s, merged with Home Theater video and multichannel audio technologies, widescreen laser disc, anamorphic DVD, 16:9 NTSC displays, HDTV, Blu-ray, IPTV, HDMI, HT Cinemascope, Streaming, HD Media Servers, LCD, World DTV, 3DTV, Auto-Stereoscopic (glasses free) 3DTV, OLED, 4K players, 4K content, and 4K UHDTVs. When HDTV started airing in November 1998, and later followed by 3DTV and 4K UHDTV, he realized that the technology as implemented would overwhelm consumers due to its complexity, and it certainly does even today.  Rodolfo then launched his mission of educating and helping consumers understand the complexity, the challenge, and the beauty of the technology pursuing better sound and image, so the public learn to appreciate it not just as another television.