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For a Good Time, Call...(Two-Disc Combo Pack: Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet)

For a Good Time, Call...(Two-Disc Combo Pack: Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet)
Studio: Universal Studios
List Price: $34.98
Street Price: $19.99
Amazon.com: $18.44
Release Date: Jan 22, 2013
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Running Time: 85 minutes


Overachiever Lauren is suddenly on her own after her boyfriend breaks up with her. Free spirit and irrepressible Katie is about to lose a dream apartment unless she can find a roommate. They reluctantly agree to room together even though they have nothing in common, until Lauren discovers that Katie is working as a phone-sex operator, and recognizes a good business opportunity. But as their business partnership takes off, their newfound friendship finds unexpected challenges that may leave them both, as they say, hanging on the telephone. -- (C) Focus


Clean and colorful, For a Good Time, Call... features a lovely little 1080p/AVC-encoded presentation free of serious flaws. This perky palette is brimming with bright splashes of color -- pinks, gold’s and blues -- and loaded with playful primaries. Contrast remains consistent throughout as well, with warm, smartly saturated skintones, deep blacks and an abundance of not-too-crisp, not-too-soft detail. Edge definition is honed to near-perfection, fine textures are natural and fairly revealing. There also isn't any significant artifacting or banding to speak of, and only a handful of anomalies -- a brief burst of noise here and there. At the end of the day, Universal's transfer isn't exactly stunning, but then neither is the film's photography.


Universal's faithful DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track doesn't stray all that far from the rom-com fold, heaping front-heavy conversation on top of more front-heavy conversation. But the rear speakers go above and beyond, grabbing hold of the film's perky soundtrack, the bustling city, the busy streets, the crowded locales, the voices bleeding through the walls of the small apartments, and every moan and scream that echoes over the girls' phone lines. No, the LFE channel doesn't get much of a workout, and no, dynamics aren't all that impressive. No surprises here. Even so, low-end output is more than serviceable, and lends weight as needed. Dialogue, thankfully, is clear, convincingly grounded in the mix and perfectly prioritized, making Lauren and Katie's apartment a realized, lived-in space. Lines are never lost, voices never falter and there isn't an effect out of place.


I had my reservations when it came to actually watching this movie. It didn’t seem like a movie that a guy would be drawn to watching without the help of a woman. But I can truly say that after watching it, I would be perfectly content recommending it guys as well as women. It was surprisingly entertaining and it covers a subject that hasn’t really been tackled before in movies that are considered porn J There was comedy throughout and the vocabulary and dialogue was pretty outrageous. Definitely not for people who are reserved or struggle when this subject content is brought up. All and all, I was impressed with the movie and it’s storyline. Definitely recommended viewing for couples who are uninhibited in their bedroom talk. Enjoy.

Posted by Ryan Gibbs, February 1, 2013 7:50 AM

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