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Wireless HDMI/HDTV

Wireless HDMI/HDTV

HDTV Expert - There’s More To The Story (There Always Is!)

By Pete Putman • Apr 18 2017, 9:49pm

I thought I had solved a pesky interference problem that caused my wireless gateway to repeatedly drop WAN connections. Turns out, I wasn’t quite done yet…
The post There’s More To The Story (There Always Is!) appeared first on HDTVexpert.

Wireless HDMI/HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #674: Dayton Audio XRA25 Wireless Rear Channel Amplifier

By The HT Guys • Feb 13 2015, 8:57am

Since the beginning of this podcast we have been on the lookout for a product that will wirelessly transmit audio from your receiver to the surround speakers. To date there have been a few that sort of got the job done. To be fair, a lot depends on where your live. In areas that do not have a lot of interference you have a much better chance of success with most products. In areas where home are right on top of each other, or have a lot of wireless devices you may be better off running cable.


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #635: Optimizing your wireless music system

By The HT Guys • May 16 2014, 9:38am

Lots of information and news this week to discuss including some changes in the OLED manufacturing landscape, a new way to share your online movie collection with Vudu and UltraViolet and the potential for pay-as-you-go Internet at home. We close out with a discussion on Wireless whole house music systems, which really becomes a wider discussion on wireless networks in general and how to optimize them for multimedia distribution.


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #625: Gefen TV Wireless Extender for HDMI 60 GHz

By The HT Guys • Mar 7 2014, 7:12am

Through the years we've had the opportunity to check out several wireless audio, video and wireless HDMI systems. Everytime we do it, the quality goes up and the price goes down. This week we're adding one more option to your list of choices for wireless HDMI. It's the Gefen TV Wireless Extender for HDMI (GTV-WHD-60G). List price is $449. But if you look around, you can find it for around $300 online. The first Gefen wireless HDMI system we reviewed back in 2009 had a list price of $999.

Wireless HDMI/HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #621: Wireless Headphone Options

By The HT Guys • Feb 7 2014, 7:37am

You've probably heard us stress over and over again how important surround sound is to your HDTV and home theater experience. Without surround sound, it's really just surveillance, not home theater. But we are regular guys too, and we leave in the real world. We know that sometimes you have to make sacrifices and compromises. You aren't the only one in the house, or the building or the neighborhood.

Wireless HDMI/HDTVHTPCs & Laptops

HDTV Expert - CCW/Satcon 2013: Wireless Connectivity – It’s Here! – Pete Putman

By Pete Putman • Sep 4 2013, 8:07pm

Communications and Content World Javits Center, New York City, NY Wireless display connectivity has been the goal of inventors for several decades. Now, several manufacturers are now shipping or preparing to roll out wireless connectivity products for projectors, monitors and document cameras in 2013. This presentation will compare/contrast the different systems being advanced for wireless […]

Wireless HDMI/HDTVPC & Laptop TechnologyHTPCs & Laptops

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #594: Allaire ARIS Speaker and Top 5 HDTVs for under $1k

By The HT Guys • Aug 2 2013, 7:06am

If you wanted to setup a home with multiple zones in the fastest way possible its pretty clear there is only one way to go, wireless. There are plenty of solutions for Apple's Airplay technology built in but what about if you use Windows Media Player? What would you say if we found a system that works with just about any protocol out there and sounds great too? That's where the Allaire ARIS Wireless Speaker System by Aperion Audio comes in.

Wireless HDMI/HDTVInternet HD VideoPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #571: 802.11ac – Wireless you can believe in

By The HT Guys • Feb 22 2013, 8:55am

Most of us have wireless networks in our homes these days, there's nothing like the convenience of instant Internet without wires. But we've also come to the painful realization that our wireless networks just can't live up the the rigors of HD streaming, especially if we want to stream multiple videos to different TVs. But as they say with technology, if you don't like it, just wait a while and someone will fix it. Supposedly the new wireless spec, 802.11ac, can do just that.

Wireless HDMI/HDTVCable HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #569: Wireless HDMI Options

By The HT Guys • Feb 8 2013, 6:04am

We have reviewed a handful of wireless HDMI systems in the past, and have been impressed each time at how much better they're getting and how quickly the prices have fallen. An unfortunate incident in the Russell home recently required a replacement wireless HDMI setup, kicking off a new round of research into what is available on the market now.

Wireless HDMI/HDTVEvents & Tradeshows

HDTV Expert - CES 2013: From Hype to Ho-Hum in Minutes – by Pete Putman

By Pete Putman • Jan 14 2013, 7:36pm

4K, 3D, tablets, OLEDs, gesture and voice control, and wireless — choose a gadget; everybody was showing it in Las Vegas. And the biggest booths showcased Chinese technological prowess.

