HDTV Expert - Reading Between The Lines

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HDTV Expert - Reading Between The Lines

Postby 720pete » 01 Jun 2011, 16:27

What do small businesses and over-the-air digital TV have to do with each other? You'd be surprised.

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Re: HDTV Expert - Reading Between The Lines

Postby Robz » 02 Jun 2011, 02:24

720pete wrote:What do small businesses and over-the-air digital TV have to do with each other? You'd be surprised.

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Clearly, the property rights of everyone else involved with media is being protected. Hollywood gets to keep their royalties, the cable company gets to keep their fees, AT&T gets to put a cap on monthly data quantity yet AT&T’s Uverse TV is free of the data cap. The only ones getting screwed are the owners of the spectrum, namely the citizens. Should the citizen’s property ever be ceded over to the Telco companies, our elected officials shall know the fury of antenna viewers. The outrage will come from not only those who rely solely on over the air reception, but those have other TV services and antenna TV. It is absurd to count only viewers who rely solely on antenna TV.
Despite the FCC’s OTARD rules, the cable and Telco companies still have a huge admittance advantage. My cousin for example, lives in a first floor condo. His only “legal” option is an indoor antenna for ATSC reception. For better reception, he could mount an outside antenna on his exclusive roof mounted air compressor, but has no “legal” way to connect the antenna from the roof to the first floor condo TV. The cable company has a large chase from the roof down to the first floor for their cables only. Despite the lessor performance, he did cut the cable and is happy he does not have to deal with the cable company again. Should the FCC broaden the ORTAD rules many more would be able to cut the cable.
As you pointed out, internet HDTV sucks and a poor substitute for free over the air HDTV reception, and is a fast way of using up your monthly data cap. Picture freezes, shudders, down-rez problems are all common with internet TV, especially HDTV internet content. Antenna TV provides quality HDTV without all the internet stuff; no tracking cookies, tracking software, spyware, privacy intrusions, key loggers and other nasty internet demons. Even Apple snuck in an APP to secretly track your movements for one of their devices. Is there any doubt that the same or worse will not happen on a broader scale with additional spectrum?

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Re: HDTV Expert - Reading Between The Lines

Postby w7cce » 04 Mar 2014, 11:42

I seriously doubt the chase through the roof belongs to the cable company, even though they may have installed it. Ask them to produce an agreement or deed giving them exclusive rights to the chase. I bet they cannot. It was probably placed there by the builder to make access easier, and since cable companies come and go, giving one an "exclusive" ownership right would be impractical.

Property ownership is a technical subject and many people will offer assumptions or deceit. Don't believe them. Ask for proof.

On the other hand, if you are thwarted there, try getting your internet on the roof with a local wireless provider, have them put a wireless router in the box and send your TV signal wireless to your TV using an HDHomeRunPlus to the router.

Better yet, purchase a weather proof box, put your HDHomeRunPlus in it, along with a wireless client and let it connect to your network wirelessly from the roof and use your current internet provider. I prefer DSL if you can get it at 20-40 Mbits.

You may explain to the upstairs tenant that you'd like permission to run the cable outside near the drainspout as an alternative to pushing a wireless signal down to your floor. The cables are protected by OTARD if you have permission. This will prevent interference with his wireless signals, since there will be much less wireless traffic on the limited number of channels. Most people will realize this and not mind the cable as a legitimate tradeoff to another user in the same spectrum so nearby.

If you have to you can use a better wireless antenna pointed up from your condo and one pointed down from the roof. You will get a signal, its typically only 20 feet away after all!


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