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HDTV Almanac - Happy New Year!

By Alfred Poor • Dec 31 2010, 1:00pm

It’s a time to look back and look ahead. It’s been a busy year in the HDTV and home entertainment world, and next year promises to be even busier!
I want to take a quiet moment to thank you for your support of HDTV Almanac. I’m glad to know that so many of you find the [...]

Cable HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #459: Predictions for 2011

By The HT Guys • Dec 31 2010, 3:46am

It’s that time of year where we try to look into the future and predict the state of the industry. Last year we improved our accuracy a small fraction but we’re still hanging in around 30%. So let’s take another shot for 2011.

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HDTV Almanac - NeTVs to Dominate by 2014

By Alfred Poor • Dec 30 2010, 1:00pm

According to a report in the Media Daily News, a research study by Futurescape predicts that 54% of all flat panel televisions shipped worldwide in 2014 will have network connectivity so that they can access content from the Internet. The study also forecasts that by five years from now, 40% of all U.S. homes will [...]

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HDTV Almanac - DirecTV Raises Rates

By Alfred Poor • Dec 29 2010, 1:00pm

The number one complaint about cable companies appears to be the increased subscription fees with no change in the service. The DirecTV satellite service is following in a similar trajectory. The company just announced a 4% rate increase, effective February 10. This is similar to a rate increase that they announced a year ago.
According to [...]

Deals & Discounts

HDTV Almanac - HDTV Bargains Still Out There

By Alfred Poor • Dec 28 2010, 1:00pm

Did you miss the Black Friday specials? Feeling a little regret that you didn’t grab one of those door-buster deals? Don’t be glum; as predicted, there are plenty of deals available this week as retailers make a last-minute effort to get inventory out of their warehouses and off their books before the start of the [...]

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

HDTV Almanac - Rovi to Acquire Sonic Solutions

By Alfred Poor • Dec 27 2010, 1:00pm

The story broke last week that Rovi will acquire Sonic Solutions for more than $700 million. And you are probably saying, “Who cares?”
It helps to know who these two companies are. Rovi used to be called Macrovision, and they are responsible for the copy protection schemes that prevent you from copying (or at least make [...]

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HDTV Almanac - Hulu Holds Off on IPO

By Alfred Poor • Dec 24 2010, 1:00pm

Hulu has changed the way that many Americans watch television programming these days. It is currently owned by News Corp, Walt Disney, NBC Universal, and Providence Equity Partners, but the company had been looking to going public with an IPO to gain its independence. Those plans are now on hold, even though the company is [...]


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #458: 2010 Prediction Results

By The HT Guys • Dec 24 2010, 8:23am

Each year we try to look into the future and predict the state of the industry. The last few years we have been about 30% accurate but that doesn't stop us from trying. Let’s take a look back at what we thought 2010 would bring to see how we did.

New Products & Equipment

GEAR4 Takes Control With New UnityRemote™

By Shane Sturgeon • Dec 24 2010, 2:57am

GEAR4 (www.GEAR4.com), a UK iPod and iPhone audio brand and case manufacturer with an emphasis on design, today announces the U.S. availability of UnityRemote. Now available through Amazon, the UnityRemote device turns any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a universal remote control

Designed to make controlling multi-media devices simple, the universal UnityRemote from GEAR4 enables users to control everything from...


Avatar - Why not a CinemaScope Option on Blu-ray?

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Dec 23 2010, 3:49pm

This is a follow up article to the previous 3D World 2010 Conference in NYC article, in which I highlighted the subject of the CinemaScope presentation for Avatar. I will cover the subject in more detail here.

As mentioned in the previous article, the Avatar 3D trailer was shown in the same CinemaScope widescreen aspect ratio as the original 3D movie in the local theater. IMAX cinemas showed the movie at a more squarish aspect ratio. The demo at 3D World was done with a Sony 4K projector with polarizing filters and a 16:9 screen showing a CinemaScope 3D image that was cropped with top/bottom black bars and displayed as dual 1080p interleaved images viewed with RealD polarized glasses.

As usual for 3D, the 3D image was low in luminance, but the image quality was acceptable considering that the projector was very far away from the screen. Although James Cameron likes the CinemaScope aspect ratio...

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HDTV Almanac - FCC Pleases Few with Net Neutrality

By Alfred Poor • Dec 23 2010, 1:00pm

Here’s the problem in a nutshell. People are watching more video over the Internet than ever before; by some accounts, Netflix streaming alone accounts for 20% of all Internet traffic in the U.S. at peak times. Streaming video can place a strain on the available bandwidth for some service providers, such as cable companies. The [...]

Events & Tradeshows

HDTV Almanac - No New Google TV at CES

By Alfred Poor • Dec 22 2010, 1:00pm

How can life possibly be hard for a company with a net worth of more than $5 billion? Well, Google apparently has stubbed its toe and is struggling to make the best of it. The problem is with Google TV, which was to be the company’s universal solution to all things video. It is intended [...]

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HDTV Almanac - FLO TV Spectrum Sold

By Alfred Poor • Dec 21 2010, 1:00pm

Qualcomm will sell its nationwide licenses for the 700 MHz broadcast spectrum as it pulls the plug on its FLO TV mobile television service. AT&T will pay nearly $2 billion for the rights to these radio waves. Along with this announcement came the news that Qualcomm will shut down the mobile television services that it [...]

Internet HD Video

HDTV Expert - Google TV: Oops! Never Mind…

By Pete Putman • Dec 20 2010, 10:34pm

Looks like the public isn’t quite ready for an Internet video search engine just yet.

PC & Laptop TechnologyEntertainment

HDTV Almanac - Please Support HDTV Almanac

By Alfred Poor • Dec 20 2010, 1:00pm

Last year, HDTV Almanac was honored with a “Golden Retrevo Award” for 2010 for its coverage of HDTV and home entertainment technology topics. As 2010 draws to a close, Retrevo is getting ready to choose the winners for 2011. And once again, HDTV Almanac has been nominated for the award.

This year, they are asking readers [...]


HDTV Almanac - Vizio Proves Me Wrong!

By Alfred Poor • Dec 17 2010, 1:00pm

For quite a while, I’ve been saying that if you want 3DTV with a flat panel display, you’re going to be stuck with active “shutter glasses” for the foreseeable future. Why not use the inexpensive passive glasses like you wear at the local cinema? Because it costs too much to add the required extra polarizing [...]

General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #457: Home Theater “In a Box”

By The HT Guys • Dec 17 2010, 8:25am

Typically the HT Guys are not big fans of Home Theater in a Box (HTIB) systems but for today's show we are making an exception. But these are not your typical HTIB systems. We decided to create two "Special" (Air Quotes required) HTIB systems. Actually, these systems come in many boxes and the components don't even come from the same manufacturer.


VIZIO Unveils 65" Theater 3D™ Razor LED™ HDTV With Superior 3D Performance and Battery-Free, Comfortable Eyewear

By Shane Sturgeon • Dec 16 2010, 10:55pm

VIZIO XVT3D650SVVIZIO, America's #1 LCD HDTV Company, announced today the introduction of their new Theater 3D technology with the launch of the 65" Theater 3D™ Edge Lit Razor LED™ LCD HDTV with VIZIO Internet Apps. VIZIO's Theater 3D technology provides a superior alternative to conventional 3D by utilizing battery-free, affordable and lightweight 3D glasses causing less eyestrain than the current "Active Shutter" technology. The 65" XVT3D650SV is VIZIO's largest HDTV ever and is available...

3D HDTVSatellite HDTV

DISH Network Rolls Out 3D Movie Selections

By Shane Sturgeon • Dec 16 2010, 10:31pm

DISH Network L.L.C., today announced the rollout of multiple 3D movies available from DISH Cinema On Demand.

Beginning this month, DISH Network is giving customers access to a variety of 3D movies including "Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore," "The Last Airbender," "A Christmas Carol" and "Step Up 3D." Additional titles coming in January include "Despicable Me," "Shrek Forever After," and "Saw: The Final Chapter." These movies will be delivered in up to 1080p resolution.

To celebrate the introduction of 3D programming...

3D HDTVMarketplace

HDTV Expert - 3D TV Came In With a Bang, But Appears to Have Fizzled Out

By Pete Putman • Dec 16 2010, 4:33pm

All of the hoopla about 3D TV hasn’t translated into increased sales at the checkout counter.

Internet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Pssst! Wanna Free Google HDTV?

By Alfred Poor • Dec 16 2010, 1:00pm

By now, you’ve probably worked your way through your holiday shopping list, but I have one question: what are you getting yourself this year? Sure, budgets are tight but wouldn’t you like to have a 46″ Sony Internet HDTV that runs on Google TV? How would you like to get one for free?
Google is running [...]

Internet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Netflix Fights Cabin Fever!

By Alfred Poor • Dec 15 2010, 1:00pm

I often receive comments about some of my Almanac entries that say “That’s fine for you, but it’s not what we’ve got up here in Canada!” Well, things are looking up a little for the citizens of the Great White North, thanks to Netflix. According to a company press release, Canadian subscribers to the streaming [...]


LG Electronics Previews 2011 'NANO FULL LED' HDTV Series

By Shane Sturgeon • Dec 15 2010, 3:45am

LG Electronics, a leader in LED display technologies, unveiled the next generation of flat panel televisions featuring NANO Lighting Technology that will redefine "clarity" in FULL LED TVs at its CES Sneak Peek event in New York City.

The LW9500 and LW7700 NANO FULL LED TV series push the boundaries of viewing pleasure with their NANO Lighting Technology, which produces LG's brightest, clearest and smoothest picture yet. An extremely thin film printed with a proprietary light dispersion pattern combined with a full array of LEDs disperses light more evenly across the screen, creating pictures that are brighter and more uniform than conventional edge-lit LED sets. What's more...

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Same Day Movies at Home?

By Alfred Poor • Dec 14 2010, 1:00pm

Tired of standing in line to see the latest blockbuster? Not so thrilled about paying a fortune for a giant tub of buttery popcorn? Wishing for a way that you could enjoy the latest movies without having to endure the loud conversations and ringing cell phones at your local cinema?
Well, you may be able to [...]

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HDTV Almanac - 3DTV Broadcasts Work on 2D HDTVs

By Alfred Poor • Dec 13 2010, 1:00pm

According to an article in TV Technology, a consortium of Italian broadcasters and technology companies has come up with a way to broadcast 3D video content over a television channel in such a way that a standard 2D HDTV could still show a high definition image.
The key to the technique is that two 720p images [...]

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HDTV Almanac - Could HBO Drop Cable and Satellite?

By Alfred Poor • Dec 10 2010, 1:00pm

The Wall Street Journal quoted Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes as follows:
Mr. Bewkes said that if HBO becomes ‘overly hindered by having it only available to you in $60, $80 or $100 packages,’ it could be sold separately through the channel’s existing distributors, like cable and satellite companies, or new distributors.”
The operative term in that [...]


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #456: HDTV Buying Guide 2010 and Dolby Contest Winner Announced

By The HT Guys • Dec 10 2010, 6:43am

Our HDTV buying guide comes back by popular demand, just in time for Christmas. We’ll break them down by size again, which gets pretty close to breaking them down by price as well. The 2010 edition shows that same falling price trend as years past, so you don’t have to feel guilty when you drop hints on what you “deserve” to see under the tree this year.


HDTV Almanac - Sony Integrates HDTV with PS2

By Alfred Poor • Dec 9 2010, 6:40pm

Looking for the ideal holiday gift for a college student or someone living in a small flat? Note that I say “flat” instead of “apartment” because this new set is only available in the United Kingdom at this point. Sony has rolled out the new KDL-22PX300, a 22″ LCD HDTV with a built-in PS2 video [...]

Internet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - More TV Content for Netflix

By Alfred Poor • Dec 9 2010, 1:00pm

Several sources including the LA Times have reported that Netflix has struck a new deal with Disney to gain access to more of its television content. This includes episodes from prior seasons of popular ABC shows such as “Lost” and “Grey’s Anatomy”. According to the LA Times article, episodes from the current season still will [...]

General Interest

HDTV Expert - Can You Cut the Cord and Still Find Happiness in TV Land?

By Pete Putman • Dec 8 2010, 10:21pm

Analyst firm Needham and Company recently polled 300 people to find out what TV channels they absolutely could not live without. You may be surprised by the results!

Internet HD VideoHTPCs & LaptopsDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - Why I Love Networked Devices

By Alfred Poor • Dec 7 2010, 1:00pm

I’ve got a couple Internet-connected devices here, including network media player boxes from Roku and Western Digital. They have individual strengths and weaknessess, but both share two features that I really like.
First, they let me access content on the Internet or on my other computers on the network. This gives me a nearly-endless supply of [...]


HDTV Almanac - Sony Outsources More HDTV Production

By Alfred Poor • Dec 6 2010, 1:00pm

HDTV may be in Sony’s DNA, according to the company’s marketing campaign, but it appears that they are turning more and more to surrogate parents to produce their offspring. A recent report in DigiTimes indicates that Sony will increase its use of LCD panels made by other companies from 30% to 50%, relying primarily on [...]

Global & Worldview

HDTV Almanac - Concerns Continue Over HDTV Inventories

By Alfred Poor • Dec 3 2010, 1:00pm

A report this week from DisplaySearch showed that the growth of global television shipments slowed in the third quarter of 2010, compared with the same period in 2009. Last year’s shipments over the prior year were up 26% for the third quarter, but this year, that figure shrank to just 9%. Weak sell-through at the [...]


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #455 Interview with Ray Coronado THX Certified Calibrator

By The HT Guys • Dec 3 2010, 10:00am

Today’s Show We often talk about professional calibration on our show and when Ray reached out to both of us to offer his assistance in calibrating our newly purchased projectors we thought it would be good to have Ray on our show. Ray is THX certified for both video and audio and has 10 years [...]

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HDTV Almanac - FCC Prepares to Reassign TV Spectrum

By Alfred Poor • Dec 2 2010, 1:00pm

The transition to digital broadcasting of television content freed up a lot of valuable radio spectrum, much of which the FCC auctioned off years ago for which it collected billions of dollars. Almost before the transition dust had settled, however, the FCC started to look longingly at some of the spectrum that had been assigned [...]

General Interest

HDTV Expert - Connected TVs – Are They, Or Are They Not A Threat?

By Pete Putman • Dec 1 2010, 10:23pm

I guess it all depends on who’s taking the survey!

Satellite HDTVMobile HDTV

DISH Network is First Pay-TV Provider to Give Customers Ability to Watch Their Live TV on iPad

By Shane Sturgeon • Dec 1 2010, 1:28pm

DISH Network L.L.C., today announced that DISH Remote Access, the free application that gives DISH Network customers the ability to watch their live and recorded TV on compatible smartphones, tablets and laptops, is now available for the iPad™. To enjoy live and recorded TV viewing on the iPad, DISH Network customers must have a broadband-connected, Sling-enabled™ device such as the Sling Adapter™ – a small placeshifting device that pairs with DISH Network's ViP® 722 or 722k HD DVRs.

In addition to TV viewing, the DISH Remote Access app also gives DISH Network customers with compatible DVRs the ability to...

3D HDTVPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - The Truth about 3DTV

By Alfred Poor • Dec 1 2010, 1:00pm

Calvin Hsieh of Displaybank has written a great article, entitled “Which Technology Will Dominate the 3DTV Market?”. It’s been picked up all over the place — just search with Google — and one place you can find it is Widescreen Review. In the article, he tears down the different approaches to building a 3D-compatible flat [...]

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HDTV Almanac - Comcast vs. Level 3 Forces Net Neutrality Issue

By Alfred Poor • Nov 30 2010, 1:00pm

Yesterday, Level 3 went public with its complaints that Comcast is demanding new fees in order to deliver Level 3’s data over its cable broadband networks. The dispute becomes a lot more interesting when you consider that Level 3 is now distributing the content for Netflix’s on-demand streaming video service. The stakes are increased by [...]

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HDTV Almanac - Time Warner Scales Down

By Alfred Poor • Nov 29 2010, 1:00pm

This is big news, folks. Time Warner has announced a new subscription option. For $30 to $40 a month, the cable service will offer a stripped down “basic” plan named “TV Essentials” as a response to subscribers who complain that the monthly fees are just too high. The service will include local channels and 12 [...]

Deals & Discounts

HDTV Almanac - Are You Watching South Korea?

By Alfred Poor • Nov 26 2010, 1:00pm

Note: I wrote this entry earlier this week, and the situation has undoubtedly developed further since I put this together. So while the details may need to be updated, the issues remain the same.
You may be expecting some insightfull commentary about Black Friday deals on HDTVs, but I’m leaving that for others to cover. Instead, [...]


3D World 2010 Conference in NYC

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Nov 26 2010, 4:50am

The 3D World 2010 Conference took place on October 13-14, 2010 in New York City as part of the Content and Communications World Conference (CCW). I attended this conference also last year when it was an HD conference with 3D tracks and 3D exhibitors within CCW. I decided to return this year to see the growth of the 3D industry within the event, and to have the opportunity of meeting again with 3D content producers, video editors, and professional 3D equipment manufacturers that make 3D possible at the local theater and now in the home.

Last year...

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Happy Thanksgiving!

By Alfred Poor • Nov 25 2010, 1:00pm

I’m enjoying a day when our home will be filled with friends and family, so I’m not here to write an HDTV Almanac entry today. Instead, let me just wish you and yours happiness and a wonderful list of reasons to be thankful today and always.
Among the many items on my list is the support [...]

General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #454 Receiver Buying Guide

By The HT Guys • Nov 25 2010, 11:00am

The HT Guys buying guides have become an annual tradition, and something that we really look forward to putting together. We hope you enjoy this year’s edition!

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HDTV Almanac - Speed Bump in FilmOn Road to Success

By Alfred Poor • Nov 24 2010, 1:00pm

What would you say about a company that started streaming television programming over the Internet to subscribers, and chalked up 30 million users in a few weeks? That’s reportedly the score for FilmOn, one of two companies that are streaming locally-broadcast television content over the Internet. Along with iviTV, FilmOn believes that it has the [...]

