HDMI cables

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HDMI cables

Postby zoyneela » 09 Jan 2012, 22:54

What cables are needed to hook my xbox 360 to my hdmi computer monitor? I have the hdmi cable for my xbox to run to my computer monitor. The PROBLEM is that I have no sound. The only sound port on the computer screen is a headphone jack. What kind of cables or setup do I need to hook it all up and get my hdmi quality?

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Re: HDMI cables

Postby eliwhitney » 10 Jan 2012, 04:46

... zoyneela ...

Your existing 'HDMI' cable running between the 'out port' of the XBOX and one of the "IN' on the tower should be all's that necessary. Naturally, that's ...Part 'n Parcel.... of what that cable system is supposed to be all about - - just a single connection for both audio and video signal feeds!

How about re-posting w/ full Model Number of the P.C.? .... or, have you read the full manual carefully ... perhaps there IS another "step" required within your computer to "recognize" your particular set-up?

Whenever you are NOT using the XBOX, do you then have audio? ... same as with any HDTV, there's the need to "switch" {with the internal Set-up Menu ... in APPLE Units, it's "System Preferences"} to whatever 'port' is in use at the time, perhaps.


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