Wireless HDMI/HDTVCable HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #520: Wireless Surround Speakers

By The HT Guys • Mar 2 2012, 8:00am

We receive emails from time to time asking us for advice on wireless surround speakers. When we first started the podcast there weren't too many options available and today we have plenty. The early wireless solutions had noise issues and today the noise has been dramatically reduced. On today's show we will talk about some of the options out there to help you bring surround sound to areas where running cables may not be possible.

Internet HD VideoCable HDTVSatellite HDTVWireless HDMI/HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Will DLNA Become Indispensable?

By Alfred Poor • Jan 25 2012, 1:00pm

Let’s review the trends. Televisions are becoming more “connected” to all sorts of content. Subscription television services such as cable and satellite are being battered by “over-the-top” streaming video on the Internet. Everything is going wireless now that we’ve had a taste of untethered computing and communications thanks to our smartphones and tablets. And these [...]

Wireless HDMI/HDTVBroadcast

HDTV Expert - Put Up, Or Shut Up

By Pete Putman • Nov 7 2011, 6:43pm

The Consumer Electronics Association continues to push the notion of a wireless spectrum crisis, but isn't providing any detailed facts and/or research to support their claim.


Industry's First Integrated Wireless Receiver Gives U-verse TV Customers More Freedom to Easily Watch TV Anywhere, in Any Room in the Home

By Shane Sturgeon • Oct 25 2011, 9:59pm

You've probably always arranged your living room furniture around one fixture, without even thinking twice about it: the TV and TV outlet. For the first time ever, U-verse TV customers have the flexibility to set up their TV virtually wherever they want it — anywhere, in any room, on any wall.

The AT&T* U-verse® TV Wireless Receiver is the first fully-integrated wireless receiver available from any TV provider, and gives U-verse TV customers even more freedom to watch TV when and where they want it, including rooms without an existing U-verse outlet. The Wireless Receiver will be available for order on...

Wireless HDMI/HDTVPolitics & Policy

HDTV Expert - A ‘Contrived’ Broadband Crisis, Indeed

By Pete Putman • Oct 13 2011, 4:37pm

The FCC's announcement that it will partner with Best Buy's Geek Squad to teach more Americans how to use broadband shows there is NO wireless broadband crisis in this country.

Wireless HDMI/HDTVHD DVDFront Projection

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #496: ZyXEL AeroBeam Wireless HD Video Kit

By The HT Guys • Sep 16 2011, 4:21am

Through the years we've had the opportunity to check out several wireless audio, video and wireless HDMI systems. This week we're adding one more option to your list of choices for wireless HDMI. If you've always wanted to use a front projector for huge home theater, but never wanted to cut up the ceiling to run cables, you'll want to listen to this review. It's the ZyXEL AeroBeam Wireless HD Video Kit (WHD6215).

Wireless HDMI/HDTVBroadcastPolitics & PolicyDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Expert - To the Federal Communications Commission: STOP! Enough, already!

By Pete Putman • Jul 26 2011, 4:09pm

The FCC, once a respected arbiter of the nation's spectrum, has become little more than a pawn of the CTIA - The Wireless Association and apparently wants to do away with free digital TV and HDTV.

Wireless HDMI/HDTVBroadcastCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Is Broadcast TV Going Away?

By Alfred Poor • Jun 23 2011, 1:00pm

I mentioned topic this in passing during my discussion of the dustup over wireless broadband vs. GPS, but I think the time has come to officially recognize this as a subject of interest.
Here’s the situation as I see it in a nutshell. Some 8% to 15% of the U.S. population relies on the free terrestrial [...]

Wireless HDMI/HDTVInternet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Trouble Brewing for Wireless Broadband

By Alfred Poor • Jun 16 2011, 1:00pm

Let me start by explaining how this relates to HDTV. A growing number of U.S. consumers are turning to the Internet for some or all of their video content. Consumers are also becoming accustomed to getting the content they want, where they want, when they want. This means that we are growing to expect broadband [...]

Mobile HDTVDigital (DTV) TransitionWireless HDMI/HDTVProgrammingInternet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - More Mobile DTV on the Air

By Alfred Poor • Apr 12 2011, 1:00pm

According to the Open Mobile Video Coalition, 76 stations in 32 U.S. markets are now on the air with Mobile DTV signals that let consumers receive station programming on mobile devices without needing to access the Internet through WiFi or data wireless broadband networks.
According to Anne Schelle, Executive Director of OMVC, “Mobile DTV will reach [...]