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HDTV Almanac - No-Disc NetFlix Subscription

By Alfred Poor • Nov 23 2010, 1:00pm

The future is here. Netflix has announced a new subscription option; for $7.99 a month, you get unlimited access to the company’s streaming video content for movies and television episodes. That’s a drop of $1 a month from the old plan that also included one DVD movie rental at a time. The cost of the [...]

Internet HD Video

Netflix Launches U.S. Subscription Plan for Streaming Movies & TV Shows Over the Internet for $7.99 a Month

By Shane Sturgeon • Nov 23 2010, 3:19am

LOS GATOS, Calif., Nov. 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- With its members now watching more content streamed over the Internet than on discs delivered by mail, Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) today introduced a $7.99 streaming-only subscription plan in the United States, the first time it is promoting a 100 percent streaming option in the U.S. The plan, which allows members to instantly watch unlimited movies and TV episodes streamed from Netflix to TVs and computers, is available now to both new and existing members.

The company also announced that the price of its popular subscription combining unlimited movies and TV shows streamed instantly over the Internet and unlimited DVDs delivered quickly by mail, with one DVD out at a time, will increase by a dollar a month to $9.99. Prices of subscription plans allowing for more DVDs out at a time will also increase and...

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VUDU Goes Live on Panasonic's 2010 VIERA CAST-enabled Blu-ray Disc™ Players

By Shane Sturgeon • Nov 23 2010, 3:13am

SECAUCUS, N.J., Nov. 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Panasonic, a leader in Full HD 3D technology and built-in TV web entertainment and movie streaming service, VUDU™ announced that Panasonic's 2010 line of VIERA CAST™-enabled Blu-ray Disc™ Players(1) will offer instant streaming of VUDU's huge high definition movie library, including more than 4,000 Full HD (1080p) movies, beginning on November 24.

VUDU is a video-on-demand service offering instant streaming (no download time) of movies and TV programs through IPTV-enabled HDTVs and Blu-ray Disc Players with no computer or cable/satellite TV service required, and no subscription or monthly membership fees. VUDU boasts...


HDTV Almanac - 3D Avatars on Stage?

By Alfred Poor • Nov 22 2010, 1:00pm

Last week, I stumbled across the phenomenon of Hatsune Miku, a teen-idol Japanese pop singer. One important attribute sets her apart from other performers; she is entirely computer generated. Not only is her anime-style person digitally drawn, her voice and dance moves are also synthesized from the musical score and lyrics. And perhaps most impressive [...]


HDTV Expert - Hmmm…A New Blu-Ray Player. Why Not?

By Pete Putman • Nov 20 2010, 12:50am

I’ve never believed the Blu-ray format would be as popular as conventional DVDs. Yet, I just bought a new Panasonic DMP-BD65. Here’s why.


HDTV Almanac - Samsung Shows 19″ OLED TV

By Alfred Poor • Nov 19 2010, 1:00pm

According to several reports, Samsung demonstrated a prototype OLED television this week at a trade show. The 19″ model only had a resolution of 960 by 540, which is not sufficient for a high definition display. This does represent one quarter of a 1080p panel, however, so it presumably demonstrates a production process that can [...]

Front Projection

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #452: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8700UB Projector

By The HT Guys • Nov 19 2010, 2:00am

Just after Braden installed his front projection theater, we recorded Episode 441 to go over the finer details of the installation and strategy behind it. Braden has an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8100 (Street Price $1650)in his home theater and he dreamed of it growing up to be an 8500UB. For the last few days, it actually grew up to be the newer 8700UB just released by Epson.

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HDTV Almanac - India LCD TV Sales Soar

By Alfred Poor • Nov 18 2010, 1:00pm

In 2009, about 745,000 LCD TVs were sold in India. In October this year, about 700,000 LCD TVs were sold in India. (These figures come from the display tracking firm, DisplaySearch.) In other words, they nearly matched all of the prior year’s sales in just one month. Sony, Samsung, and LG were among the dominant [...]


HDTV Almanac - DVDs in Decline

By Alfred Poor • Nov 17 2010, 1:00pm

People spent much less money on buying movies on disc in the first nine months of this year than last year, according to research by BTIG Research, as reported by the LA Times. This is in spite of the amount spent on Blu-ray discs nearly doubling in that same period.
What’s behind the 9% drop? Redbox [...]

Deals & Discounts

HDTV Almanac - Black Friday Starts at Midnight

By Alfred Poor • Nov 16 2010, 1:00pm

It looks like you’ll be able to sleep in on Black Friday this year, if you’re planning to do your shopping at WalMart. According to reports, the stores will open at midnight for many of the the Black Friday special deals. Unfortunately, if you want consumer electronics devices, the only midnight deal appears to be [...]

3D HDTVBroadcastDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Expert - 3D over broadcast digital TV: Can it be done right now?

By Pete Putman • Nov 15 2010, 5:17pm

You betcha, although there are a few ‘catches.’

Service & RepairHTPCs & LaptopsInternet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Boxee Box Debuts

By Alfred Poor • Nov 15 2010, 1:00pm

There’s another network media player on the market. Boxee has been available as a free service that you can download to your computer (which you then hook up to your TV), but now the Boxee Box is shipping for $199. While it is priced higher than other products–such as Apple TV or the various Roku [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Get Ready for Bargains!

By Alfred Poor • Nov 12 2010, 1:00pm

The HDTV manufacturers are making bold statements about how they’ve got the inventory problems under control, but it sounds like whistling in the dark to me. A perhaps more honest appraisal of the situation came out this week from the president of the discount consumer electronics retailer, hhgregg, according to a report in TWICE.
In a [...]

Blu-rayInternet HD Video

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #452: Logitech Revue and Google TV

By The HT Guys • Nov 12 2010, 6:38am

We have talked in the past about the various options for streaming content to your TV and Google TV always emerges as one of those options. In fact, we’re on record as saying that Google TV may even revolutionize the consumer electronics industry by becoming the base operating system TVs and Blu-ray players are built on. When we got the opportunity to review the Logitech Revue, we jumped at the chance.

Mobile HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Still Watching Standard Definition?

By Alfred Poor • Nov 11 2010, 1:00pm

More than half the U.S. households — 56% — now have at least one HDTV installed, according to a new study by Nielson. That’s not particularly surprising, since it’s getting increasingly difficult to buy a display that isn’t high definition (except for the iPad perhaps).
But here’s a statistic that might surprise you. More than 80% [...]

Satellite HDTVInternet HD Video

DISH Network's Enhanced Google TV Solution Now Available to Subscribers for $179

By Shane Sturgeon • Nov 11 2010, 1:10am

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Nov. 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- DISH Network L.L.C. (Nasdaq: DISH) today announced that DISH Network's Google TV solution is now available to customers for the lowest price on the market: $179. By combining robust search capabilities and the variety of content on the Web with DISH Network's onscreen programming data, DVR and Video on Demand content, DISH Network delivers a seamless entertainment experience resulting in the most advanced integration of Google TV on the market.

DISH Network's Google TV solution, which requires a DVR integration service of $4 per month, includes...


HDTV Expert - Product Review: Samsung UN46C7000 3D LCD TV

By Pete Putman • Nov 10 2010, 10:26pm

Samsung was one of the first companies to get out of the gate with 3D TVs. Here’s a close-up look at the smallest model in their product line, the UN46C7000.

Internet HD VideoWireless HDMI/HDTV

HDTV Almanac - The Power of a Home Network

By Alfred Poor • Nov 10 2010, 1:00pm

You now have more reasons than ever to connect your HDTV to the Internet (or to some device that connects to the Internet), but many people don’t have an outlet for their home network in the living room. A wireless WiFi connection is not always the answer, as it may not have sufficient bandwidth to [...]

3D HDTVFront Projection

JVC Announces World's First THX® 3D Certified Home Theater Projectors

By Shane Sturgeon • Nov 10 2010, 1:58am

WAYNE, NJ, November 9, 2010 – Four new JVC home theater projectors are the world's first to gain THX® 3D Display Certification. The four projectors, announced at CEDIA Expo in September while undergoing THX testing, will be available later this month.

The new THX 3D Certified projectors are...

3D HDTVSports

HDTV Almanac - Sports Fans Like 3DTV

By Alfred Poor • Nov 9 2010, 1:00pm

ESPN has released a report about testing it conducted with sports fans and the viewing of sporting events on 3DTV. The study was conducted by ESPN Research + Analytics during the network’s 3D broadcasts of the 2010 FIFA World Cup last summer.
One of the results was that fan enjoyment of the event rose from 65% [...]

3D HDTVBlu-rayInternet HD Video

NETGEAR Introduces 3DHD Wireless Technology for Sending High-Definition Video to Home Theaters Without the Expense and Hassle of New Wiring

By Shane Sturgeon • Nov 9 2010, 1:48am

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 5, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- NETGEAR®, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTGR), a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and Internet service providers, today announced availability of its 3DHD Wireless Home Theater Networking Kit (WNHDB3004) with NETGEAR 3DHD Wireless technology, the first solution capable of reliably delivering jitter-free 1080p high-definition video streams throughout the home with no new wires.

The growing popularity of Internet-capable televisions and other home-theater equipment, including Blu-ray™ players, video game consoles and digital media adapters, often presents consumers with a big hurdle...


Oakley Releases World's First Optically Correct 3D Glasses

By Shane Sturgeon • Nov 9 2010, 1:40am

Images/Oakley 3d GascanFOOTHILL RANCH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oakley, Inc. today announced the release of the world's first optically correct 3D glasses, OAKLEY 3D GASCAN®. Utilizing the company's proprietary HDO-3D™ technologies, these premium glasses are engineered for unrivaled 3D performance, superior visual clarity and signature Oakley comfort. OAKLEY 3D GASCAN will both complement and optimize the technology used in the majority of 3D movie theaters around the world.

It should be noted that "optically correct" does not refer to prescription correction. Conventional non-prescription lenses that are designed and manufactured with inferior technologies may cause...

Cable HDTV

HDTV Expert - Cable TV – Socialism?

By Pete Putman • Nov 8 2010, 10:55pm

Let’s see: Forcing you to buy things you don‘t want, to get the things you do want. Hmm…does that sound like a free market system? Didn’t think so.

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HDTV Almanac - Philips HDTV Comes with Solar Powered Remote

By Alfred Poor • Nov 8 2010, 1:00pm

The new 42PFL6805 LCD HDTV from Philips boasts a “green” feature that you won’t find on the screen; the set’s remote control has solar panels on the back so that it can recharge using the light available in the room. In my experience, we get a year or two from a set of batteries in [...]


HDTV Almanac - It’s Time for Electronics to Fall Back

By Alfred Poor • Nov 5 2010, 1:00pm

Okay, it’s time for my semi-annual rant about consumer electronics that tell time. Just about everything seems to tell the time these days, from microwave ovens to electronic picture frames. Some of them make sense; a cell phone needs an internal clock, I believe, to help negotiate communications with cell towers, for example. I’m not [...]


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #451: Nixeus Fusion HD Review

By The HT Guys • Nov 5 2010, 6:22am

The Nixeus Fusion HD is not unlike many other players. It plays music, video, photo slide shows, and content off the web. With DLNA and UPnP support its easy to set up and enjoy. It took us about 10 minutes before we had video playing on our TV.

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HDTV Almanac - Look, Coach: No Ads!

By Alfred Poor • Nov 4 2010, 1:00pm

An article in GigaOm noted a curious detail about ESPN’s new TV Everywhere service that is now available to Time Warner subscribers. You can now access live and on-demand content from the sports network, but only if you are an authenticated subscriber to TW cable.
The curious detail is that the content is not accompanied by [...]

HTPCs & Laptops

HDTV Almanac - Don’t Touch that Screen!

By Alfred Poor • Nov 3 2010, 1:00pm

Let’s face it; touchscreens are taking over. Smartphones, personal media players, and even HDTV remote controls are now using touchscreens. The advantages are obvious; instead of being limited to pre-defined functions for specific buttons and other controls, a touchscreen can display an infinite number of choices, and lets you respond with touchs and gestures for [...]

HTPCs & Laptops

HDTV Almanac - Watch that Dock!

By Alfred Poor • Nov 2 2010, 1:00pm

If you have a personal media player such as an iPod, you probably enjoy listening to and viewing your content in private. Bu if you’re like many people, you also like to be able to share the content with others, especially at home. Just look at all the docking devices that include speakers so that [...]


Blu-ray Disc™ Honored with Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering

By Shane Sturgeon • Nov 2 2010, 4:18am

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Panasonic Corporation, Royal Philips Electronics, Sony Corporation, and TDK Corporation will be honored with the 62nd annual Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award during the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for their contributions to the Blue Laser Optical Systems for Consumer Playback which was announced by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) on October 25th. The development of the blue laser optical systems was fundamental for the distribution and recording of full HD content on optical discs at consumer price levels.

Today, the Blu-ray Disc™ format is...


Consumer Reports: First-Ever Rankings of 3D Performance Show Plasmas Offer More Realistic Images Than LCDs

By Shane Sturgeon • Nov 2 2010, 3:49am

YONKERS, N.Y., Nov. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In its first-ever ranking of 3D performance, Consumer Reports evaluated 14 3D TV models and found that plasma TVs are better at displaying 3D images than LCD sets, primarily because they exhibit less ghosting, or double images that appear even when wearing 3D glasses. Three plasma models from Panasonic exhibited the best 3D picture quality and the least ghosting of all the sets tested. The report appears in the December Annual Electronics issue and online at www.ConsumerReports.org.

Using exclusive 3D test patterns developed in-house, as well as 3D Blu-ray movies and recorded 3D sports broadcasts, Consumer Reports engineers found that...

Blu-ray3D HDTV

Yamaha Aventage BD-A1000 High Performance, 3D-Ready Blu-ray Disc Player Adds a New Dimension to Home Theater Entertainment

By Shane Sturgeon • Nov 2 2010, 3:42am

Yamaha BD-A1000BUENA PARK, Calif.––Yamaha Electronics Corporation, the innovator in home theater and digital audio and video reproduction, today introduced the BD-A1000 Blu-ray Disc Player. Offering impressive HD video and audio qualities, the BD-A1000 features content playback from NetFlix, Blockbuster and YouTube Internet video streaming, along with dual USB (front/rear) inputs for a wide-array of audio and video sources.

The BD-A1000 represents Yamaha's first universal Blu-ray player, and adds...

Internet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Faster Ethernet on the Way?

By Alfred Poor • Nov 1 2010, 1:00pm

As we move into the brave new world of HDTV video delivered over the Internet, we need to find ways to hand the enormous amounts of data required. And the prospect of using 2K resolution video — equivalent to four 1080p displays — means that we will need even bigger pipes to move this data [...]


HDTV Expert - 3CD: Well, that was fun. I’m bored. What’s next?

By Pete Putman • Nov 1 2010, 1:23am

If you think 3D TV is going to be a big focus at Christmastime, think again. Networked TVs (NeTVs) are truly "the next big thing." At least Best Buy thinks so.

Cable HDTV

HDTV Expert - How to Watch FOX 5 and My 9 Without Cable

By Pete Putman • Oct 29 2010, 10:16pm

Attention Cablevision customers: Caught in the middle of the tiff between Rupert Murdoch and Jimmie Dolan? You may still be able to watch Saturday's Jets-Packers game, Sunday's NFC games, and the World Series. Read how!

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HDTV Expert - Blu-ray: Those hotcakes must be getting cold

By Pete Putman • Oct 29 2010, 2:51pm

Blu-ray sales must REALLY be slow these days, if Warner Brothers' latest Blu-ray promotion is any indication.

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HDTV Almanac - Another Network Media Player, Plus

By Alfred Poor • Oct 29 2010, 1:00pm

Western Digital has launched another network media player, but this time with a twist. The new WD TV Live Hub includes 1 TB of hard drive storage that can be accessed and shared across your home network. In addition, DLNA support means that it can play video, music, and photos from files stored on computers [...]

Front Projection

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #449: Epson MovieMate 85HD

By The HT Guys • Oct 29 2010, 6:06am

We typically have some sort of backyard or outdoor theater discussion every summer when the weather is nice and we'd all like to take our movie watching to the great outdoors. We didn't do one this year, but maybe that's a good thing. Epson recently released the MovieMate 85HD, a perfect backyard theater projector. But it's good for much more than just outside, so you can even use it during the current rainy season.

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HDTV Almanac - A $40 Projector

By Alfred Poor • Oct 28 2010, 1:00pm

Want a battery-powered portable projector? Buy.com is selling the Eyeclops Portable Mini-Projector for just $39.99, and they’ll ship it for free! It uses a solid state LED light source, so you’ll never have to replace an expensive lamp, and it runs on just four D flashlight batteries.
Now, before you get too excited, this is not [...]

3D HDTVBlu-rayMarketplace

HDTV Expert - The 3D Fire Sales have Begun

By Pete Putman • Oct 27 2010, 11:35pm

3D Blu-ray players have dropped dramatically in price since their introduction this past April.

General Interest

HDTV Expert - It’s all in the Way You Spin the Numbers

By Pete Putman • Oct 27 2010, 10:54pm

The glass may be half empty and leaking, but it’s always half-full in Hollywood.

Cable HDTV

HDTV Expert - Cord-cutting: Funny Thing About That…

By Pete Putman • Oct 27 2010, 10:05pm

Two years ago, cable executives and industry analysts pooh-poohed the cord-cutting phenomenon. Time changes everything…

Mobile HDTV

Ed's View - M/H: How Good Does it Have to Be?

