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EdgeStream Delivers High Definition Video Streaming for Everyone

EdgeStream announces a pure play Video Content Delivery Network powered by its patented multi-source streaming platform

Laguna Niguel, CA (April 17, 2008) - EdgeStream announces a Video Content Delivery Network with an attitude - High Definition Video streaming for everyone. No Interruptions; No degradation in Video Quality; No re-buffering. Powered by its patented Internet Congestion Tunnel Through (ICTT) and Continuous Route Optimization (CROS) technologies, the EdgeStream VCDN is fulfilling the dreams of every web video operator - provide a quality of service similar to private operators like Cable, Satellite and Telco TV with High Definition video streaming to global broadband audiences over the Internet at unprecedented prices.

Announcing the VDN, Vinod Sodhi, CEO of EdgeStream said, "Our high quality streaming service at disruptive pricing enables content owners and content aggregators to now monetize their professionally created video assets through innovative advertising supported or low priced user acceptable subscription models. While low quality video sites like You Tube are continuing to feed the user generated video frenzy, advertisers question the desirability and effectiveness of video advertising at these sites. With the EdgeStream VDN, operators can now cost effectively stream professional quality videos that will keep the consumers glued to the media and help win advertisers support".

"We have built our VDN ground up", says Randy Chung, CTO of EdgeStream. "Our patented multi-source platform is able to treat videos like ordinary data using algorithms to break up, distribute and re-assemble the video stream from multiple sources to a video player. These innovations allow us to transport the data error free through high latency and congestion to hundred's of million users in HD data rates without melting down the Public Internet'.

Enrique Olives Director ABS-CBNi, the largest Philippines Media Company that has been using the VDN for over a year said, "EdgeStream's VDN has allowed us to provide our popular movies and shows to our subscribers worldwide with a quality of service that is similar to watching regular TV".

"Being able to offer High Definition video over the public Internet really broadens the market and scope for WebTV; we are enabling 'Cable Television' for a Global audience" said Rajeev Sehgal, Chief Business Development Officer of EdgeStream. "Our core innovations allow our customer's customer to watch the video of their choice with the same QoS as they see on their regular TV worldwide. Until now, Internet delivery of Broadcast, leave alone High Definition video has been limited to download and not streaming, the EdgeStream VDN changes that paradigm".

About EdgeStream

EdgeStream is a privately held California Corporation that has developed and deployed a disruptive full function Video on Demand and IPTV Delivery Network. Using its patented multi-source video streaming technologies, the company has launched a Global Video Content Delivery Network that content owners, content providers and distributors use to reliably deliver SD, DVD and HD quality videos to global audiences cost effectively. For more information on EdgeStream, please visit our web sites at www.edgestream.com

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Posted by Shane Sturgeon, April 17, 2008 10:47 AM

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