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General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #675: Sling TV Review

By The HT Guys • Feb 20, 6:54am

The idea of cutting the cord, removing your reliance on Cable or Satellite to provide the hundreds of channels you rarely watch, has been a pipe dream for many of us. Sure, for those close enough to a transmitter, an over the air antenna really helps fill the void. Netflix and Hulu are great as well. But if you like to watch a lot of TV, you're still left wanting. Until now. Sling TV may actually be the answer.

Mobile HDTV

HDTV Expert - Pixelworks Improves Mobile Display Quality While Reducing System Cost

By Ken Werner • Feb 19, 8:29pm

We have just succeeded in wrapping our heads around the fact that quantum-dot enhancement can signficantly increase the color gamut and color saturation of LCDs with little — and eventually no — increase in system cost. Now, with its “Iris” mobile display co-processor, Pixelworks is giving us another example of improved display performance with, in […]

Wireless HDMI/HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #674: Dayton Audio XRA25 Wireless Rear Channel Amplifier

By The HT Guys • Feb 13, 8:57am

Since the beginning of this podcast we have been on the lookout for a product that will wirelessly transmit audio from your receiver to the surround speakers. To date there have been a few that sort of got the job done. To be fair, a lot depends on where your live. In areas that do not have a lot of interference you have a much better chance of success with most products. In areas where home are right on top of each other, or have a lot of wireless devices you may be better off running cable.

4K (Ultra HD)

HDTV Expert - Ultra HD: Live From the 2015 HPA Tech Retreat

By Pete Putman • Feb 12, 11:12pm

Ultra HD: Live From the 2015 HPA Tech Retreat As I write this, it is the morning of Day 2 at the annual Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat. This annual conference brings together the top minds across a wide range of disciplines in the media production business. Cameras, lenses, codecs, displays, file formats and exchanges, […]

Cable HDTVSatellite HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #673: Dish Upgrade Time

By The HT Guys • Feb 6, 11:15am

This is the time of the year when HDTV and Home Theater take a quick nap. CES has come and gone, the Super Bowl is done, and there's a bit of a lull in activity until March Madness kicks in. Sure there may be some mid-season shows that pop up, but we're always looking for ways to spice things up. So what better way than a full revamp of our Dish Network gear?

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