By Ed Milbourn • Oct 27 2010, 3:35pm

Unsubstantiated reports from various sources reflect a mixed message relative to the technical efficacy of the ATSC Mobile/Handheld (M/H) standard in actual practice. As we know, last spring selected TV stations started extensive field testing of the system in several US markets under varying terrain, urban density and other related signal propagation parameters. Prototype receiving units (none yet marketed) from several manufacturers and in various physical configurations are, of course, an integral part of the system’s tests.

Commercial applications considerations aside, technically, M/H works as advertised. The question is...

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Faster Broadband on the Way?

By Alfred Poor • Oct 27 2010, 1:00pm

Last week, a company named Ikanos Communications made an announcement that is somewhat propellor-headed, but could have far-reaching impact on the average consumer. The company announced the lauch of “NodeScale Vectoring“, which reduces the impact of crosstalk between common copper wire phone lines. It uses unique algorithms, compression, and coding techniques to reduce the processing [...]


HDTV Expert - 3D: Amazed, but Not Interested

By Pete Putman • Oct 26 2010, 8:58pm

A new NPD Group survey says that 20 percent of consumers are amazed by in-store 3D. So, what about the other 80%?


HDTV Almanac - XPAND 3D Glasses on Amazon

By Alfred Poor • Oct 26 2010, 1:00pm

XPAND has announced that its new Universal X103 3D glasses are available for pre-order on Amazon. Priced at $129, they cost less than some of the glasses available from the 3DTV manufacturers, but are designed to work with “any 3D-ready display, regardless of brand” according to the company. (I do not have every brand of [...]

Cable HDTV

HDTV Expert - To DVR, Or Not To DVR?

By Pete Putman • Oct 25 2010, 7:55pm

Do you like to time-shift TV shows? Or, do you prefer to watch ‘em in real time? A new Marist College poll reveals some surprising results.

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Are You Protected?

By Alfred Poor • Oct 25 2010, 1:00pm

Last year, a transformer on an electrical pole outside our home decided to go out with a bang and in a blaze of glory, showering sparks onto the street. Pretty spectacular on its own, but even more impressive when you consider that it also took a number of innocent victims with it. I don’t know [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Sears “Black Friday Now” Leaked

By Alfred Poor • Oct 22 2010, 1:00pm

According to an article in TWICE, the ad flier for the Sears “Black Friday Now” sale on October 29 and 30 has been leaked. The flier has been posted by BFAds.net, which also included some interesting commentary. They point out that they have gone through the 16-page flier and have determined that instead of blockbuster [...]

PC & Laptop Technology

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #448: Apple’s Airplay

By The HT Guys • Oct 22 2010, 5:57am

Its no secret that we both love our whole house audio systems. Judging from the email we get its pretty clear our listeners like whole house audio as well. Braden uses the Logitech Squeezebox setup and I use Apple’s Airport Express. We tested and really like Sonos as well. So when Apple introduced their latest sharing technology called Airplay, we were intrigued to see what it offers over existing technologies.

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HDTV Almanac - Crowd-sourcing Network Media Players

By Alfred Poor • Oct 21 2010, 1:00pm

Okay, let me start by saying that I’m planting a stake in the technological terminology ground here, and declaring that I will now use the term “network media player” to refer to devices that connect a television to your home network so that you get access to media files stored locally and on the Internet. [...]

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HDTV Almanac - Roku to Get Hulu Plus

By Alfred Poor • Oct 20 2010, 1:00pm

HD movies and television episodes over the Internet are getting more affordable and easier to use. One of the latest developments is the announcement that Roku will be adding support for Hulu Plus to its product line, which starts at $60. The two models with 1080p HD support cost $80 and $100.
Aside from the [...]

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HDTV Almanac - Disc-Free Online Netflix for Wii and PS3

By Alfred Poor • Oct 19 2010, 1:00pm

Netflix has released new software updates for the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PS3 that lets them access the Netflix online streaming service, without having to put in a disc. They now join the Microsoft XBox 360 in having this convenient feature.
This enormous installed base helps extend Netflix’s reach just that much further. The streaming [...]

Satellite HDTVService & RepairInternet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Internet TV is the Competition

By Alfred Poor • Oct 18 2010, 1:00pm

I’ve been seeing an interesting commercial on television these days. (Being from the Philadelphia area, there are a few live sports events that I’ve been drawn to watch, and thus I’ve been exposed to more commercials than usual.) The ad in question is from DirecTV, the satellite television subscription service, and the positioning message is [...]

Internet HD Video

Netflix Taps Dolby for High-Definition Audio

By Shane Sturgeon • Oct 16 2010, 3:45am

Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) and Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB) today announced that Netflix has selected Dolby® Digital Plus to deliver 5.1-channel surround sound for TV shows and movies streamed instantly over the Internet. Beginning October 18, the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system from Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. will be the first consumer electronics device to support 5.1-channel surround sound on movies streamed from Netflix. Netflix said more devices would be added over time to support streaming digital surround sound.

Dolby Digital Plus supports up to...


HDTV Almanac - Toshiba Shows No-Glasses 3D

By Alfred Poor • Oct 15 2010, 1:00pm

Here’s the good news: at CEATAC in Tokyo this week, Toshiba demonstrated its flat panel HDTVs that create 3D images without the need for any special glasses. The technical term is autostereoscopic, and it’s just what consumers have been clamoring for. And the demonstration now proves what I’ve been saying all along; consumers are going [...]

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #447: Google TV and CEDIA Themes

By The HT Guys • Oct 15 2010, 12:05am

We talked a few weeks back on Episode 444 about the new product announcements from the 2010 CEDIA show in Atlanta. CEPro magazine recently posted an article about the 10 things they learned from the show. Their themes point out what could be some interesting trends for home theater over the coming months and years.

Internet HD VideoService & Repair

HDTV Almanac - Hulu Plus in Vizio HDTVs

By Alfred Poor • Oct 14 2010, 1:00pm

Hulu Plus is the subscription-based premium service from Hulu (though you still have to watch some advertisements) that lets you watch recent episodes of many major, popular television shows. More than just a “catch-up” service, many consumers are using it as their DVR function of choice. This has been made easier as access to the [...]

Cable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - FOX and Cablevision Playing Chicken

By Alfred Poor • Oct 13 2010, 1:00pm

Cable television companies are suffering from consumer approval ratings that continue to plunge headlong for the cellar. And at the same time, networks are trying to deal with their declining revenues by hitting up the cable companies for more money in return for retransmitting their content. Some might say that the cable companies are just [...]

Service & RepairMobile HDTV

HDTV Almanac - FLO TV Shuts Down Direct Service

By Alfred Poor • Oct 12 2010, 1:00pm

The question is whether or not consumers will pay for mobile television service. The people have voted with their dollars, and now Qualcom’s subsidiary FLO TV has announced that it’s shutting down the service that it sells directly to subscribers, as reported by TWICE. The company also announced that it will continue to support the [...]

General Interest

HDTV Expert - Goodbye Flo, We Hardly Knew Ye

By Pete Putman • Oct 11 2010, 3:17pm

Qualcomm finally gives up on FLO TV. What took them so long?


Auto-stereoscopic 3DTV (3D Without Glasses) - What else to lose for Stereoscopic 3D? (Part 3)

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Oct 11 2010, 2:58pm

As mentioned in part 2, the glasses-required 3DTVs show an image that has a significant loss of resolution/luminance compared to the original 3D image recorded by the 3D camera-pair, and compared to its 2D version, but many viewers still like the 3D experience, and for many that is all that counts when deciding for a TV with a 3D feature, and if you are one of those it may be better for you to skip this part of the series, as the Spanish culture says: “Ojos que no ven corazon que no siente”.

Although auto-stereoscopic 3DTV removes the glasses from the equation, the technology has its own set of issues...

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HDTV Almanac - Google Lands Big Partners

By Alfred Poor • Oct 11 2010, 1:00pm

What is the monster lurking among the dust bunnies under the beds of cable television executives? Google TV. Promising to be the one-stop solution to organizing all your video and other media options, Google TV could transform the way we think about and watch video programming.
And now comes word from TV Technology that Google is [...]

Business & InvestmentHD DVD

HDTV Almanac - Cisco Announces HD Video Chat System

By Alfred Poor • Oct 8 2010, 1:00pm

Millions of people use Skype every day to place hold video chats with friends, family, and business colleagues across town or around the world… for free. All you need is a computer with a Web cam and a microphone, and you’re good to go. There are even Skype applications that let you have a video [...]


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #446: Home Theater of the Future

By The HT Guys • Oct 8 2010, 6:54am

We’ve been doing this show for going on six years. During that period we’ve seen the Home Theater world go through a lot of changes. Technologies have been announced and have either completely failed or never lived up to their potential. We’re looking at you SED, HD DVD, and MoCA. To be fair MoCA is the closest to being a reality but its taking a long time.


HDTV Almanac - ‘Tis the Season

By Alfred Poor • Oct 7 2010, 1:00pm

Ho, ho, ho, the holiday buying season is upon us. On Tuesday, I received what I think was my very first holiday sales pitch for consumer electronics. Judge for yourself; here’s the heading graphic:

CompUSA is a division of Tiger Direct, and the company has a reputation for aggressive marketing and attractive prices. (This particular email [...]


HDTV Expert - Where’s The Beef? Part II

By Pete Putman • Oct 6 2010, 8:09pm

DirecTV’s 3D channel offerings are pretty sparse. Comcast is even thinner.


HDTV Almanac - 24 Million Blu-ray Players

By Alfred Poor • Oct 6 2010, 1:00pm

The market-tracking firm Futuresource is bullish on Blu-ray. The company forecasts that 24 million players will be sold in 2010, just in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. And this does not include the Sony PlayStation 3 (which includes a Blu-ray player). The company predicts that 11 million of these units — nearly half of the [...]

HTPCs & LaptopsEntertainment

HDTV Almanac - Safety First for Your HDTV

By Alfred Poor • Oct 5 2010, 1:00pm

While some people are mounting their flat panel HDTVs on the wall, many still have their sets placed in an entertainment center or sitting on a low table. And these pose a significant safety risk to small children. One study showed that in 2007, almost 17,000 children were admitted to emergency rooms after having furniture [...]


HDTV Almanac - Toshiba Pulls Plug on OLED

By Alfred Poor • Oct 4 2010, 1:00pm

Those who look for signs of hope in the OLED display market will now have one less place to look for them. Toshiba has announced that it will not produce OLED panels at Toshiba Mobile Display as originally planned, and instead will focuse on LCD panels instead. This comes after the company spent nearly $200 [...]

General Interest

HDTV Expert - Shades of Crazy Eddie…

By Pete Putman • Oct 1 2010, 7:59pm

Think prices on TVs had dropped as low as they can go? Think again...

Blu-ray3D HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Help Me, 3D Obi-Wan!

By Alfred Poor • Oct 1 2010, 1:00pm

Okay, we’ve learned that Avatar gets a second bite of the Blu-ray apple by coming out with a 2D version first, followed later by a 3D version. If that strategy works for new science fiction on Blu-ray, why would it not work for the classics in your local cinema? And what is more classic than [...]

Blu-rayService & RepairInternet HD VideoHD DVD

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #445: brite-View Air SyncHD and Bye bye Blu-ray

By The HT Guys • Oct 1 2010, 6:04am

Netflix just launched their service in Canada, but they aren't planning to ship a single disc. The entire service is what we refer to as “Watch it Now” or their streaming video service. They're also on record as saying that if they were starting in the US right now, they'd do the same thing: skip discs entirely and go straight to streaming. Microsoft has recently also predicted that Blu-ray will go the way of the HD-DVD very soon. So what do these companies know that we don't?

3D HDTVPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - Is 2D to 3D Good Enough?

By Alfred Poor • Sep 30 2010, 1:00pm

Controversy continues to dominate discussions of 3DTV. Is it worth it? Are the glasses a deal-breaker? Do you lose too much brightness? Is autostereoscopic technology better than the technologies that require glasses, and is it practical? One fact that just about everyone can agree on, however, is that there just isn’t enough 3D content available [...]


Star Wars In 3D!

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 30 2010, 2:42am

Lucasfilm Ltd. announced today that the live-action Star Wars Saga will be converted to 3D! There are few movies that lend themselves more perfectly to 3D; from the Death Star trench run to the Tatooine Podraces, the Star Wars Saga has always delivered an entertainment experience that is completely immersive. Presented by Twentieth Century Fox and Lucasfilm Ltd., the cutting edge conversion will take that immersion to the next thrilling level, with Industrial Light & Magic supervising the project. Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace is expected to be released theatrically in 2012. A release date...

Blu-rayMarketplaceWireless HDMI/HDTVEntertainmentInternet HD VideoSatellite HDTVCable HDTVDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - Home Network Sales Slow Down

By Alfred Poor • Sep 29 2010, 1:00pm

Ah, the brave new world of home entertainment. Streaming video across high-speed broadband connections will cause legions of viewers to cut their cable cords (and satellite cords, except that satellites don’t have cords). HDTVs, Blu-ray players, video game consoles, and even digital picture frames have wired and wireless connections to home networks, opening up a [...]

Cable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Comcast to Take Reigns at NBCU

By Alfred Poor • Sep 28 2010, 1:00pm

It looks as though Comcast is actually going to take over NBC Universal, or at least the company is acting as though it is going to. At the end of last week, Comcast announced that COO Steve Burke is going to take over as CEO of NBCU when the final deal goes through. The current [...]

Internet HD Video

Billionaire Alki David Launches First Internet Based True HD Television Service in the United States

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 28 2010, 2:17am

Following its successful launch in the U.K. in 2009, FilmOn.com, the first online High Definition Television provider, today announces the public launch of its U.S. Virtual Cable Website, FilmOn.com (http://www.FilmOn.com/). The announcement was made today by FilmOn, Inc. Founder and Chairman Alki David.

FilmOn.com offers U.S. consumers a revolutionary way to watch HD Television on the PC or mobile device. The Los Angeles-based service includes over 30 premium free to air television channels and premium international Satellite channels, including...

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HDTV Almanac - Maybe They Should Name It “3DIA”

By Alfred Poor • Sep 27 2010, 1:00pm

CEDIA Expo is the annual show for the high-end home theater industry. (CEDIA is easier to say than “Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association“.) It was held last week, and while many of the products are well out of range for the average home owner’s budget (such as the new Runco D-73d DLP front projector [...]

Front ProjectionLCD HDTVs

SANYO Projectors Benefit the Classroom and Lecture Hall with Innovative New Products

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 25 2010, 1:57am

SANYO PLC-HF10000LSANYO North America Corporation (SANYO), a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of LCD and DLP projectors, is launching a new initiative to benefit education by developing products whose focus is on innovation for the current and future needs of the educational environment. Taking a leadership position in the education market, SANYO seeks to grow their market share with a range of solutions that include projectors with 3D capabilities and the ability to operate at short throw distances, several technologies that both promote longer product life and reduce maintenance costs, specialized audio projector mounts suitable for the classroom, and additional cost-effective educational tools.

New SANYO products targeted to the educational market include...

Internet HD Video

Netflix and NBC Universal Announce Agreement to Stream Prior Season Cable and Broadcast TV Series New to Netflix Members

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 24 2010, 9:41pm

Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) and NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution today announced an expanded license agreement through which Netflix members can instantly watch a selection of broadcast series from the NBC television network and – for the first time on Netflix – content from some of NBC Universal's popular cable channels.

The multi-year deal kicks off...


HDTV Almanac - The Right Stuff

By Alfred Poor • Sep 24 2010, 1:00pm

Have you ever thought about where broadcast television signals come from? I’m not talking about the studio, I’m talking about the actual transmission tower. You know, the thing you aim your rooftop antenna at to get the best signal. In parts of the country where it’s really flat, a single tower can reach a circle [...]

Events & Tradeshows

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #444: CEDIA 2010

By The HT Guys • Sep 24 2010, 6:46am

Each year CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) holds an event where the industry gathers to show off their wares. We’ve been to a few of these and actually enjoy the show more than CES. It takes the parts of CES that we are interested in and compresses it down to a more manageable show. We didn’t go this year but that won’t stop us from talking about some of the products we think are interesting.

3D HDTVFront Projection

3D Cinema Comes Home With Sony's New SXRD Front Projector

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 23 2010, 5:22pm

Sony today brings the big-screen 3D cinematic experience home with the new the VPL-VW90ES – the company's first 3D front projector.

Designed with the custom and specialty consumer electronics market in mind, the VPL-VW90ES is the first projector to be been branded with Sony's "Elevated Standard" (ES) moniker, signifying an emphasis on high build quality and outstanding video experience. It was also engineered to seamlessly integrate third-party control systems.

Digital (DTV) Transition

DTV Around the World - Argentina’s DTV System – Technical Aspects (Part 4)

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Sep 23 2010, 4:35pm

In part 1, I offered an overall view. Part 2 covered an interview with a colleague TV engineer that is currently testing the new DTV system in Argentina (ISDB-T), with whom I collaborated over the past few years regarding how the standard was selected. Part 3 covered how the system is being implemented. This part 4 covers the technical aspects of that system, a better choice for Argentina and several other countries than the US system, although the selection was not technically guided.


MTV Networks International to Significantly Expand High Definition Offering With New Channels & Programming

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 23 2010, 2:53pm

MTV Networks International (MTVNI), owned by Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), today announced plans to significantly expand the company's high definition services across brands through next year with the launch of new channels and programming. The announcement underscores MTVNI's commitment to providing audiences and cable/satellite operators with premium content and innovative entertainment experiences.

As part of the initiative, Nickelodeon HD...

Front ProjectionLCD HDTVs

Epson Adds Two High-Performance 1080p Projectors to Award-Winning Home Cinema Line

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 23 2010, 2:49pm

Epson America today expanded its award-winning line of 3LCD™ home theater projectors with the announcement of the PowerLite® Home Cinema 8350 and 8700 UB. These two projectors offer native 1080p resolution and Epson's latest 3LCD™ technology with C2Fine® chip sets for amazing color and detail, high contrast ratios and road-tested reliability. The value-packed Home Cinema 8350 and 8700 UB also include Epson's award-winning customer service and support, delivering an outstanding and affordable viewing experience for home entertainment and AV enthusiasts.

