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General Interest

Another Opinion - A Matter of Integrity

By Terry Paullin • Apr 2 2008, 9:01pm

I guess it's a sign of the times. With TV shows like "Survivor" and "The Bachelor" espousing the virtues of deceitful behavior and getting big ratings, why should I be surprised that specifications from A/V manufacturers occasionally stretch the truth. I'm not, and they do......and they continue to on an ever more frequent basis. Still, one has to draw the line somewhere.

When they sold us "1080p" sets that wouldn't...


Another Opinion - The High Cost of Saving Money

By Terry Paullin • Feb 12 2008, 5:16pm

Look, I'll admit it. I like to find a bargain as much as the next guy. When I walk into "DVDs 'R US", I always slide by the "previously viewed" bin first. When I travel, Budget Inn is high on my list. But experience has taught me that there are times when spending MORE is the smart thing to do in the name of economy. Recently, in the quest to find material to be contrary about (that's my mission here - had you guessed?), I found a significant number of posts on various websites focused on where to find the absolute rock bottom price for this or that piece of A/V gear. It's not unusual to find a subsequent post a week or two later looking for help on how to "fix" that same item.

Here's the thing


Another Opinion - The Case for Outboard Video Processing

By Terry Paullin • Feb 4 2008, 5:45pm

If you haven't already, marketing types everywhere are saying you probably will - buy a large screen TV in 2008 that is. For our purpose here, let's define large as anything north of a 50" diagonal. With the resurgence of a couple good RPTVs, precipitous price drops in both LCD and Plasma large panels and really good front projector/screen combos in the under $5,000 range, many more of you WILL opt for Big Screen nirvana this year. But will all truly be well in Megapixelville? If all you do is replace the monitor, maybe not so much.

Here's the thing. From the beginning...

HD DVDBlu-ray

Another Opinion - On the Matter of the HD DVD Petition...

By Terry Paullin • Jan 28 2008, 6:29pm

So you want to petition Warner and let them know you still want HD-DVD.........and you've got 12,000 signatures..................really?

What are you guys thinking?!!

How many HD DVD...