Dish Satellite account - mobility and flexibility

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Dish Satellite account - mobility and flexibility

Postby gfsmith » 05 Jul 2008, 14:26

How do you set up a permanent account at one location and move it for two months to another location and then back to the permanent location without setting up two separate accounts?

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Constant Relocation of DISH Satellite HD Service ...

Postby eliwhitney » 07 Jul 2008, 13:31

Hi gfsmith -

It can not be done.

At least, not for "free!" The tear down, reinstallation ... with that now-tedious alignment of the 5LNB 'dish' antenna, etc.,... will Not be done by a representative agent of DISH TV until / unless he is Paid!

They even "charge" a substantial fee whenever one has a new roof applied & the 'dish' has to unsecured during that (1) day!

They Do have a separate "fee" schedule or charge for each routine - but - you will Not like it !

IF it isn't too far, obstructed w/ dense trees, etc., just install an outside antenna and " get by " for those 8 weeks with O.T.A. ?


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Postby akirby » 08 Jul 2008, 06:11

If you always go back to the same location for those 2 months you just need to install 2 dishes. Not sure if you need to do anything else relative to phone numbers, etc.

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