As the number-one selling projector brand worldwide(i), Epson has priced the Home Cinema 8350 and 8700 UB in the sub...

3D HDTVFront Projection

Planar Launches the Future of 3D at Home

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 23 2010, 2:46pm

Planar Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLNR), a worldwide leader in specialty display solutions, unveiled its new Runco 3Dimension™ Series projectors. Integrating 3D visualization technology that is based on the science of how the human eye and brain process actual depth and dimension in real life, Runco has created a flawless stereoscopic video reproduction that is unlike anything else in the home or private cinema market.

Runco's revolutionary 3D solution is based on...

3D HDTVFront Projection

New Diamond 3D High-Definition Home Theater Projector From Mitsubishi Electric Debuts at CEDIA 2010

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 23 2010, 2:44pm

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division continues its leadership in bringing the 3D experience to home theaters by introducing its newest Diamond 3D 1080p full HD home theater projector at the CEDIA Home Theater Show in Atlanta, September 23-26, 2010 in Booth #2305.

Mitsubishi's new Diamond 3D projector is packed with features...

DLP HDTVsFront Projection

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Debuts HC4000 HD Home Theater Projector at CEDIA 2010 in Atlanta

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 23 2010, 2:41pm

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division, known for award-winning, high-quality, high-definition presentation and display products, today exhibits its new HC4000 high-definition home theater projector at the CEDIA show in Atlanta, September 23-27, 2010. The new HC4000 has a wealth of high-performance features at an entry-level price.

Mitsubishi's new HC4000 projector uses...

Front Projection3D HDTV

LG Electronics Introduces Dual Engine Full HD 3D Projector for Custom Installers

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 23 2010, 2:38pm

Providing the ultimate 3D home theater experience for custom installers and their clients, LG Electronics today introduced a versatile Full HD 3D single lens type projector that throws a stunning 100-inch image.

Showcased at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association Expo this week (booth #2335), LG's CF3D is a Full HD Dual Engine Single Lens Type 3D Projector featuring an amazing brightness ratio of...


Samsung Electronics Showcases Industry-Leading Home Entertainment Solutions at CEDIA Expo 2010

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 23 2010, 2:34pm

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, will showcase the company's latest products designed for the home entertainment enthusiast at the CEDIA Expo, Sept. 23-26, in Atlanta, Georgia. Custom installers looking to build the ultimate home entertainment experience for their customers will be able to preview Samsung's latest 3D LED and plasma TVs, Blu-ray players, home theater systems, receivers, and Sound Bar technology.

In past months, people have increasingly demanded...

Internet HD Video

Roku Introduces New Line of HD Streaming Players Starting at $59.99

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 23 2010, 2:31pm

Roku, Inc., maker of the best-selling and award-winning Roku streaming player, introduced today its new product lineup, featuring improved performance and the lowest prices in the industry. With up to 1080p HD streaming support and Instant Replay, the new players are shipping immediately at prices starting from just $59.99. All models feature high-definition playback as well as support for older, standard definition TVs.

There are three new Roku models...

LED Projectors

Vivitek Debuts Its Line of Home Theater Projectors

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 23 2010, 2:24pm

Vivitek D8300CEDIA 2010 Booth #4156 - Vivitek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of environmentally innovative visual presentation products, debuts its line of home theater projectors at CEDIA as a first time exhibitor. From its high-end LED-based H9080FD to the value-based H1080FD 1080p projectors, Vivitek has as complete family of projector models for home theater and large venue applications.

Vivitek will also introduce two new...

Service & RepairBusiness & InvestmentDigital Rights Management (DRM)Internet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Blockbuster Rolls “11″

By Alfred Poor • Sep 23 2010, 1:00pm

Is anyone surprised by this morning’s news that Blockbuster has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection? It has been rumored and discussed for months (years?). Squeezed hard by Netflix’s mail service and the Redbox kiosks, it has become increasingly difficult for Blockbuster to compete in the movie rental business with their traditional brick-and-mortar approach. As [...]


HDTV Almanac - Another Battery LCD TV

By Alfred Poor • Sep 22 2010, 1:00pm

Along the Atlantic Coast of the U.S., this is the time of year when residents have a heightened interest in the weather off the Cape Verde islands, which is where hurricanes are born. In addition to fresh water and flashlights, a good hurricane kit also includes a way to keep up on the news and [...]


Charlotte Motor Speedway and Panasonic Announce World's Largest HD Video Board

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 22 2010, 11:23am

Continuing a tradition of innovation and fabulous firsts, Speedway Motorsports Inc. (NYSE: TRK) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer O. Bruton Smith and Charlotte Motor Speedway officials announced a partnership with Panasonic to revolutionize the fan experience at motorsports events with the creation of the world's largest high-definition video board.

Panasonic will also become the founding sponsor of the video board and a Speedway Motorsports Inc. alliance partner around its broad portfolio of advanced technologies.

At an incredible length of...


VIZIO's new 7" Edge Lit Razor LED™ Portable delivers digital picture quality to personal TV experience

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 22 2010, 1:36am

VIZIO, America's HDTV and Consumer Electronics Company, announced today nationwide availability of their 7" Edge Lit Razor LED™ LCD Portable TV. By expanding VIZIO TVs to portable models it enables consumers to enjoy TV and entertainment from almost anywhere. With an 800x480 widescreen high resolution Razor LED panel, an integrated antenna, and a sleek design of less than 1" thick, consumers now have the perfect entertainment for tailgating, around the house, or away from home —anyplace you want to catch your favorite broadcast or pictures with a brilliant, LED high-resolution picture.

The Edge Lit Razor LED LCD Portable TV launch is the first terrestrial handheld sized TV to include...


Sony Optiarc America Rolls Out Slim External Blu-ray Disc Rewritable Drive

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 22 2010, 12:43am

Sony Optiarc America today announced its first slim, portable and external Blu-ray Disc® (BD) rewritable drive to compliment notebooks, netbooks or desktop PCs.

The new BDX-S500U model writes single BD-R media at up to 6X and dual layer BD-R media at up to 4X speeds, recording a full 25GB disc in about...

Digital (DTV) TransitionDigital Rights Management (DRM)Deals & DiscountsPolitics & Policy

HDTV Almanac - Digital TV Transition: It’s Not Over Yet

By Alfred Poor • Sep 21 2010, 1:00pm

On June 19, 2009, all major terrestrial television broadcasters were required to switch from analog to digital transmissions (though many had already made the switch by that point). People scrambled to get their rebate coupons from the FCC for digital conversion boxes, and there was more than a bit of grumbling when people discovered that [...]

Wireless HDMI/HDTV

brite-View Air SyncHD Is the Only Reliable Solution For Streaming Uncompressed 1080p Content Wirelessly

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 21 2010, 11:17am

brite-View by Xpike Innovation today unveiled the Air SyncHD (model BV-2322), featuring Amimon's latest WHDI module. Currently, the Air SyncHD is the only reliable solution for wireless streaming of uncompressed, 1080p/60 content in a multi-room or multi-floor setting within the same house. It establishes an invisible HDMI connection with a 66-foot range (1080p/60) or 100-foot range (1080i/60)when the "WIDE" mode is activated.

brite-View's exclusive "Hybrid Connection" allows...

Deals & DiscountsLCD HDTVsDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - Costco HDTV Deal

By Alfred Poor • Sep 20 2010, 1:00pm

I just can’t help it. Sometimes, I hear about HDTV deals that just are too good to let go by without a mention. I recently received an email from the PR firm that works for Westinghouse Digital, which is known for its low-priced LCD HDTV offerings. So let’s play “The Price is Right” and see [...]

Front ProjectionHD DVDEntertainmentLCD HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Epson HD Projector with DVD

By Alfred Poor • Sep 17 2010, 1:00pm

Epson has announced the new MovieMate 85HD, a 720p high definition projector that also includes a DVD player. This gives you a complete home entertainment system in a single unit. The projector uses three LCD panels, and is rated at 2,500 lumens for a bright image.
The projector does not have a tuner, but you can [...]

Cable, Satellite & FiberInternet HD VideoSatellite HDTVCable HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #443: Cutting the cord with ivi.tv

By The HT Guys • Sep 17 2010, 5:49am

Although neither of us have actually taken the plunge, we’ve talked quite often about canceling the cable or satellite bill in favor of Internet video and over the air TV. We know several of you have given it a shot, but there’s always been one big hangup. What about live TV? A new website called ivi.tv wants to fill that gap.


Toshiba Drives the Next Generation of Home Entertainment Releasing Its First Ever 3D HDTV

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 17 2010, 2:48am

Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., an innovator in consumer electronics and digital home entertainment, today announced the availability of its premier Cinema Series® line for 2010, featuring the VX700 Series, and the WX800 3D Series, LED HDTVs. Leading Toshiba's full line of LED and LCD HDTVs, Cinema Series presents the ultimate in picture quality and multimedia connectivity with luxuriously sleek, premium designs that can elevate any room's look and feel.

As the pinnacle of Toshiba's 2010 HDTV offering, the Cinema Series line boasts...


Toshiba's Full Line of Blu-ray(TM) Players Bring a New Dimension to Home Theater Entertainment

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 17 2010, 2:44am

Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. today expanded its collection of Blu-ray Disc players with the new BDX3000. Joining the currently available BDX2700 and BDX2500 models, the BDX3000 is the company's first 3D-capable Blu-ray Disc player. Combining Full HD Blu-ray 3D(TM) playback with a suite of streaming content, ** comprehensive audio support, and complementary design, the BDX3000 is a cornerstone for a home entertainment system.

The BDX3000, combined with Toshiba's all-new WX800 Cinema Series 3D LED HDTV and a pair of Toshiba 3D glasses opens the door for...


Oakley Innovation Achieves Unrivaled 3D Eyewear

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 17 2010, 2:41am

Oakley, Inc. today announced that it has engineered innovative new 3D eyewear that both complements and optimizes the technology used in the majority of 3D movie theaters around the world. The company's proprietary frame innovations have been combined with lens technologies that will maximize the 3D experience with an unrivaled level of performance. Taking advantage of Oakley's new HDO-3D(TM) technology, premium editions in the new line will be the first 3D eyewear on Earth with optically correct lenses.

Oakley 3D eyewear will be available...


Toshiba Expands Its LED TV Line-up to Include a Broad Range of Screen Sizes in New Ultra-Thin Cabinetry

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 17 2010, 2:28am

Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and digital home entertainment products, today announced the availability of two new LED HDTV Series for 2010: The UL605 Series with NET TV(TM) and the compact SL400 Series. Together, the latest models in Toshiba's comprehensive HDTV lineup combine crisp picture quality and slim, stylish looks, with an array of key features that deliver real value into the home.

Before even being powered on, Toshiba's newest sets are...

Digital (DTV) Transition

DTV Around the World - How ISDB-T is being Implemented as DTV in Argentina (Part 3)

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Sep 16 2010, 2:53pm

Part 1 offered an overall view. Part 2 covered an interview with a colleague TV engineer that is currently testing the new DTV system in Argentina (ISDB-T), with whom I collaborated over the past few years, regarding how the standard was selected. This Part 3 covers how the system is being implemented, and Part 4 will cover the technical aspects of the system, a better choice for Argentina and several other countries than the US system, although the selection was not technically guided.

Mr. Victor Acuña...

Digital Rights Management (DRM)Blu-rayDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - HDCP Code Cracked

By Alfred Poor • Sep 16 2010, 1:00pm

FOX News has reported confirmation by Intel that the High Definition Copy Protection (HDCP) code has been cracked. This code is designed to protect digital content such as high-definition Blu-ray movies, so that digitally-identical copies cannot be made from a commercial disc. The HDMI digital connections include HDCP support, for example.
According to the reports, this [...]

Internet HD VideoBroadcastEnvironment / Green

HDTV Almanac - Green Grows the ivi?

By Alfred Poor • Sep 15 2010, 1:00pm

Okay, what would you pay to get live streaming content from a collection of broadcast television stations? We’re talking about the same content that you could get for free over the air in a major metropolitan area, but that instead you can access over the Internet, no matter where you are. And even if you [...]

PC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - Bye-bye HDMI and DVI?

By Alfred Poor • Sep 14 2010, 1:00pm

DisplayLink is a clever company with some slick technology. They can connect a TV or computer monitor to a USB port, and deliver the image across the connection. Actually, they came up with the technology and the chips that do the magic, but then they let other companies build the computer monitors or adapter devices [...]

Cable HDTVService & RepairSatellite HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Pay TV Market Shrinks in 10Q2

By Alfred Poor • Sep 13 2010, 1:00pm

Few people love to pay their cable bill. Even fewer celebrate every time the monthly fee goes up again. Still, we’re used to seeing a game of musical chairs when it comes to TV subscription services. Someone gets fed up with their local cable, and decides to switch to satellite service. Others are tired of [...]


HDTV Expert - How Low Can You Go?

By Pete Putman • Sep 12 2010, 9:20pm

Been into a discount warehouse lately? You’d be amazed at just how far TV and Blu-ray prices have fallen.


HDTV Expert - 3D? Sounds Good! 3D Glasses? Ehhh, Not So Much…

By Pete Putman • Sep 12 2010, 8:54pm

A just-released Nielsen study finds that 3D glasses are a turn-off for many potential customers.

3D HDTVEnvironment / GreenLCD HDTVs

HDTV Expert - 3DTV At Home: First Impressions

By Pete Putman • Sep 12 2010, 8:30pm

I’ve been using a Samsung UN46C7000 3D LCD TV for a couple of days now. Here are my first impressions of 3DTV in other than a retail or trade show viewing environment.


HDTV Expert - Epson Goes Reflective

By Pete Putman • Sep 10 2010, 3:41pm

Epson has announced new reflective LCD imaging chips and a new pair of home theater projectors to go with them.

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Here Comes China!

By Alfred Poor • Sep 10 2010, 1:00pm

I know, I know, you’ve heard that “sleeping giant” stuff too much lately. China’s economy is becoming inexorably tied to that of the U.S., but there may be some ways that you haven’t considered yet. For example, thanks to cheap manufacturing costs, many of our consumer electronics products are priced at just a fraction of [...]

High Definition Production

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #442: Home Automation for Beginners

By The HT Guys • Sep 10 2010, 5:54am

Over the last few months we highlighted Home Automation companies that were on the high end side. While these system are what we all dream of, almost all of us can’t afford them. However, there is no reason that we can’t have a fully functional home automation system without breaking the bank. When we read an article at Electronic House entitled Home Automation FAQs for Beginners we thought it would be a good idea to talk a bit about Home Automation for beginners.

Digital (DTV) Transition

DTV Around the World - Why Argentina Selected ISDB-T after Testing US’s ATSC (Part 2)

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Sep 9 2010, 3:07pm

This series of articles is about how terrestrial broadcast digital TV is being implemented around the world.

Part 1 offered an overall view. This part 2 covers an interview with a colleague TV engineer that is currently testing the new DTV system in Argentina (ISDB-T), with whom I collaborated over the past few years regarding how the standard was selected. Parts 3 and 4 will cover the technical aspects of that system, a better choice for Argentina and several other countries that use systems that differ from the US system, although the selection was not technically guided.

Mr. Victor Acuña...

3D HDTVEvents & TradeshowsLED (LCD) HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Universal 3D Glasses Are Here

By Alfred Poor • Sep 9 2010, 1:00pm

I first mentioned XpanD’s plan to make “universal” 3D shutter glasses back in March. At the IFA conference in Germany last week, the company unveiled the new glasses. The X103 model sells for about $145 a pair.

The company also revealed a list of compatible sets on their Web Site. This list includes models from Sony, [...]


LG Electronics Introduces World's First 3D TV to Receive 3D Certification from THX

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 9 2010, 3:07am

LG Electronics USA today announced the availability of the world's first 3D HDTV to be THX® Certified – the LG Infinia PX950 Plasma HDTV series.

The PX950 continues LG's history of setting new standards in picture quality. To earn the new THX 3D Display Certification, the PX950 passed more than 400 laboratory tests evaluating left and right eye images for color accuracy, cross-talk, viewing angles and video processing performance. In addition to the first-ever THX 3D Display Certification, the PX950 had to pass THX certification for superior picture quality in 2D, which must be achieved before passing THX 3D certification.

With the push of a button...

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Good News for HDTV Buyers

By Alfred Poor • Sep 8 2010, 1:00pm

I know that the economy is tough and lots of people are out of work. Even more people are walking on eggshells, hoping that they get to keep their current job. This is the point in the economic cycles where cash is king and bargains are to be had. And that’s the case for HDTVs [...]


Auto-stereoscopic 3DTV (3D Without Glasses) - Going Backwards in Image Quality for the sake of Depth? (Part 2)

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Sep 7 2010, 3:05pm

The HDTV industry currently has consumer 3D panels and projectors that require 3D active shutter or passive glasses. 3D depth may be attractive but in one way or another they all sacrifice original resolution, luminance or image quality with new artifacts for the sake of displaying a 3D image.

Even 3D Blu-ray displayed with active shutter glasses looses luminance because only one eye is seeing the corresponding image at the time, in addition to the darkness created by the 3D glasses.

One recent review of a Panasonic plasma 3DTV...


HDTV Almanac - OLED Screens from Carl Zeiss

By Alfred Poor • Sep 7 2010, 1:00pm

You may recognize “Carl Zeiss” as the company that makes excellent optics for cameras and binoculars and telescopes, but the company also makes a head-mounted display system named “cinemizer“. At the recent IFA show, the company revealed an upgraded model that uses OLED panels in the goggles to deliver the images.
Now, the downside is that [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Redbox Hits Milestone

By Alfred Poor • Sep 6 2010, 1:00pm

On Sunday, Redbox announced that the company had rented its one billionth movie. For those who care, the movie that put them over the top was “Clash of the Titans”. Go figure.
The important point is that the first Redbox movie kiosk appeared just six years ago. Now there are more than 24,000 of these convenient, [...]

