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General Interest

HDTV Expert - NAB 2016: Thoughts and Afterthoughts

By Pete Putman • Apr 27 2016, 12:06am

The NAB Show has done a remarkable job of keeping itself current over the past two decades – perhaps the most tumultuous era ever for the broadcasting industry.
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General Interest

HDTV Expert - Of Samsung, Big Screens, IoT, HDR, And Patience

By Pete Putman • Apr 13 2016, 8:30pm

Last Tuesday, April 12, Samsung held its annual press briefing and TV launch event at its new, “hip” facility in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.
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General Interest

HDTV Expert - To Cut, Or Not To Cut: That Is The Question…

By Pete Putman • Apr 11 2016, 10:00pm

By all accounts, cord-cutting is growing in popularity. One major TV brand apparently didn’t get the memo, however.
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4K (Ultra HD)

HDTV Expert - “HDR” Is Coming To Your Next TV. So What, Exactly, Does That Mean?

By Pete Putman • Mar 7 2016, 5:21pm

Thinking about buying a new Ultra HDTV? You might want to wait a few months...or maybe a year. HDR is coming!
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General Interest

HDTV Expert - You Don’t Need A Weatherman

By Pete Putman • Feb 12 2016, 10:04pm

Sharp, a 100-year-old Japanese manufacturing giant, announced last week it is considering a takeover offer from Hon Hai Precision Industries of Taiwan, a/k/a/ Foxconn – the manufacturer of your iPhones, iPads, and lots of other Apple products.

HDTV Expert - CES 2016: Some Second Thoughts

By Pete Putman • Jan 28 2016, 6:21pm

We’re almost a month removed from the 2016 International CES, which was quite the crowded bazaar of electronic gadgets. I’ve already reported on what I saw at the show; now, I want to take a few minutes to do some “Monday morning quarterbacking.” Quarterly reports in this week from two of the CE world’s titans […]

HDTV Expert - CES 2016 In The Rear View Mirror

By Pete Putman • Jan 15 2016, 12:57am

I’m a little less than a week back from one of the world’s largest trade shows, the 2016 International CES. According to press releases from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the new name for the Consumer Electronics Association, upwards of 170,000 people attended the show this year, which was spread out over several venues in […]

General Interest

HDTV Expert - 2016 – A Turning Point For Television

By Pete Putman • Dec 7 2015, 11:27pm

It’s a safe bet your next television will look and perform much differently than the one you bought five years ago.

Environment / Green

HDTV Expert - More Pixels + Bigger Screens = More Power Consumption

By Pete Putman • Nov 17 2015, 11:41pm

Thinking about buying a new Ultra HDTV this holiday season? Check the power consumption numbers - you may be surprised.

General Interest

HDTV Expert - By The Numbers – Or Maybe Not

By Pete Putman • Nov 9 2015, 8:12pm

Some recent market research indicates that cord-cutting is picking up speed. Or is slowing down. But maybe it’s more the former than the latter.


HDTV Expert - One Man’s Junk IS Another Man’s Treasure!

By Pete Putman • Oct 22 2015, 3:09pm

Next March marks a defining moment in the history of broadcasting: The Federal Communications Commission will hold an auction to see if TV stations REALLY want to stay on their UHF channels, or sell their spectrum space off to the highest bidder and either (a) move to another UHF channel, (b) move to a VHF […]

Cable HDTV

HDTV Expert - Display Interfacing: Welcome to Babylon

By Pete Putman • Sep 10 2015, 5:53pm

HDMI, DisplayPort, superMHL – all competing standards that promise faster connections with the advent of UHD. Is it time to re-think the way we switch and distribute video and audio?

General Interest

HDTV Expert - 4K, Collapsing Prices, and the Declining Importance of Hardware

By Pete Putman • Sep 10 2015, 4:24pm

There are tectonic shifts happening in the worlds of consumer and professional electronics – and most of us aren’t even aware of them.

Service & Repair

HDTV Expert - xFinity: “The Future of Awesome” Is Looking A Bit Less Confusing…

By Pete Putman • Sep 9 2015, 10:09pm

After repeated service outages, phone calls, and emails to Comcast’s executive office, everything is working as it should be…three months later.

General Interest

HDTV Expert - A Trend Is A Trend – Until It Isn’t

By Pete Putman • Aug 26 2015, 6:23pm

Rumors of the demise of laptops are slightly exaggerated. At least in their present form.

General Interest

HDTV Expert - We’re Not Having Fun Anymore…

By Pete Putman • Aug 4 2015, 8:49pm

Two news items from the past week illustrate clearly that, in many ways, the once-profitable days of consumer electronics manufacturing in Japan are drawing swiftly to a close.

General Interest

HDTV Expert - The Wires Remain The Same. Only the Format Has Been Changed (to Confuse the Innocent)

By Pete Putman • Jul 16 2015, 9:18pm

AV-over-IP…HDBaseT…BlueRiverNT…There’s something going on here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear…

Marketplace4K (Ultra HD)

HDTV Expert - The Dog Days of Summer…and UHDTV

By Pete Putman • Jul 16 2015, 8:01pm

This is one of the slowest times of the year to sell TVs. But you wouldn’t know it from the Sunday sales fliers.

General Interest

HDTV Expert - Sharp Makes a Big Play for Ultra HDTV

By Pete Putman • Jun 12 2015, 9:50pm

Last Wednesday, Sharp held a TV showcase in Lower Manhattan and showed that they’re still committed to the North American television market. Said commitment came in the form of nine models of Ultra HD (3840×2160) sets, ranging in size from 43 inches to a wall-sized 80-inch model. Some background is useful before I proceed. Nine […]

Service & RepairInternet HD Video

HDTV Expert - Xfinity: The Future Of Confusion (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Tried To get Along With Comcast)

By Pete Putman • Jun 8 2015, 9:27pm

It all started innocently enough a couple of weeks ago, when I started experiencing issues with Internet connectivity. And it turned into a circus of confusion. First, some background: I’ve had Comcast service at my home address for close to 18 years now, and there have definitely been some ups and downs in my relationship […]