Help with my RCA F38310

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Help with my RCA F38310

Postby deadtender » 10 May 2012, 11:13

Please help me if you can. I just bought a RCA model number F38310 from a student at the local university. It worked fine at his house (he said he had it on cable). When I got it home, I noticed on the top right corner of the tv it had the Direct TV logo. I have dish tv. The question I have is: Can this tv be used with dish tv or is it only going to work with direct tv? So far, it will not work, so I'm wondering if I can use it with dish. It say's in the bottom left of the screen "weak signal". Please help. I can follow up with more info if needed. Please be aware I am somewhat slow on the jargon, so please describe in layman's terms what I need to do.

Thank you in advance....


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Re: Help with my RCA F38310

Postby carltyoung » 11 May 2012, 08:27


If I remember correctly this 250 pound CRT. early 1080i HD RCA and its comparable PROSCAN model had a now very antiquated DTV tuner built in. Forget the DTV function and connect your DISH receiver using the component A/V outputs from the receiver to the R/G/Y component inputs of your RCA unit (It does not have any HDMI inputs) using it effectively as a display. You may have to make some adjustments in your set-up menu.
Also this unit has a built-in ATSC receiver which means you can also view your local stations HD broadcasts over-the-air if available and you are within range of their line-of sight transmitters.

As old and as outdated as this discontinued model is, it can still deliver a picture as good as many more 'modern', more expensive units now available as others who participate in this forum will attest.


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Re: Help with my RCA F38310

Postby mpmp0 » 12 May 2012, 05:54

my 38310 died a few years ago. a great TV but a real space gobbler and beast to try and manhandle.

hope it's okay to do is a forum that may be of some help, if not with this particular issue, with others that may pop up.

good luck! ... a&t=280931

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