General Interest

HDTV Expert - HDTVexpert in Toyland

By Pete Putman • Sep 3 2010, 9:36pm

Canon’s 2010 Imaging Expo: In a word, “wow!”

General Interest

HDTV Expert - Blockbuster: A Real-life Cliffhanger!

By Pete Putman • Sep 3 2010, 8:25pm

Blockbuster missed a multi-million bond repayment yesterday, and is reputedly in talks with studios about a pre-packaged bankruptcy.

Cable HDTVInternet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - iTV: iDon’t Get It

By Alfred Poor • Sep 3 2010, 1:00pm

The Internet is buzzing with the news about Apple’s iTV. At the very least, this is a refreshing change from it buzzing with rumors about iTV. We all know that Steve Jobs is the master marketer of our time; he can turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse just by talking about it. The [...]


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #441: We can go bigger

By The HT Guys • Sep 3 2010, 6:48am

The term “Home Theater” has become pretty subjective. Years ago it meant exactly what it sounds like, and actual theater in your home. Typically reserved for only the super rich, it slowly grew more mainstream as prices fell and DIY solutions came to market. Eventually, the term has come to describe any home audio-visual setup that has surround sound and perhaps a larger than normal television.

Mobile HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Mobile TV: Going Nowhere Fast

By Alfred Poor • Sep 2 2010, 1:00pm

In a press release, The Diffusion Group (TDG) announced its new report, “The Possibilities and Challenges for Mobile TV”. In the release, TDG states that mobile TV subscription services are forecast to double their subscriber base by 2013. This sounds exciting until you find out that this means increasing from 1.6 million this year to [...]


Panasonic to Establish U.S. 3D Innovation Center

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 2 2010, 3:15am

Today, at New York City's Arthur Ashe Stadium where the U.S. Open is being broadcast in 3D TV for the first time, Panasonic announced it will establish a new 3D Innovation Center in the U.S. this fall. The Panasonic 3D Innovation Center will focus on engaging with the entertainment and broadcast communities to enhance 3D production technologies and work flow and foster collaboration with industry partners to develop new applications for 3D technologies.

The new Panasonic 3D Innovation Center will be...

3D HDTVBlu-ray

Panasonic Announces Full HD 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater Systems

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 2 2010, 3:12am

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Full HD 3D technology, today announced the debut of its first Full HD 3D Blu-ray(TM) Disc home theater systems, providing the ultimate immersive 3D movie experience at home. The two new home theater systems, models, SC-BTT750 and SC-BTT350, employ advanced proprietary technology to envelop viewers in a remarkably authentic home theater experience and step into the 3D world.

Networking and connectivity capabilities abound with the new models through VIERA CAST(TM) compatibility, which provides access to...

3D HDTVMarketplace

HDTV Expert - 3D: The Price Wars Have Started!

By Pete Putman • Sep 1 2010, 4:23pm

3D TV sales are off to a slow start. And Panasonic says Samsung isn’t playing fair.


Auto-stereoscopic 3DTV (3D Without Glasses) - Display Taiwan 2010 Hinted: Sooner than you think; (Part 1)

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Sep 1 2010, 3:40pm

Display Taiwan 2010 took place recently in Taipei, China. The event entailed a very busy couple of days for me. The reason why I traveled so far from Washington D.C. was because I wanted to witness firsthand what Taiwan was actually doing in the area of large screens 3D auto-stereoscopic (no-glasses 3D). I saw prototypes, commercially available displays, and new developments of advanced technology that made the trip and effort worthwhile.

Internet HD VideoHTPCs & Laptops

HDTV Almanac - Roku Price Drop

By Alfred Poor • Sep 1 2010, 1:00pm

What’s a Roku? It’s a media player that you connect to your home network, through which it accesses the Internet to get streaming content for your television. It’s a whole lot easier than setting up a full-blown computer, and at about 5 by 5 by 2 inches, it’s a lot smaller too.

The box lets you [...]


WFN: World Fishing Network to Launch In High Definition on Rogers Cable on September 2

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 1 2010, 12:13am

WFN: World Fishing Network, North America's only 24-hour fishing and outdoor lifestyle network, announced today that WFN in High Definition will launch on Rogers Cable systems on September 2, 2010.

WFN HD will be available to Rogers Cable customers on channel...

Internet HD VideoBlu-ray

New Blu-ray Player From Onkyo Offers BLOCKBUSTER On Demand®

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 1 2010, 12:11am

Blockbuster Inc. (Pink Sheets: BLOKA, BLOKB) announced that Onkyo's newest Blu-ray player, the BD-SP808 will offer BLOCKBUSTER On Demand®. This month, the model will be rolled out in electronics stores nationwide, adding to a list of more than 85 consumer electronic devices that have integrated the service to boost consumer access to the latest releases.

The BLOCKBUSTER On Demand service allows customers to browse and select certain movies as soon as the titles are available on DVD and Blu-ray without having to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Internet HD Video

NETGEAR® Launches NeoTV(TM) HD Media Players - Flagship Products in New AV Series Make It Simple to Play Any Content on HDTVs

By Shane Sturgeon • Sep 1 2010, 12:05am

NETGEAR NeoTV HD Media PlayerNETGEAR®, Inc. (NASDAQ:NTGR) , a worldwide provider of technologically innovative networking solutions for homes, businesses and service providers, today announced the NeoTV 350 HD and NeoTV 550 Ultimate HD Media Players as the flagship products in the NETGEAR AV Series. The groundbreaking NeoTV HD Media Players enable users to play their digital videos, photos, or music directly on their HDTVs whether the media is stored locally, on the home network, or the Internet. The AV Series is made up of easy-to-use products that help consumers easily connect their Internet-ready devices such as HDTVs, Blu-ray(TM) players, IPTV set-top boxes, media players and game consoles to the Internet and the home network.

The NeoTV 350 HD and NeoTV 550 Ultimate HD Media Players, available in...

PC & Laptop TechnologyHTPCs & LaptopsLED (LCD) HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Monitor vs. TV: What’s in a Name?

By Alfred Poor • Aug 31 2010, 1:00pm

I long for the old days, when things were simpler. Back when a computer monitor was a computer monitor, and a TV was a TV. It’s not that way anymore. Almost all TVs now have a way that lets you connect it to a laptop or desktop computer: either a VGA connector, or an HDMI [...]

New Products & EquipmentBlu-ray

Onkyo Introduces Flagship THX-Certified AV Component Separates

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 31 2010, 12:36am

Onkyo PR-SC5508Onkyo, the world's premier manufacturer of advanced-technology home theater receivers, is now expanding its product line to include upscale separate components. With its announcement today of three new THX Certified components, Onkyo is now offering the higher levels of performance, quality, and capabilities typical of separates. These new products include Onkyo's first A/V preamplifier/processor that is both 3D-Ready and THX-Certified, a powerful 150-watt nine-channel amplifier, and a full-featured Blu-ray Disc Player.

Onkyo's flagship PR-SC5508 is a...

4K (Ultra HD)DLP HDTVs

Christie Previews 4K at IBC

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 31 2010, 12:31am

Christie®, the leader in digital cinema projection, will present a pre-launch demo of its new Solaria™ Series 4K DLP Cinema® projector line for digital cinema at IBC2010 in Amsterdam, September 10-14. Taking the lead with the world's first demo of a DLP Cinema solution in 4K, the new Christie CP4230 features the enhanced 4K DLP Cinema chip from Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) and is designed to be compliant with the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specification. It is the most robust and cost-effective 4K solution available today, based on time-tested, highly reliable DLP Cinema technology.

Built on...

Internet HD VideoService & RepairMobile HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Netflix in Your Pocket

By Alfred Poor • Aug 30 2010, 1:00pm

Last spring, I wrote about Netflix demo’ing its streaming service on a Windows Phone 7 operating system. Now comes word that Netflix is releasing free applications for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch that will let subscribers access streaming content on these portable devices.

The free apps can access the streaming service across either a WiFi [...]


HDTV Almanac - No-Glasses 3DTV This Year?

By Alfred Poor • Aug 27 2010, 1:00pm

There’s been a buzz caused by a news item from the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun. According to the story, Toshiba has plans to release 3DTV models later this year that will not require the special glasses used with other 3D displays such as those from Panasonic or Samsung. Here’s the key section from the story:
Toshiba [...]


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #440: Vizio XVT553SV LCD HDTV Review

By The HT Guys • Aug 27 2010, 6:22am

With football season just around the corner you may be in the market for a new HDTV to watch your favorite team try and make it to the Superbowl. We’ve seen a few technologies come and go and each of them try to produce a picture that’s as good as plasma. The latest is LED. The Vizio XVT553SV will run you about $1900 for the 55 inch version and its loaded with all kinds of goodies that we can finally say that Plasma may have finally met its match.


Samsung Expands Monitor Line-up with 90 and 30 Series Monitors with HDTV Tuners for High Performance at Work and Home

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 27 2010, 4:14am

Samsung FX2490HD LEDSamsung Electronics America, Inc., a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corporation, the number one worldwide brand of LCD display products, today announced two new lines of multi-function monitors (MFMs) offering consumers a computer monitor and HDTV in one. Ranging from 21.5 to 24 inches, the 30 and 90 display series allow viewers to switch easily from work to play with enhanced picture quality all in one space-saving device.

Both the 30 and 90 series monitors can be used as...


Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Nationwide 3D Experience Tour Brings Largest, Most Immersive Lineup of 3D TVs to Cities Across America

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 27 2010, 3:54am

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. (MDEA) today announced the launch of its nationwide 3D Experience Tour, which will introduce its unparalleled lineup of theater-like immersive 3D* DLP® Home Cinema Televisions to U.S. consumers. The tour packs Mitsubishi's latest and greatest 3D TV technology into Mitsubishi's Mobile Marketing Showroom, a 995 sq. ft. 18-wheeled home theater experience that gives viewers across the country the chance to experience the industry's largest and broadest lineup of 60-inch plus large-screen 3D-capable TVs available today.

The tour will showcase...

3D HDTVSports

First Ever 3D Broadcasts of US Open Spearheaded by Panasonic and CBS Sports

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 27 2010, 3:40am

The USTA today announced that consumer electronics giant Panasonic has become an official sponsor of the US Open in a new three-year agreement.

Working with CBS Sports, the USTA and Panasonic will spearhead the first-ever 3D broadcasts of the tournament. CBS Sports will produce 3D versions of all the Arthur Ashe Stadium matches that it broadcasts in High Definition on Labor Day Weekend and on Finals Weekend, September 10-12. These matches will be made available nationwide via DirecTV's exclusive dedicated 3D entertainment channel, "n|3D Powered by Panasonic" (DirecTV channel 103).

On-site at the 2010 US Open, Panasonic will have...


Sony Launches New 3D BRAVIA TVs Just in Time for Kickoff

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 27 2010, 3:33am

Sony KDL-60NX810Just in time for the kickoff of the fall football season, Sony just announced three new 3D BRAVIA TVs that are perfect for the big game.

With a number of college and pro football games slated to be broadcast in 3D this fall, Sony's BRAVIA is the perfect way to see the next dimension in sports -- the full HD picture puts you right on the sideline!

Offering outstanding contrast with smooth, vibrant images, Sony's new NX810 HDTV models have...


HDTV Expert - Sony 3D TV: Still Not Quite There

By Pete Putman • Aug 27 2010, 12:28am

Sony held an informal gathering for journalists at the Sony Building in New York, and all the buzz was about 3D.


HDTV Expert - Is 3DTV Hazardous to Your Health?

By Pete Putman • Aug 26 2010, 11:34pm

A study from Strategy Analytics reveals that a surprising number of consumers think so.

Internet HD VideoDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - Get Connected at Your Outlet

By Alfred Poor • Aug 26 2010, 1:00pm

According to a press release from Western Digital, research by Parks Associates indicates that 42% of the consumers unwilling to connect their TVs to the Internet felt that either the router connection is too far away, or that it would be too complicated to set up, or both. WiFi does help solve the connection problem, [...]


HDTV Almanac - Survey: Most Have Seen 3D Movies

By Alfred Poor • Aug 25 2010, 1:00pm

TWICE commissioned a survey about consumer opinion about 3DTV, and the results have some interesting highlights. A good place to start is the fact that about 78% of the respondents have seen at least one 3D movie in a cinema. This is interesting because nearly the identical 78% have never seen a 3DTV.
Now, nearly the [...]

Business & Investment

HDTV Expert - Toshiba TVs: A Fade to Black?

By Pete Putman • Aug 24 2010, 8:17pm

Pioneer was the first to go. Then, Hitachi followed. Will Toshiba be the next company to exit the television business in the United States?

Internet HD VideoBroadcast

HDTV Almanac - Gefen Levels the Audio Field

By Alfred Poor • Aug 24 2010, 1:00pm

I know I’m not the only one who gets peeved about this; you’re watching a show, then a commercial comes on and blasts you out of your seat with a high volume setting. It’s not just broadcast video; I’ve also noticed this (with dismay) on streaming sites such as Hulu. I’ve written about this problem [...]

New Products & EquipmentBlu-ray

Denon Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary With Debut of Special Edition Product Collection

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 24 2010, 9:37am

100th Anniversary DenonMAHWAH, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Denon Electronics, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment products celebrating 100 years of innovation and technology leadership in 2010, is proud to announce the debut of its special-edition Anniversary Product Collection (A100), seven new home entertainment components that offer discriminating consumers an opportunity to become a part of Denon's century-old legacy of innovation and craftsmanship. The limited special-edition Denon Anniversary Product Collection includes...

PC & Laptop TechnologyLED (LCD) HDTVsDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - Broadcom Helps HDTV Lose Wait

By Alfred Poor • Aug 23 2010, 1:00pm

Did you ever notice that with technology, it often seems to be two steps forward but one step back? Before digital TV, our analog tuners could change channels at the speed of a thumb-press. (This was even true in the early days of the remote controls. My grandmother had a Zenith Space Command, and when [...]

Satellite HDTV

DISH Network Adds AMC HD to Industry-Leading HD Lineup

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 22 2010, 12:06am

DISH Network today announced the launch of AMC HD – becoming the first and only satellite TV provider in America to offer this channel to customers.

AMC reigns as the only network in television history to ever win...


HDTV Expert - 3D: Expect a Long Slog

By Pete Putman • Aug 20 2010, 9:05pm

It took nearly seven years before HDTV really took off. So how can we expect 3D to launch in less time?

PC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - R.I.P. SED — Canon Kills Flat Screen Technology

By Alfred Poor • Aug 20 2010, 1:00pm

It was 2008 when I last wrote about Canon’s SED technology, after they won a lawsuit over a technology license agreement and their decision to abandon efforts to make a consumer product and focus instead on a high-end monitor for commercial video production facilities.
According to a report in Network World this week, Canon has finally [...]

LED (LCD) HDTVsInternet HD VideoCable HDTVSports

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #439: Fall 2010 TV Schedule

By The HT Guys • Aug 20 2010, 5:37am

Pat yourself on the back, we did it again. We all made it through another Summer with nothing to watch on TV. Whether you had stored up a bunch of shows on your DVR to get you through the dry season, or relied heavily on Netflix and Hulu, you made it. And now it’s time to reap the reward. Football is back, and in just a few short weeks all your favorite shows will be back on, and perhaps a few new ones will make it to your favorites list.

3D HDTVSportsEvents & TradeshowsProgramming

HDTV Almanac - Weekend in 3D

By Alfred Poor • Aug 19 2010, 1:00pm

Rather than spend it at Bernie’s, how about spending the weekend of September 10 through 12 at your local electronics store? The Consumer Electronics Association (hosts of the mammoth CES show in Las Vegas every January) and ESPN are joining forces to create “National 3D Demo Days“. ESPN will provide continuous 3D programming for those [...]

Digital (DTV) TransitionDigital Rights Management (DRM)Service & Repair

HDTV Expert - Digital Downloads: The Great Gold Rush of ‘10

By Pete Putman • Aug 18 2010, 2:31pm

Best Buy announced recently it would make certain movies available for 99 cents per viewing through its Cinema Now digital download service.

3D HDTVDigital (DTV) TransitionDigital Rights Management (DRM)HD DVD

HDTV Expert - Fujifilm Debuts its Newset FinePix REAL 3D Digital Camcorder

By Pete Putman • Aug 18 2010, 2:18pm

According to Fujifilm representatives, this is the world’s first 3D digital camera that also records HD 3D clips.


HDTV Almanac - LCD Makers in Court: Piling On

By Alfred Poor • Aug 18 2010, 1:00pm

Many of the major LCD panel manufacturers have already pleaded guilty to price fixing charges in U.S. federal courts — paying close to $1 billion in fines – and now the states are lining up to get a piece of the action in the form of defending their citizens who were ripped off by the [...]

3D HDTVHD Camcorders & Cameras

FUJIFILM Introduces the World's First 3D Digital Camera That Can Capture High Definition 3D Movies

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 18 2010, 2:08am

Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W3VALHALLA, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced a new addition to its FinePix REAL 3D system – the FinePix REAL 3D W3 digital camera. The FinePix REAL 3D W3 steps it up from its predecessor with the ability to shoot high-resolution 3D photos and movies in 3D HD at 720p¹, with the help of a new RP (Real Photo) Processor. It also sports a new Mini HDMI port² for easy playback on most 3D television systems and an Autostereoscopic 3D Widescreen 3.5" LCD. All components make for stunning 3D still photos and movies that can be viewed and enjoyed through an easy connection between the FinePix REAL 3D W3 and their 3D TV³, or printed in stunning 3D quality.

The slim FinePix REAL 3D W3 digital camera...


