Will HD analog component video be down rezzed?

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Will HD analog component video be down rezzed?

Postby kevinivey » 02 Dec 2004, 16:08

When will HD analog component fed video be down rezzed to my older HD monitor? Will all of us early adapters be SOL? I also have a new direct view HD monitor that has DVI. To be honest the DVI image is noisy. The HD component is much cleaner.

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Postby donshan » 02 Dec 2004, 19:08

I am in the same boat and have been following all the info I can find. This issue is called the "analog hole". The short answer is "maybe".

As I understand it the FCC has ruled that any set top box that is receiving an OTA broadcast signal, even if carried on cable or satellite, is NOT allowed to down rez on component outputs. In mid November the FCC approved the "broadcast flag" to be added to OTA signals if the copyright holder requires it. I made a copy of the part of the FCC statement on the analog hole which is below. All equipment made after July 2005 ( I think) must recognize the broadcast flag, much to the outrage of computer manufacturers. The FCC has previously approved 13 different(!!) encryption technologies that recognize the flag to allow home recording with the correct devices. Keep in mind many want to home network a computer with HD card and record DVDs. Eventually HD DVDs.

As I read the statement below, FCC decided not to rule on non-broadcast channels like ESPN HD, HBO HD etc, since they are under the control of the companies that send out the signals. They may add a signal to down rez, if they want to, but this would be counter to the intent of the FCC message, but not illegal-FCC left it in limbo. My guess is that the regular HD channels we get by monthly subscription will be safe, since the companies would be "cutting their own throats" to ask me to pay for a HD package on DirecTV and then take it away by down rezing. However I suspect we maybe could see PPV HD events be down rezed. Eventually, HDMI-HDCP will be the only safe way to assure all HD content. But when? I was hoping FCC would prohibit all down rezing,like they did for broadcast HD, but they bypassed the issues--for now at least.

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The November, 2004 FCC statement ( you decipher it!):

"The Commission also addressed what is described as the

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Postby peter m. wilson » 04 Dec 2004, 14:08

Hi Guys
I'm an early adopter also getting my set with "component in" only in OCT 2000 and my SA8300HD decoder PVR in Toronto through Rogers cable has not activated the digital or DVI input yet. In anycase, I think DVI will have it's place but I'm betting that HDMI which carries both audio and video at a rate of 5 gigs a second over long distances will be the connection of choice, (Unless something better is invented)

I haven't been following anything that the FCC plans to do except take back all the analog spectrum and sell it to the highest bidder.

The HD signal we now get at 1080i 0r 720p are converted to analog to go through the component input and then switched back to digital so that we can see HD. If a program or Network provider decides to dnrez a show to the rez of dvd lets say at 480p, they could no longer call it HD and it would effect everyone regardless of which connection they were using.

The boxes from Scientific Atlantic already have all the connections, they just have to be activated. If a HD signal can come through your component inputs now, HD DVD will either do the same or have an adaptor. They want all the customers possible also.

I hear people with the sets that have DVI complaining that it should already be active on their cable or sat box because it gives a much better picture than component and they haven't even had their sets calibrated properly. If DVI is capable to bring out the good, lets see what it does to the bad.

The thing I'm worried about is the availability of repacement color CRT Guns for my Tosh RPTV which most reviewers still admit give the best blacks of any of the technologies.

I love my CRT tv. I love to be able to scale my present DVDs to 1080i through Component because being an analog connection its not affected by HDCP. I'm going to hold off buying DVDs (unless thre really cheap) to see what HD-DVD will look like. If it doesn't look alot better than my scaled to 1080i dvds, I won't buy a machine but when the price of to-days dvds goes down the toilet, thats when I'll pick them up.

Anyway, the people who sell stuff want to continue advertising to us so they will make sure we can recieve their signal.

Peter m.

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Postby eliwhitney » 03 Aug 2009, 01:56

bradcapo2 ..

By pulling up a very antique Thread {2004 was last entry!} - do please understand that MUCH has transpired during those ensuing 5 years!

Nearly ALL new 'Gear' - - including Sound Receivers, HD Set Top Boxes, Upconverting or full Blu Ray Players & the like - - are now HDMI, w/o many options at all.

In any Electronics Field - specifically HDTV - five (5) years IS an Eternity.


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Postby akirby » 03 Aug 2009, 07:51

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Postby eliwhitney » 03 Aug 2009, 07:56

Hi akirby !

That's ANOTHER ... " Got Me !"

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p.s. --- hope he got a good "chuckle?" over my lack of discovery

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Postby bradcapo112 » 20 Aug 2009, 20:14

I'm very interested! I would love to find out more inforamtion related to this topic. Thanks in advance.
me too, I need more detailed info

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Postby Rodolfo » 22 Aug 2009, 08:42


A simple search of the articles on this magazine would have provided the background you are looking for:

The first article was originally written in 2004 and updated a few years later; some equipment mentioned at the end of the article is dated, but the risk for early adopter's analog connections is still the same. The graph at the end would help you with a summary view:


Here is another article that is haunted by the same problem:


I am working with the FCC on another set of analog tier issues now (cable and their digital conversion) and did not have the chance to verify if there are any FCC/industry updates for the first article above.

I hope this helps,

Best Regards,


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