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Brave (Three-Disc Collector's Edition: Blu-ray / DVD)

Brave (Three-Disc Collector's Edition: Blu-ray / DVD)
Studio: Buena Vista
List Price: $39.99
Street Price: $24.99
Amazon.com: $18.99
Release Date: Nov 13, 2012
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1
Running Time: 93 minutes

5.0 Stars (out of 5) - Rated PG


Scottish princess Merida uses her archery skills to establish her independence, but when she accidentally angers the ancient land's three powerful lords and is granted a poorly conceived wish by a witch, she must go on a quest to repair the damage.


Kelly Macdonald, Emma Thompson, Billy Connolly, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, Robbie Coltrane, Julie Walters, Eilidh Fraser, Sally Kinghom


Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman

Blu-ray Release Date:

November 13, 2012


English, English SDH, French, Spanish


Overall rating weighted as follows:

Audio 40%, Video 40%, Special Features 20%, Movie - its just our opinion so take it with a grain of salt

Audio 5.0 Stars (out of 5)

Dolby and DTS Demo Discs used as basis for comparison

● Subwoofer – 5.0 Stars

● Dialog - 5.0 Stars

● Surround Effects – 5.0 Stars

● Dynamic Range – 5.0 Stars

English: Dolby TrueHD 7.1, English: Dolby TrueHD 5.1, French: Dolby Digital Plus 7.1, French: Dolby Digital 5.1, Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1, English: Dolby Digital 2.0

Dolby TrueHD always seems to deliver a satisfying home theater experience. Bass is strong and tight and vibrates the couch when you feel the rumbling sounds of roaring waterfalls, stomping horse hooves, explosions, and deep growling bears. Dialog never misses a beat, and the clean performance easily shows off great range. There’s always action in the surround speakers, weather it be slamming doors, soft falling rain, echoing thunder, barking dogs, or whizzing arrows. This soundtrack fits the movie perfectly, it’s not too bombastic but it’s a classy presentation that shows way Blu-ray is the best way to experience a movie at home.

Video 5.0 Stars (out of 5)

Spears & Munsil Benchmark Blu-ray Edition used as basis for comparison

● Color Accuracy - 5.0 Stars

● Shadow detail – 5.0 Stars

● Clarity – 5.0 Stars

● Skin tones – 5.0 Stars

● Compression – 5.0 Stars

Codec: MPEG-4 AVC, Resolution: 1080p, Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1, Original Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

The colors in this film are amazing. Forests are lush and green, fancy dresses shimmer and shine, magical wisps glow bright blue, and the bouncy curly red hair is mesmerizing to look at. There are several dark scenes in the film, at times some details are lost in the darkness, but don’t take too much away from the movie. The sharp clarity is amazing and shows off the detail in individual blades of grass, fine textures in clothing, detail in animal fur, and even individual grey hairs in bristly beards.

Bonus Features 5.0 Stars (out of 5)

● Audio Commentary with Director Mark Andrews, co-director Steve Purcell

● Short Films (14 minutes): In La Luna and The Legend of Mor'Du,

● Behind the Scenes (HD, 50 minutes): Eight behind-the-scenes featurettes

○ Brave Old World - Follows the Pixar team on a trip to Scotland.

○ Merida & Elinor – Examines the female characters of the film.

○ Bears – Explores the bears in the film.

○ Brawl in the Hall – A look at the development and animation funny fight.

○ Wonder Moss – Explains the complex mathematical creation of the movie's background moss.

○ Magic – Explains Brave's fairy tale roots and magical elements.

○ Clan Pixar – Spends some time with artists and animators.

● Extended Scenes (HD, 13 minutes): Four extended scenes, "Meet the Lords," "Triplets' Distraction," "The Ruins" and "Blockade."

● Promotional Pieces (Disc 2, HD, 14 minutes): Some pieces in this collection could have easily been billed as deleted scenes and snippets -- "Feast Your Eyes Montage (Wee Bits of Animation)," "Relics," "Clan Dun Broch," "Launch" and "Flying Guts Theater" -- while other pieces are simply trailers from the US, UK and Japan.

● Fergus & Mor'Du: An Alternate Opening (Disc 2, HD, 3 minutes): A deleted intro -- Fergus.

● Fallen Warriors (Disc 2, HD, 2 minutes): A montage of shots

● Dirty Hairy People (Disc 2, HD, 4 minutes): Pixar animators honor Scotland in their own way.

● It is English... Sort Of (Disc 2, HD, 4 minutes): Scottish slang, Pixar style.

● Angus (Disc 2, HD, 3 minutes): Designing and animating Merida's horse, Angus.

● The Tapestry (Disc 2, HD, 4 minutes): Merida's family tapestry and its role in the film.

● Art Galleries (Disc 2, HD): "Characters," "Color Keys," "Development Art," "Environments" and "Graphics."

Movie – 3.5 Stars (out of 5)


Brave does a great job of examining the complex relationship of a mother and a teenage daughter. It captures the wildness of youth and the heavy responsibilities of adulthood in a magical story. All the characters are well defined and likeable, which makes the story very easy to digest. Half way though the film the story takes a strange unexpected turn, but it forces the characters to reexamine their motives and redefine their relationship. The story is simple, but it’s full of great emotional content. This is not one of Pixar’s best films, but its charm and beauty carry it a long way. However, I think this movie means a lot more to my wife and daughters than it does to my son and me.

Posted by The HT Guys, December 21, 2012 7:36 AM

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