PlayStation®3 (PS3(TM)) System to Feature New Higher Capacity Hard Drives in North America This Fall

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 18 2010, 1:52am

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. (SCEA) today announced that the PlayStation®3 (PS3(TM)) system will be offered in North America with 160GB or 320GB Hard Disk Drives (HDD), offering more capacity to download games and entertainment content from PlayStation®Network along with personal digital content, such as music, photos, and videos. The new models will continue to offer the same advanced features and functions of the current models, but with approximately 33 percent more capacity and at compelling price points. This increased HDD space addresses the growing demand for the digital content offered on PlayStation®Network, where more than 1 billion pieces of content have been downloaded as of July 2010.

At $299.99 (MSRP), the 160GB model PS3 system offers...

Internet HD VideoService & Repair

HDTV Almanac - Can’t Lick ‘Em?

By Alfred Poor • Aug 17 2010, 1:00pm

Cox has apparently decided to join ‘em. In a recent story in the L.A. Times, Cox will put their video-on-demand (VOD) service into standard TiVo personal video recorders (PVRs), eliminating the need for a separate set-top box. The TiVo box also gives access to online services such as Netflix streaming video and Rhapsody music.
This is [...]

3D HDTVSports

National 3D Demo Days Powered By CEA and ESPN Coming to Local Retailers September 2010

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 17 2010, 3:36am

Today, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® and ESPN announce a weekend of 3DTV programming events and demonstrations in retail locations nationwide. During National 3D Demo Days, September 10-12, 2010, knowledgeable sales staff will showcase the latest in 3DTV, as ESPN provides continual 3D programming from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET.

A recent study conducted by CEA found 64 percent of sales associates said shoppers are expressing a desire to experience sports in 3D (CEA's 3D at Retail, June 2010). ESPN will provide this desired content directly to stores...

Events & Tradeshows

The 3D Experience Festival Arrives in New York City

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 17 2010, 3:31am

The 3D Experience, New York's first annual 3D entertainment and technology festival, will take place September 24-26 in Times Square with the latest advances in digital theater and home entertainment for industry professionals, consumers and media.


Panasonic Expands its Line of Full HD 3D VIERA Plasma TVs

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 17 2010, 3:19am

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Full HD 3D(1) technology, announced today the expansion of its award-winning line of Full HD 3D VIERA® Plasma TVs with the launch of the Panasonic VIERA GT25 Series of Full HD 3D Plasma TVs(2). The series will feature Panasonic's first 42-inch class (41.6" measured diagonally) Full HD 3D Plasma TV, broadening Panasonic's range of Full HD 3D TV offerings and addressing consumer requests for a smaller 3D set for video gaming.

The VIERA GT25 Series features 42-inch class (41.6" measured diagonally) and 50-inch class (49.9" measured diagonally) screen sizes. The TC-P42G25 will have an MSRP(3) of...

3D HDTVPC & Laptop TechnologyMobile HDTVHD DVD

HDTV Almanac - Portable Alphabet Soup

By Alfred Poor • Aug 16 2010, 1:00pm

What is it about technology products and acronyms? It’s bad enough that products have deadpan model numbers; can you tell what the new Samsung product does if all you know is the “BD-C8000” model number? I know that I can’t guess. Let me tell you what it is: a 3D BD HD player with WiFi, [...]

Front Projection

HDTV Almanac - Is That a Projector in Your Pocket?

By Alfred Poor • Aug 13 2010, 1:00pm

Market tracking firm In-Stat has predicted that by 2014, there will be 20 million devices with pico projectors embedded in them. These are tiny front projector devices that use either bright LEDs or tiny lasers as a light source. They can create an image the size of a sheet of paper that can be viewed [...]


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #438: Crestron

By The HT Guys • Aug 13 2010, 5:53am

In the continuation of our ongoing series on home automation we discuss Crestron. Perhaps the biggest name in home automation, Crestron is the standard by which other automation products are measured. Crestron solutions are found in the home, corporations, hospitals, education and more. Like other solutions, Crestron home automation packages give you control over your lighting, climate, and entertainment. Here is a little of what Crestron supports.


HDTV Almanac - DIY 2D->3D

By Alfred Poor • Aug 12 2010, 1:00pm

Conventional wisdom holds that people won’t buy 3DTVs by the millions because they don’t want to wear the goofy glasses and there isn’t enough content available. I’ve already addressed the first item, but let’s look at the second one for a moment.
According to the 3D@Home site, Hollywood plans to release about 40 movies – new [...]


Verizon FiOS Scores First NFL Game on 3D TV: Giants-Patriots Preseason Match-Up on Sept. 2

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 11 2010, 11:09pm

Verizon is kicking off the football season with the production and broadcast of the first National Football League game in 3D on television for the company's FiOS TV customers in parts of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The game is the Sept. 2 preseason match-up between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, at New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Coverage begins at...

3D HDTVBlu-ray

Samsung Unveils World's First Portable Blu-Ray Player with 3D Capability; Further Expands 3D Product Line-Up

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 11 2010, 11:06pm

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the U.S. availability of the world's first portable Blu-ray player with 3D capability. The Samsung BD-C8000 delivers true 1080p HD video, enables 3D playback when connected to a 3D-capable TV and used with 3D glasses, and features a brilliant 10.1-inch screen. It includes built-in Wi-Fi for easy access to advanced connectivity features, including an expanding library of content and applications via Samsung Apps and HDMI 1.4a support. With three hours of battery life, the Samsung BD-C8000 is the perfect travel companion for anyone who wants an outstanding entertainment experience while on the go.

Samsung also introduced three additional standalone Blu-ray players and three new Blu-ray Home Theater Systems that deliver...


Samsung Expands Blu-Ray 3D Content and Introduces World's Largest 3D LED TV for the Home

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 11 2010, 11:02pm

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced new 3D content exclusive to Samsung. This fall, Samsung will make available 3D Blu-ray versions of DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc.'s (Nasdaq: DWA) global 3D blockbuster How to Train Your Dragon, IMAX's original productions Into the Deep and Galapagos, and Giant Screen Films' Mummies: Secrets of the Pharoahs. Samsung also announced four new 3D LED and Plasma TVs, further adding to the world's broadest lineup of 3D home entertainment products. The expanded 3D TV portfolio features Samsung's proprietary technologies and innovative design and larger screen sizes to deliver more immersive 3D experiences.

Samsung's latest line-up of 3D-capable HDTVs and new Blu-ray 3D films...

Internet HD VideoService & RepairCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Big News from Netflix

By Alfred Poor • Aug 11 2010, 1:00pm

The Motley Fool declares “game over“. I agree, though the seeds for this domination were planted a long time ago.
What’s the big deal? Netflix has agreed to pay $1 billion to Epix over the next five years in return for the right to stream movie titles over the Internet for its Watch Instantly service. Who [...]

Internet HD Video

EPIX and Netflix Announce Exclusive Internet-Only Deal to Instantly Stream EPIX Movies to Netflix Members

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 11 2010, 2:54am

EPIX LogoEPIX™ and Netflix, Inc. [Nasdaq: NFLX] today announced an agreement through which Netflix members can instantly watch an array of new releases and library titles from EPIX streamed over the Internet from Netflix. Movies from the multi-year deal will begin streaming from Netflix on September 1 and include movies from Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM.

EPIX has subscription pay TV rights to new releases and movies from the libraries of its partners and will make these movies available to Netflix 90 days after...

Internet HD VideoDigital Rights Management (DRM)

HDTV Expert - HBO, Showtime…and Netflix?

By Pete Putman • Aug 10 2010, 3:19pm

Epix and Netflix are close to signing a deal that would give the latter company exclusive online rights to films from Paramount Pictures, Lions Gate, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

3D HDTVFront ProjectionHTPCs & LaptopsEducationHD DVD

HDTV Almanac - 5.4 Million 3D Capable HD Displays in 2014: Projectors

By Alfred Poor • Aug 10 2010, 1:00pm

Pacific Media Associates is a company that tracks the front projector display market, and they have recently released their latest projections. They expect that 5.4 million 3D-capable front projectors will ship in 2014, which is roughly five times as many as are expected to ship this year. While some analysts see the education market as [...]

Wireless HDMI/HDTVCable HDTV

World's first multi-stream, multi-room wireless HDTV system

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 10 2010, 3:55am

ProVision Communications will demonstrate AXAR2010, the world's first wireless, quad channel, multi-room HD video system at the CableLabs Summer Conference in Keystone Colorado, August 15-18.

The AXAR2010 can simultaneously stream four independent 1080p HD video channels over a standard 5GHz 802.11n wireless network throughout a home. The system is highly robust, reliably steaming the HD video through walls and floors to multiple HDTVs and mobile devices.

The technology's introduction means...


HDTV Almanac - Sony’s HD-in-the-Round

By Alfred Poor • Aug 9 2010, 1:00pm

I’ve written here more than once that current efforts at “3DTV” are really stereoscopic displays that trick the brain into seeing depth in an image displayed on a flat surface. It’s a little unnatural, and depending on a lot of factors, it can be easy or painful to view. But it still is only providing [...]

Satellite HDTV

DISH Network Introduces World's First DVR Scheduler App Optimized for the Apple iPad

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 6 2010, 2:26pm

DISH DVR iPad AppDISH Network L.L.C., the fastest-growing pay-TV provider in America, today announced a free app for the Apple iPad: DISH Remote Access. DISH Remote Access is the first and only app from a TV service provider specifically designed for the iPad that allows users to control their televisions and manage their programming remotely.

Similar to the version available for the iPhone and iPod touch...

HTPCs & Laptops

Hauppauge Introduces High Definition Video Recorder Support for Windows Media Center

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 6 2010, 2:22pm

Hauppauge Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAUP) , the world's leading developer and manufacturer of analog and digital TV receiver products for personal computers, has announced that the HD PVR is now supported as a TV video recorder in Windows Media Center. With a free software update from Hauppauge, Windows Media Center can now use the HD PVR to record high definition TV programs from a cable TV or satellite set top box. HD PVR can record HD TV from any cable TV or satellite set top box which has a component video output. In addition to high definition video, HD PVR can record 5.1 channel audio through its optical audio connections.

With this new software update...

HD Camcorders & CamerasSports

SANYO Takes Underwater Full HD Video to a Whole New Level

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 6 2010, 2:19pm

SANYO VPC-CA102YLSANYO North America Corporation (SANYO), introduces a new waterproof Full HD (1920 x 1080) Dual Camera Xacti, model VPC-CA102YL, for active lifestyles. The new Dual Camera can be used to record over 480 minutes of 1080 Full HD video on a single 64GB SDXC memory card and 14MP photos from a depth of ten feet underwater. The camera will be available for purchase in August with an MSRP of $349.99.

Designed for...

Cable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - We’re #3! We’re #3! (Try Harder?)

By Alfred Poor • Aug 6 2010, 1:00pm

It’s time to play a little Jeopardy. The answer is “Serbia and Macedonia“. Can you come up with the question? Give up? Here you go: “What two countries rank higher than the United States in terms of average daily time spent viewing television?” Clearly we can do better, folks! You’re just not trying hard enough.
Nielsen [...]

General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #437: Onkyo TX-SR608 Review

By The HT Guys • Aug 6 2010, 2:00am

Ever since we talked about Dolby Pro Logic IIz and Audyssey DSX in Episode 425, we've had a strong desire to experience them for ourselves. And what better excuse is there to buy a new receiver than 9.1 surround? That brought us to the Onkyo TX-SR608 home theater receiver. It's a 7.1 receiver that will do just about everything you want, and a little more.

Cable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Another One Bites the Dust

By Alfred Poor • Aug 5 2010, 1:00pm

The U.S. Justice Department announced yesterday that the long arm of the law has reached out and grabbed another miscreant. The guilty party this time was a fourth executive from Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) — which has since merged with Innolux and TPO to become Chimei Innolux (CMI). The charge was price fixing in the [...]

HD DVDGlobal & Worldview

HDTV Expert - No Fizz In The DVD Biz

By Pete Putman • Aug 4 2010, 10:22pm

Optical disc replicator Cineram International announced yesterday it is lopping 300 more jobs from its Olyphant (PA) DVD pressing facility.

Sports3D HDTVBroadcast

HDTV Almanac - ESPN 3D to Show 13 College Football Games

By Alfred Poor • Aug 4 2010, 1:00pm

ESPN 3D has announced that it will broadcast about 13 NCAA Division 1 football games this year. The network also has named the first three contests:
- Monday, September 6, 8 PM Eastern: Boise State vs. Virginia Tech
- Saturday, September 11, 3:40 PM Eastern: Ohio State vs. Miami
- Saturday, September 18, 7 PM Eastern: Clemson [...]

Blu-rayHD DVD

HDTV Expert - Redbox: A “Blu-race” to the bottom?

By Pete Putman • Aug 3 2010, 8:59pm

Discount DVD rental kiosk operator Redbox recently announced it would start stocking Blu-ray movies for $1.50 per night rentals.

Cable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Comcast Makes Deal with CBS

By Alfred Poor • Aug 3 2010, 1:00pm

In case you haven’t been following the story, Comcast wants NBC like a six year old girl wants a real live pony of her very own. Unfortunately, Comcast can’t just walk down to the paddock and plunk down billions of dollars and walk away with a major network. It seems that its competitors, Federal [...]

Satellite HDTVSports

DIRECTV Beefs Up Its Exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET(TM) Package with HD, Red Zone Channel, Game Mix and More at No Additional Cost

By Shane Sturgeon • Aug 2 2010, 10:12pm

DIRECTV is making the best NFL viewing experience even better for fans in 2010 by adding every game in HD, the Game Mix channel, the popular Red Zone Channel and more to its exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET(TM) service at no additional cost.

And for fans who want to catch every minute of NFL SUNDAY TICKET no matter where they are, DIRECTV's online and mobile services...

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Is Your HDTV Mounted on the Wall?

By Alfred Poor • Aug 2 2010, 1:00pm

I received some interesting information from Peerless last week. This is one of the companies that makes top quality mounts for flat panel televisions. I was curious about how many people actually use mounts these days; the conventional wisdom from about five years ago was that fewer than 25% of all sets got mounted on [...]

3D HDTVBusiness & Investment

HDTV Almanac - 3DTV Shipment Forecasts Increase

By Alfred Poor • Jul 30 2010, 1:00pm

The market research firm DisplaySearch is now forecasting that about 3.4 million 3DTVs will be shipped in 20210, for about a 5% share of the total worldwide HDTV market. One of its competitors in the display market research business is iSupply, which now predicts that about 4.2 million 3DTVs will ship this year. DisplaySearch’s prediction [...]

High Definition ProductionFront Projection

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #436: Are High End Audio/Video Retailers a Dying Breed?

By The HT Guys • Jul 30 2010, 6:44am

We all know someone who has to own the absolute best gear on the market. They don't care how much it costs. Whether its a receiver that "reproduces sounds that only dogs can hear" or its the guy who buys the most expensive video processor for his equally expensive projector, we all have stories of friends or acquaintances that match that description.


Redbox Launches Blu-ray Rentals

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 29 2010, 8:48pm

Redbox, the popular DVD rental kiosk provider, and wholly-owned subsidiary of Coinstar, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSTR) , today announced it has started rolling out Blu-ray(TM) titles with availability at approximately 13,300 kiosks nationwide. Redbox will rent Blu-ray Discs® at $1.50 per night plus tax and the company expects to have availability across its network of approximately 23,000 kiosk locations by the fall.

Each fully automated redbox kiosk holds...

Service & Repair

HDTV Almanac - A New Approach to Cord-Cutting

By Alfred Poor • Jul 29 2010, 1:00pm

“Cutting the cord” is the term that analysts have given to the growing movement of consumers who have disconnected themselves from the traditional utilities. At first, it meant users who got rid of landline telephone service and rely instead solely on cell phones. Now it also applies to folks who are now watching so much [...]

HD Camcorders & Cameras

Samsung Introduces Pocket-Sized, Full-HD Camcorder with Swiveling Lens

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 28 2010, 11:48pm

Samsung HMX-E10 HD CamcorderSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today added to its point-and-shoot camcorder lineup with the introduction of the innovative HMX-E10. Offering full-HD resolution, the Samsung HMX-E10 is highlighted by a versatile, 270-degree swiveling lens that enhances consumers' creativity and allows them to add their own unique views to their video by being able to record from just about any angle. The HMX-E10's swiveling lens also brings a new sense of fun to recording video, and gives consumers the ability to step out from behind the camcorder and put themselves in the frame with their friends and family.

Samsung has also strived to simplify the way consumers share content with others through the HMX-E10, with the innovative built-in...

3D HDTVFront Projection

HDTV Almanac - Table Top 3D

By Alfred Poor • Jul 28 2010, 1:00pm

At SID 2010 in Seattle, I saw a clever demonstration. Syndiant wanted to demonstrate how their pocket projector could be used to create a stereoscopic 3D image. So one of their engineers duct taped two of them together, put different polarizers across each lens, aligned the images, and voila! It was a very effective 3D [...]

Blu-ray3D HDTV

Panasonic Expands Its Award Winning Line of Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Players

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 28 2010, 3:08am

Panasonic, an industry leader in Full HD 3D technology, announced today the expansion of its line of Full HD 3D Blu-ray(TM) Disc players to include the DMP-BDT100. The DMP-BDT100, available in August, joins the DMP-BDT300 and DMP-BDT350 in providing superior 2D and 3D picture quality, as well as such innovative features as VIERA CAST(TM) internet functionality. Pricing will be announced at a later date.

The BDT100 continues the commitment to excellence established by...

HD Camcorders & Cameras3D HDTV

Panasonic Unveils the World's First 3D Consumer Camcorder, Complete With a 3D Conversion Lens

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 28 2010, 2:57am

Panasonic HDC-SDT750Panasonic today announced the launch of the Panasonic HDC-SDT750, the world's first consumer 3D camcorder, which includes a 3D conversion lens1 that enables the camcorder to shoot powerful and true-to-life 3D video content. The Panasonic SDT750 is a user-friendly consumer 3D camcorder that makes experiencing 3D at home easy and affordable2. In addition to shooting 3D, the SDT750 can record full 1080p High Definition (HD) in AVCHD, when the 3D conversion lens is unattached, and includes powerful features such as a 3MOS system, a Leica Dicomar lens and a 12x optical zoom.

