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HDTV Accessories

HDTV Accessories

B&W P5 Headphones

By The HT Guys • Apr 15 2011, 6:30pm

Portable music players have been around since the 80’s. Back then it was the Walkman, today it’s an iPod or a cell phone. Regardless of what you use to listen to your music on the go you need headphones. And depending on the quality of how your music is encoded, headphones can have a major impact on what you hear. Today we are reviewing headphones that are designed with those who demand the highest quality sound in mind, the B&W P5...

HDTV Accessories

Harmony 700 Universal Remote

By The HT Guys • Apr 12 2010, 3:17pm

Not content with what the HT Guys have declared the best universal remote on the market, Logitech continues to put out new Harmony Universal Remotes. Of the two most recent models on the market, the Harmony 700 and the Harmony 900, we've had a chance to look at the 700. It is the less expensive of the two, and can be found in retail stores and online for an MSRP of ...

HDTV Accessories

RedEye Universal Remote System for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

By The HT Guys • Apr 7 2010, 5:10pm

If you have spent any time listening to our show you know how important we feel universal remote controls are to a home theater system. Our remote control of choice is the Harmony line of products made buy Logitech. The Harmony remote is an IR remote that needs a line of site to your equipment so that it can manage you activities like "Watching Movies", "Watching TV", or "Playing Games". If you are in another room with your remote you have to walk back to where the equipment is in order to control it. Today we look at a product that eliminates the need to be in the same room with your gear and will work with your iPod Touch or iPhone. We are talking about the RedEye Universal Remote Control. The RedEye is a...

HDTV Accessories

HQV Benchmark Blu-ray, DVD and HD DVD

By Richard Fisher • Jun 19 2008, 7:24pm

HQV Benchmark is produced by Silicon Optix, a leading developer of video processing technology. If you are new to the terms video processing and scaling, then a great foundational start is our own Video Dictionary on HD Library, Scaler.

The HQV Benchmark series of discs have received a lot of press and a lot of players have failed to pass many of the tests. Let's take a look at what each of these tests are, what their purpose is and what it actually means to disc players...

HDTV Accessories

Harmony One Universal Remote

By The HT Guys • Mar 17 2008, 4:44pm

This week we finally get to the review a lot of listeners have been asking for, the Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote by Logitech. We reviewed the Harmony 880 almost three years ago, and although Ara questioned the price premium, it eventually became our standard universal remote recommendation. Now with the release of the One, we were eager to see if it would replace the 880 in our hearts and minds. It won the 'Best of Innovations' award in the Home Theater Accessories category at CES 2008. You can find it in retail stores and online for an MSRP of...