Window Blinds - remote controlled

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Window Blinds - remote controlled

Postby HiDeffjeff » 02 May 2005, 17:13

I have an update to my front projection home theater. For those of you who have a high vaulted cealing and alot of windows (like me)...They have these cool mini blind remote motors you can put on any mini blinds in place of the twist rod, and control your blinds from a remote control!...These are awesome!...BTW, They say no tools needed but Drill 2 holes and put 2 metal screws as well as using the velcro if you want to be sure they don"t ever move. :wink: ... 4373925931

In case this link dies, the name of these controllers are, "Power Ease Tilt Blinds"---You can do a web search.

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Postby gordman » 27 Jul 2007, 05:38

Sounds like a great idea, i just bought a new set of window blinds and i don't really know how to use the remote. I guess is not that difficult but is the first time i have window blinds. Till now i insisted to keep my old fashion curtains. My house looks more brighter now whit my new acquisition.

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