To shoot 3D video with the Panasonic HDC-SDT750 camcorder, the user needs to attach...

Satellite HDTV3D HDTV


By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 28 2010, 2:16am

DIRECTV and HISTORY are taking viewers on an exclusive 3D tour of the solar system. Beginning Friday, July 30, HISTORY will deliver its first 3D broadcast on DIRECTV's new 3D channel, n3D(TM) powered by Panasonic, with the season 5 premiere episode of its popular series, THE UNIVERSE. On the same day, DIRECTV will also offer a 2D version of this episode on The 101(R) Network.

The season 5 premiere of THE UNIVERSE, titled 7 WONDERS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM...

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Metalorganic Gasses in Short Supply: Who Cares?

By Alfred Poor • Jul 27 2010, 1:00pm

Yes, this is another supply chain story. Never heard of “metalorganic gases“? Don’t feel bad; few people outside of the semiconductor industry (and some Chemistry majors) know what they are. Apparently they are an essential component in the fabrication of certain types of semiconductors, and they are used to deposit thin films of different chemical [...]


HDTV Expert - FiOS is coming! (Yawn…)

By Pete Putman • Jul 26 2010, 3:45pm

After six years of waiting, Verizon is finally building out FiOS connections in my neighborhood. Hey - shouldn't I be more excited?

Deals & Discounts

HDTV Almanac - And for Great Deals on HDTVs, Shop Dell?

By Alfred Poor • Jul 26 2010, 1:00pm

Sure, anyone who works with computers is familar with Dell, the company that built an empire based on online shopping for desktops and notebooks. (They even managed to make us forget Gateway, with their spotted-cow shipping boxes, which is now part of Acer.) But would you think of Dell for your next HDTV?
You might consider [...]

3D HDTVBroadcastSatellite HDTVSports

HDTV Almanac - MLB Goes 3D

By Alfred Poor • Jul 23 2010, 1:00pm

Only a handful of early adopters got to see it, but Major League Baseball broadcast some experimental 3DTV early this month around the All-Star Game in Anaheim, California. Earlier in the week, Fox Sports shot two games in 3D from Seattle as the Mariners took on the Yankees. These were sponsored by Panasonic and DirecTV, [...]

Blu-rayHD DVD

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #435: Can Blu-ray pull it off?

By The HT Guys • Jul 23 2010, 5:05am

Blu-ray would like to supplant DVD and take over as the dominant video format in households all around the world. We see the advantage from a pure quality perspective, but believe that costs have to line up for it to actually happen. With so many forces pulling against it, can Blu-ray really become the successor to DVD?


Onkyo Debuts the World's First 3D-Ready & THX Certified Integrated Home Theater System

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 23 2010, 3:11am

ONKYO HT S9300THXOnkyo, a brand renowned worldwide for quality home entertainment technology, has introduced the world's first THX® I/S Plus™ Certified (Integrated System) and 3D-Ready packaged home theater system. This type of system, popularly known as a "home theater in a box" or HTiB, consists of seven theater loudspeakers, a subwoofer for deep-bass sound effects, and an audio-video receiver that is fully compatible with state-of-the-art HD video players and video displays, including all the latest 3D technologies. It is compatible with the mandatory formats for 3D video broadcast content of "Side-By-Side (Half)" and "Top-and-Bottom" formats.

The Onkyo HT-S9300THX receiver has four 3D-Ready HDMI 1.4a inputs for connection to modern audio/video source components, and it can upscale video from...


HDTV Almanac - Samsung’s 50″ 3DTV for $1K

By Alfred Poor • Jul 22 2010, 1:00pm

How can an analyst predict the future if the manufacturers accelerate time so much that the future is here before we can even finish our speculation?
That’s about what has happened in the 3D segment of the flat panel HDTV market. I’ve been saying that making a current set “3D capable” really does not add much [...]


HDTV Almanac - The Rest of the Story: Best buy vs. Ultimate

By Alfred Poor • Jul 21 2010, 1:00pm

Back in April, I wrote about a lawsuit between Best Buy and Ultimate. Ultimate was advertising that it comparison shops at Best Buy and Walmart every day, and that its prices were lower. Best Buy complained that this was not true, and that the Best Buy prices were sometimes lower than those advertised by Ultimate. [...]

Internet HD VideoBlu-ray

Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem Unveils UltraViolet™ Brand

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 20 2010, 11:28pm

UltraViolet LogoThe Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem LLC (DECE LLC), a cross-industry consortium dedicated to driving a new, open market for digital content distribution, today announced its consumer brand – UltraViolet™ – and logo (www.uvvu.com). UltraViolet represents a new way for consumers to have greater choice, confidence and freedom in how, when and where they enjoy digital movies, TV shows and other entertainment. In addition, the consortium announced three additional new members bringing the total to nearly 60 member companies.

Complementing the physical DVD and Blu-ray home entertainment markets, UltraViolet will allow consumers to watch their digital entertainment across multiple platforms, such as...

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HDTV Almanac - Get Ready for Black Friday!

By Alfred Poor • Jul 20 2010, 1:00pm

Can’t you just hear that holiday mall music playing already? Be glad that you’re not running a consumer electronics retailer business, because those folks are already holed up in their war rooms, mapping out strategies for Black Friday sales for this year.
According to a report in TWICE, “manufacturers, retailers and buying groups are already planning [...]

Fiber/IPTV HDTVProgramming

Verizon Adds Two New HD Channels to FiOS TV Lineup: Nat Geo WILD HD and Investigation Discovery HD

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 20 2010, 2:25am

Verizon's FiOS TV customers are seeing two new high-definition channels this month, as the company launches Nat Geo WILD HD and Investigation Discovery HD. These two channels join FiOS TV's extensive channel lineup, which includes up to 142 HD channels and more than 3,300 HD video-on-demand titles every month -- the best in HD entertainment.

Nat Geo WILD HD, a new cable network dedicated to extraordinary nature and wildlife programming, is available starting...

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HDTV Almanac - Willing to Pay for Internet TV

By Alfred Poor • Jul 19 2010, 1:00pm

As I wrote at the end of last month, the new Hulu Plus service for $9.95 a month stands to disrupt television viewing habits. It provides more content that does not expire, and it’s all offered in 720p high definition.
As it turns out, more and more people view this sort of offering as appealing. Some [...]

Internet HD Video

Netflix To Launch Canadian Service for Streaming Movies and TV Episodes Later This Year

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 19 2010, 11:22am

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) , the leading Internet movie subscription service, today announced it will expand into Canada this fall offering unlimited movies and TV episodes streamed instantly to TVs and computers for one low monthly fee. The Canadian launch will mark the first availability of Netflix outside the United States.

Canadian Netflix members will be able to...

Mobile HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Making Cool High-Brightness LEDs

By Alfred Poor • Jul 16 2010, 1:00pm

Okay. You are probably more interested in reading about OLEDs than LEDs. OLEDs are the thin displays that look way better than LCDs and are used in high-end mobile phones and will be here “any day now” in HDTVs. LEDs are those little thingies that make power indicators light up.
But right now, LEDs are a [...]

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #434: Life|ware

By The HT Guys • Jul 16 2010, 5:57am

Today as part of our ongoing series on home automation we discuss Life|ware. Life|ware? is software developed by Exceptional Innovation that allows you to seamlessly merge control of your home along with your world of digital entertainment.


NASA Television Debuts Full-Time High Definition Channel

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 15 2010, 11:15pm

NASA LogoOn Monday, July 19, NASA Television will launch a full-time High Definition (HD) channel that media, cable and satellite service providers can access for news content and coverage of agency missions and programs.

The channel will deliver HD video that only NASA can provide, such as...

3D HDTVPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - Stylish 3D Glasses

By Alfred Poor • Jul 15 2010, 1:00pm

I wrote about a future I envision where people would were those “goofy 3D glasses” on a regular basis. Now it appears that I may have been a pessimist in my vision. Marchon Eyewear has announced that it has licensed RealD technology for use in a line of 3D-compatible sunglasses.

The glasses will be available through [...]

Internet HD Video

Warner Bros. and Netflix Announce Expanded Agreement Covering Streaming Content

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 15 2010, 12:15pm

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) today announced an expansion of the companies' existing streaming content agreement. The new agreement adds a slate of catalog TV shows available to watch instantly at Netflix and extends the existing license for catalog movies through 2011.

Most notably, Netflix has acquired streaming rights - for a period of four years - to all 100 episodes of...

Internet HD VideoGaming

PlayStation®3 System the First and Only Console to Offer Hulu Plus(TM) in 2010

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 14 2010, 9:40pm

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) and Hulu(TM), an online video service offering an expanded selection of television shows and movies, announced that the Hulu Plus(TM) preview will begin today on the PlayStation®3 (PS3(TM)) computer entertainment system in the United States with the consumer release of Hulu Plus available to all PS3 owners set to occur in the coming months. PS3 is the first and only console with dedicated gaming functionality that will offer Hulu Plus in 2010. Hulu Plus will deliver...

Satellite HDTV

XStreamHD(TM) Signs Distribution Agreement With Lionsgate® to Digitally Deliver the Latest Full HD Movies to Consumers

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 14 2010, 9:17pm

XStreamHD, an emerging leader in the delivery and distribution of Full HD entertainment directly to the home, announced that it has entered into a long-term Electronic Sell-Thru and Video-on-Demand home entertainment distribution agreement with Lionsgate (NYSE:LGF) , the leading next generation studio and distributor of motion pictures. The agreement will enable XStreamHD to offer its customers the ability to digitally purchase or rent, the latest HD releases from Lionsgate, as well as provide access to Lionsgate's content library of over 12,000 titles.

XStreamHD's ground-breaking whole-home HD entertainment system delivers Full 1080p HD video and up to 7.1 channels of lossless DTS-HD Master Audio(TM) directly to the home via satellite, enabling consumers to...

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HDTV Almanac - Get JVC Stuff by Liking It

By Alfred Poor • Jul 14 2010, 1:00pm

I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing that you have a Facebook account. If you don’t, I still bet that you know what Facebook is. What started out as a way for students to keep in touch has become one of the keystones of “social media” on the Internet. And businesses have [...]


LG Electronics Brings Content to Life With Suite of 3D Technology

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 14 2010, 3:27am

LG Electronics takes entertainment to the next dimension by introducing a full suite of 3D technology products to help bring content to life for consumers. By pairing LG's new top-of-the-line "Infinia" LED HDTVs with its first-ever 3D-capable Network Blu-ray Disc player, consumers can now enjoy superior picture quality and the immersive 3D experience of their favorite sporting events and Hollywood mega-hits in the comfort of their home.

LG Infinia LX9500 and LX6500 series HDTVs, paired with the company's BX580 Network Blu-ray Disc player and custom 3D eyewear, now enable consumers to experience...

3D HDTV4K (Ultra HD)Environment / GreenLCD HDTVsLED (LCD) HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - LG Creates “1-2-3D” Bundles

By Alfred Poor • Jul 13 2010, 1:00pm

LG has announced its LED-sidelit LCD 3DTVs. The LX9500 series and LX6500 series both offer local dimming for increased contrast and better energy efficiency, optional WiFi connectivity, and come in 47″ and 55″ models. The LX9500 series also features ultra-thin design and 480 Hz refresh rates, compared with the 240 Hz for the LX6500 models. [...]

Satellite HDTV

DISH Network Launches New Satellite to Boost Industry's Largest HD Offering

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 13 2010, 4:30am

DISH Network L.L.C., the fastest-growing pay-TV provider in America, today announced the launch of EchoStar XV, the company's second successful satellite launch this year.

When EchoStar XV begins operations later this summer, it will allow DISH Network to continue expanding the largest high definition offering in the U.S. The company currently delivers more than 200 national HD channels as well as HD locals in 156 markets.

Built by Space Systems/Loral, EchoStar XV launched on...

3D HDTVSports

DIRECTV, Major League Baseball and FOX Sports to Deliver Historic National 3D Broadcast of the 2010 All-Star Game

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 13 2010, 4:22am

DIRECTV, Major League Baseball and FOX Sports, continuing to lead the industry in sports programming innovation, will offer the 2010 MLB All-Star Game in 3D exclusively on DIRECTV's new 3D channel, n3D (TM) powered by Panasonic (Channel 103).

The telecast of the mid-summer classic from Angels Stadium in Anaheim, Calif., next Tuesday will make sports TV history as the first national broadcast of an MLB game in 3D.

The 3D broadcast will require a separate...

4K (Ultra HD)

HDTV Almanac - Netgear NAS Plays Nice with TiVo

By Alfred Poor • Jul 12 2010, 1:00pm

Netgear has announced their new ReadyNAS Ultra storage devices. NAS stands for “network attached storage” which means that the data on its hard drives can be accessed by any device on your home network. This provides you with a powerful storage system that lets you share files and create backups of critical data – including [...]

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HDTV Almanac - Netflix to Stream Current Movies

By Alfred Poor • Jul 9 2010, 1:00pm

The Netflix instant streaming service is free to subscribers of the company’s disc rental service. Many customers love the streaming service, and some get more Netflix content from the Internet than from their mailbox. The one knock on the service is the fact that almost all of the content is , well, rather old. There [...]

Internet HD Video

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #433: Bye bye HDMI, Hello HDBaseT

By The HT Guys • Jul 9 2010, 5:02am

There’s been a lot of activity on the Internet recently around the new HDBaseT Alliance. Bottom line, they want to replace HDMI with standard Cat5e or Cat6 cables. The group was launched in December 2009, but recently announced that LG Electronics, Samsung and Sony have thrown in their support. This, along with a finalized spec, have moved the HDBaseT idea to the forefront of home theater news.

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HDTV Expert - Saturday mail delivery and DVDs: Six – no, make that two degrees of separation

By Pete Putman • Jul 8 2010, 10:06pm

With Blockbuster on the verge of bankruptcy and the Postal Service announcing a rate hike, it's not a good time to be in the DVD rental business.

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - China to Become Top TV Market

By Alfred Poor • Jul 8 2010, 1:00pm

I remember as a kid debating with friends what would happen if every person in China stood on a chair and jumped down to the floor at the same instant. We never came up with a satisfying answer (are there any seismologists in the audience who’d care to chime in?), but we know now what [...]

3D HDTVNew Products & Equipment

Onkyo Adds Two 3D-Ready HTiBs with 1080p Video Upscaling and Included Dock for iPod/iPhone

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 7 2010, 9:38pm

Onkyo HT-S7300UPPER SADDLE RIVER, NJ, 7/7/10 -- Onkyo, a brand renowned worldwide for quality home entertainment technology, has added two premium 3D-Ready packaged 'home theater in a box' systems (HTiB).

The Onkyo HT-S6300 and HT-S7300 both have 3-D Ready HDMI-1.4a inputs, 1080p video upscaling, lossless Dolby & DTS high definition audio, Dolby height processing, Audyssey automatic room equalization, and numerous other high performance features typically not found at these price points. Both packages include seven home theater loudspeakers, subwoofer, audio-video receiver, Audyssey calibration microphone, and an outboard dock for iPod/iPhone.

The Onkyo HT-S6300 and HT-S7300 are each equipped with...

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HDTV Almanac - Does Qualcomm Want to Dump FLO TV?

By Alfred Poor • Jul 7 2010, 1:00pm

FLO TV is Qualcomm’s mobile television service, which it provides under branded names for AT&T and Verizon, as well as directly to consumers. The service essentially provides cable TV content delivered by cell phone services. According to statements by the company CEO reported by Light Reading Mobile, the company is willing to maintain the role [...]

3D HDTVBlu-ray

Sony Elevates the Standard for 3D Home Theater With New ES AV Receivers and Blu-ray 3D Player

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 7 2010, 2:45am

Driving the innovation of 3D, Sony today took another step to strengthen its industry leading 3D home product line with new Elevated Standard (ES) AV receivers including the STR-DA5600ES, STRA-DA4600ES, and STR-DA3600ES and a Blu-ray 3D(TM) player, the BDP-S1700ES.

In addition to Sony's latest 3D capable BRAVIA® HDTVs...

Internet HD VideoBlu-ray

BLOCKBUSTER On Demand® Now Available on the Latest Philips Blu-ray Players

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 7 2010, 2:28am

Blockbuster OnDemandP&F today announces that its latest Philips Blu-ray players will feature BLOCKBUSTER On Demand®, expanding the ways in which Blockbuster provides consumers with instant access to the hottest movies. Families across America are now able to enjoy new movie releases from Blockbuster using Philips' 5320 and 7320 Blu-ray models.

The BLOCKBUSTER On Demand service provides...

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HDTV Almanac - 3D to Dominate Plasma by 2013

By Alfred Poor • Jul 6 2010, 1:00pm

A press release from Displaybank predicts that by 2013, more than 86% of all plasma HDTVs sold will be 3D-ready. As the press release points out, it’s easier for plasma to support 3D than it is for LCD technology, because plasma has an innate advantage with its much higher switching speed. The result is that [...]

HD DVDProgramming

HDTV Almanac - All That Glitters Is Not Silver

By Alfred Poor • Jul 5 2010, 1:00pm

You may have seen Swanni’s merciless roasting of TV and movie personalities who do not fare well under the high resolution HD cameras. It’s not just actors and actresses that have a problem with the new reality of HD programming however. It turns out that professional sports uniforms are not immune to the unintended effects [...]

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HDTV Almanac - HDMI: the End is Nigh?

By Alfred Poor • Jul 2 2010, 1:00pm

HDMI, we hardly knew ye. Introduced in 2003, it held forth the promise of long cable runs, high-speed data exchange with enough bandwidth for HD video, digital audio included, as well as the ability to control multiple peripherals from one device. It has taken some time to deliver on all this potential, and we’ve just [...]

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #432: Home Theater Acoustic Treatments

By The HT Guys • Jul 2 2010, 6:25am

We all want great sounding home theaters. We spend our hard earned cash on receivers, speakers, subwoofers and TV/Projectors but one area many of us overlook is the actual room acoustics. Bare floors and walls can ruin an experience by allowing sound waves to bounce off these surfaces and create audio distortions. The net result is the most expensive systems will not live up to their potential. Acoustic treatments can absorb the sound waves and prevent echoes, reverberation, and audio distortion that reduce the enjoyment of your home theater. This discussion will focus on things you can do after the fact. If you are building a dedicated theater room you'll want to incorporate acoustic elements into the design and construction of the room.

3D HDTVSatellite HDTV

DIRECTV and Panasonic Launch Nation's First Suite of 3D Channels

By Shane Sturgeon • Jul 1 2010, 3:35pm

n3DDIRECTV, the world's most popular video service and Panasonic, a world leader in 3D TV technology, ushered in a new age in the rapid growth of 3D entertainment for the home with the launch today of three 3D channels, including n3D(TM) powered by Panasonic - a linear channel dedicated exclusively to 3D programming and viewable on 3D television sets including Panasonic's line of award-winning VIERA Full HD 3D TVs.

n3D(TM) powered by Panasonic, is now available at...


HDTV Expert - Memo to 3D TV manufacturers: First, you build the highway. Then, you build the cars!

By Pete Putman • Jul 1 2010, 3:23pm

A recent 3D status report from the Consumer Electronics Association shows there is still plenty of confusion about 3D. And where’s the content?


HDTV Almanac - DLP Still Alive

By Alfred Poor • Jul 1 2010, 1:00pm

I have often said that you could take a rear projection television, dip it in batter, deep fry it, and cover it with powdered sugar and the average American consumer still would not buy it. So the news is that Mitsubishi still has not given up on rear-projection DLP televisions. Yes, their pricey LaserVue sets [...]

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HDTV Almanac - Hulu Drops the Other Shoe

By Alfred Poor • Jun 30 2010, 1:00pm

Is streaming video over the Internet a viable option over standard cable or satellite services? Hulu is betting that it is. Their free, ad-supported service has given access to new and archived episodes of current and past hit TV shows, as well as a smattering of feature length movies. After months of rumors, news broke [...]

Satellite HDTV

XStreamHD(TM) Signs Long-Term Satellite Service Agreement With EchoStar Satellite Services to Support Its Groundbreaking High Definition (HD) Entertainment Service

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 30 2010, 12:10pm

XStreamHD, an emerging leader in the delivery and distribution of Full HD entertainment directly to the home, announced that it has entered into a long-term satellite service agreement with EchoStar Satellite Services L.L.C., a subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ:SATS) . XStreamHD is using satellite capacity from the EchoStar-leased AMC-16 satellite that is centrally located at 85 degrees west longitude. This enables XStreamHD to offer exceptional coverage across North America. Under the terms of the agreement, XStreamHD will increase its capacity on the AMC-16 satellite as the company's transport needs grow over time. The two companies have been working together for the past two years as XStreamHD completed the operational testing of its revolutionary transport technology.

XStreamHD offers HD entertainment in a 1080p format...

New Products & Equipment3D HDTV

Onkyo Announces Top-of-the-Line Network Receivers with Flagship Features and Performance

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 30 2010, 12:04pm

Onkyo TX-NR5008Onkyo, a world-renowned innovator in home entertainment, has announced the release of two new high-end network A/V receivers, the TX-NR5008 and TX-NR3008, that offer a wide range of the most up-to-date and user-friendly home theater features, and have achieved THX® Ultra2 Plus™ certification. Both receivers support network audio streaming, various multi-room set-ups, iPhone/iPod playback over USB, and fully immersive, 3D-compatible home theater.

Each of these models features...

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - THX System to Control HDTVs

By Alfred Poor • Jun 29 2010, 1:00pm

To paraphrase Will Rogers, I never metadata that I didn’t like. And I like the new metadata system that THX has created. Known primarily for their cinema sound certification, THX has also been very active in trying to make sure that the movie experience in the living room is as good as possible. Their latest [...]


HDTV Expert - 3D TV at Best Buy: An afterthought?

By Pete Putman • Jun 28 2010, 2:47pm

Shopping for a 3D TV at Big Yellow? You might be underwhelmed by the retail experience. (And so might TV manufacturers, if they stopped by for a visit!)


HDTV Expert - Samsung and Panasonic 3D TVs: Any better than Sony?

By Pete Putman • Jun 28 2010, 2:00pm

After my off-axis viewing tests on Sony's 3D TVs last week, I figured it was only fair to see just how well the competition performed in the same test.

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Personal Woofer

By Alfred Poor • Jun 28 2010, 1:00pm

At a trade show last week, I saw a fascinating new product. It’s called the Immerz from Kor FX. The device looks a lot like a pair of folding headphones, but the difference is that you wear them around your neck so that they rest just below your collarbone. The devices are a pair of [...]


Blu-ray Disc Association Approves Final BDXL™ Format Specifications

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 26 2010, 4:11am

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) today announced the finalization and release of the specifications for BDXL™, the new multi-layer recordable Blu-ray Disc™ format with up to 128GB of capacity. With the completion and approval of the specification, manufacturers can now obtain licensing information and license applications needed to begin production of the high capacity write-once and rewritable discs and hardware (www.blu-raydisc.info).

Targeted primarily at...


Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Adds New 75-Inch LaserVue TV to Bolster Industry's Broadest Line of 60-Inch-and-Larger 3D TVs Available Today

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 26 2010, 4:06am

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc., the undisputed innovator in large-screen televisions, today announced two significant 3D additions to its unparalleled line-up of theater-like 3D TVs: A 75-inch LaserVue® TV (Model L75-A91) brandishing several prolific, new features, and a 3D Starter Pack (Model 3DC-1000) containing all the necessities for watching 3D at home.

The new Mitsubishi 3D Starter Pack contains...


All Starz Channels Now Offered in HD - New Starz In Black HD and Starz Cinema HD Channels Launched First on DIRECTV

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 26 2010, 3:58am

Starz Entertainment and DIRECTV announced that three new HD channels from Starz Entertainment launched today on DIRECTV, including the brand new Starz In Black HD and Starz Cinema HD offerings. DIRECTV is the first affiliate to launch the new Starz HD channels, and now offers every Starz premium channel in high definition.

DIRECTV recently announced the addition of more than 30 new HD channels to its HD lineup, which includes...

Blu-rayWireless HDMI/HDTV

VIZIO Expands Internet Apps Product Line with New High Definition Blu-ray Players and HD Wireless Internet Routers to Enhance Your Home Theater Experience

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 26 2010, 3:52am

Images/Vizio vbr 231VIZIO, America's HDTV and Consumer Electronics Company, announced today the introduction of a wireless Internet router optimized for VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA), the platform that enables viewers to experience the best of the web and on-demand content, as well as three wireless Blu-ray players with Internet Apps, that offer consumers even more entertainment on demand, such as streaming HD movies, TV episodes, music, photos and social networking. The XWR100 Dual-Band HD Wireless Internet Router prioritizes HD video and audio to VIA HDTVs and Blu-ray players, such as VIA-enabled VBR200W, VBR210, VBR220 and VBR231 Blu-ray players that are capable of...

Mobile HDTVBroadcastDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - A Better Mobile TV

By Alfred Poor • Jun 25 2010, 1:00pm

I’ve written about the Mobile Digital Television (Mobile DTV) that is currently undergoing a trial roll-out in the Washington DC market, with eight area stations broadcasting 23 different channels showing the same content as is broadcast on the stations’ regular broadcast channels. My reservations still hold; I don’t think consumers will want to have to [...]

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #431: Quartics, Insteon, X10, ZigBee and Z-Wave

By The HT Guys • Jun 25 2010, 7:22am

We've started to talk quite a bit lately about home automation. Granted it isn't exactly an HDTV or Home Theater topic, but we think it fits quite well. After all, most home theater installers also offer some form lighting control. If you can add your own lighting, window covering and screen control to your home theater, it makes perfect sense.

Digital (DTV) TransitionDigital Rights Management (DRM)Politics & Policy

HDTV Expert - 2010 CEA Line Shows and Summer Digital Experience: A recap

By Pete Putman • Jun 24 2010, 4:31pm

The Line Shows weren’t quite as interesting as Digital Experience, but there were a few gems to be found here and there.


HDTV Expert - Sony 3D TV: Unwatchable!

By Pete Putman • Jun 24 2010, 2:27pm

Thinking about buying a Bravia LCD 3D TV? Hold on! You might want to wait a while until they fix a serious crosstalk problem with their 3D glasses.

3D HDTVPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - Is 3DTV Bad for You?

By Alfred Poor • Jun 24 2010, 1:00pm

With any new technology, the Law of Unintended Consequences is always lurking somewhere, waiting to bite you in the butt. 3DTV is no exception, and already the reports are beginning to show up, questioning whether or not 3DTV can be harmful to you in some way or another. Perhaps the most dramatic is the set [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Ken Crane’s Closing

By Alfred Poor • Jun 23 2010, 1:00pm

Another specialty AV store chain is closing its doors. Ken Crane’s, with 10 locations in southern California, is selling off its inventory and shutting down operations within the next two months. The company was founded in 1948 as a Magnavox dealer, according to an article in TWICE. Apparently, the current recession was apparently too deep [...]


HDTV Almanac - 3D HDTV to Go

By Alfred Poor • Jun 22 2010, 1:00pm

You will soon be able to buy a 3D display that can convert 2D content to 3D on the fly and uses passive polarized glasses to view the stereoscopic images. The display is WideXGA format — 1,366 by 768 pixels – so it can handle 720p high definition without scaling. The whole thing weighs [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - FLO TV Goes Slow for iPhone

By Alfred Poor • Jun 21 2010, 1:00pm

FLO TV had previously announced that it would ship a piggyback tuner for iPhone and iPod Touch in the first half of this year, then in late March said it would be ready within a month and a half, according to an article in TWICE. The same article reports that now the company says the [...]

3D HDTVCable HDTVSports

HDTV Expert - More updates on Comcast / ESPN 3D

By Pete Putman • Jun 18 2010, 3:43pm

In my previous post this week, I mentioned that it would be necessary for Comcast customers to upgrade to MPEG4-compatible set-top boxes in order to watch the World Cup 3D coverage. This belief was reinforced by the list of ‘compatible’ set-tops found on the Comcast 3D FAQs Web page, which you can read here. All [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Vuvuzela Must Die! (Here’s How!)

By Alfred Poor • Jun 18 2010, 1:00pm

Almost everyone has heard that the FIFA World Cup tournament is underway. And just about everyone has heard the song of the vuvuzela, the noisemaker of choice for South African soccer fans. The deafening din is drowning out sports commentators and giving TV viewers instant headaches. While debates rage on about banning the horns from [...]

Cable HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #430: Pioneer VSX-820-K Audio/Video Receiver

By The HT Guys • Jun 18 2010, 6:50am

Every Fall, just before Christmas, we do a receiver buying guide to help our audience decide on what to buy. Last Fall our value receiver was an Onkyo SR607 which sold for $320. After spending time with the Pioneer VSX-820-K ($280) we have a new king! The VSX-820-K is a 5.1 system that has 4 HDMI inputs and does next generation audio.

Cable HDTVService & RepairHTPCs & LaptopsSatellite HDTV

HDTV Almanac - TV Everywhere Could Be Huge

By Alfred Poor • Jun 17 2010, 1:00pm

In an article last week, Media Daily News cited Time Warner Cable CFO John Martin’s statement that he expects half of all pay-TV homes in the U.S. will have the option of a TV Everywhere service to go along with their subscription. Cable and satellite companies are moving rapidly to give their customers “any time, [...]


HDTV Almanac - Low Low Prices

By Alfred Poor • Jun 16 2010, 1:00pm

I know, everyone gets it that LCD HDTV prices are lower than they were. But every once in a while, I see something that just makes me stop and go “hmmm….” Today it was an alert that Walmart is selling the 46″ Toshiba 46XV645U for $699. That’s not an entry level model, either; the 1080p [...]


Buffalo Announces World's Fastest External Blu-ray Writer

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 16 2010, 3:47am

Buffalo Technology, a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of wired and wireless networking and network and direct attached storage solutions, today announced its new MediaStation 12x External USB 3.0 Blu-ray Writer. Offering unsurpassed 12x Blu-ray write speeds in an external form factor, this new MediaStation drive is the fastest on the market. Ideal for users who want optimal playback and writing performance of Blu-ray discs, DVDs, or CDs on their PCs or notebooks or for those who want to archive content to optical discs.

The MediaStation 12x External USB 3.0 Blu-ray Writer conveniently connects via...


Paramount Home Entertainment and redbox Announce Multi-Year License Agreement

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 16 2010, 3:43am

Paramount Home Entertainment Inc. (PHE) and Redbox Automated Retail, LLC (redbox), today announced that Paramount exercised its option to extend its revenue sharing license agreement, providing redbox access to PHE DVD and Blu-ray titles to rent at its approximately 22,000 kiosk locations on the same day they are released in the sell-through market. PHE exercised its option following results from a 10-month analysis of DVD sell-through and rental performance.

"After analyzing the data from our test period...

Digital Cinema3D HDTV

Disney-Pixar's Toy Story 3 Makes Global Debut with Dolby Surround 7.1

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 16 2010, 3:15am

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE:DLB) and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (WDSMP) announced today that both 2D and 3D formats of Toy Story 3 will be released globally in Dolby® Surround 7.1 this June. WDSMP also plans to release Step Up 3D in both 2D and 3D formats with Dolby Surround 7.1 this August.

Toy Story 3 will be released...

HTPCs & Laptops3D HDTV

Toshiba Satellite A665 3D-Ready Laptop Brings New Dimension to Entertainment

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 15 2010, 1:27pm

Toshiba Satellite A665 3D-Ready LaptopToshiba's Digital Products Division (DPD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced the introduction of its first 3D-ready laptop for the U.S. market.

The Satellite® A665 3D Edition laptop features...

HTPCs & LaptopsInternet HD VideoHD DVDDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - Latest WD TV Media Player Adds Netflix

By Alfred Poor • Jun 15 2010, 1:00pm

Western Digital has come out with another version of its media player that adds network connectivity features to any HDTV. The new WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player now adds Netflix to its list of supported Internet sources for audio and video content. It also streams content from YouTube, Flickr, Pandora, Live365, and the [...]

HTPCs & Laptops

Apple Unveils All New Mac mini (with HDMI Port)

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 15 2010, 10:11am

Apple® today unveiled a completely redesigned Mac® mini, featuring up to twice the graphics performance, a new HDMI port and a new SD card slot, all in an amazingly compact aluminum enclosure. Mac mini is the world's most energy efficient desktop and starting at $699, is the most affordable way to enjoy Mac OS® X, iLife® or Mac OS X Snow Leopard® Server.

Created with the unibody construction process pioneered by Apple, the new Mac mini features...


Samsung Launches New Blu-ray Drive Combo with the World's Fastest 12X Read Performance

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 15 2010, 9:56am

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in digital consumer electronics and information technology, announced today its new Blu-ray disc (BD) Combo, the SH-B123 optical disk drive (ODD), which reads BD-ROMs at the world's fastest speed of up to 12X, CDs at up to 48X, and DVDs at a maximum speed of 16X. With Samsung's new internal Blu-ray drive, users can watch HD movies on their PCs as well as record HD camcorder movies and HDTV broadcasting on DVDs with Samsung's...

3D HDTVDeals & Discounts

HDTV Expert - 3D TVs: Not Selling like Hotcakes?

By Pete Putman • Jun 14 2010, 5:07pm

A quick glance at last Sunday’s fliers revealed some deep discounts on 3D TV packages…and the race to 3D has barely started.

3D HDTVDLP HDTVsPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - Simpler 3D Shutter Glasses

By Alfred Poor • Jun 14 2010, 1:00pm

Last week, XpanD began shipping its second-generation X102 DLP-link glasses for 3D television. Unlike most active shutter glasses, these don’t need to have a separate emitter in order to sync with the 3D television. These glasses support 3D-ready HDTVs and projectors that use DLP technology. The display will flash a signal to the glasses to [...]

Internet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Samsung NeTVs Learn New Tricks

By Alfred Poor • Jun 11 2010, 1:00pm

One of the great features of the new breed of Internet-connected NeTVs is that they can learn new tricks as if by magic. You can download new applications and widgets to your set, and presto changeo! Your HDTV can now do something new.
Samsung just announced that it has added two new applications to is Samsung [...]

PC & Laptop TechnologyHTPCs & Laptops

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #429: TV Specs and Settings – Are they for real?

By The HT Guys • Jun 11 2010, 6:24am

There is a great article at Maximim PC by Dr. Raymond Soneira called "Display Myths Shattered: How Monitor & HDTV Companies Cook Their Specs." We're going to distill it down to a few soundbites and add a little bit of HT Guys color commentary along the way. But if you find the information interesting or useful, we would encourage you to read the full article.

Service & RepairProgramming

HDTV Almanac - V CAST Video for Verizon Android Phones

By Alfred Poor • Jun 10 2010, 1:00pm

This week, Verizon announced that it was adding V CAST Video service for its Android cell phones. This service offers on-demand content including episodes of popular television shows from major networks including NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, A&E, Lifetime, and more. There are 81 channels of programming from which to choose. The service also includes live [...]


LG Electronics Brings 3D Experience to Commercial Environments

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 9 2010, 9:55pm

Highlighting that 3D entertainment is not exclusive to movie or home theater environments, LG Electronics is demonstrating its technology leadership with a 3D projector, 3D HDTVs and 3D gaming monitors this week at InfoComm 2010. With worldwide shipments of 3D TVs expected to rise to 78.1 million units by 2011 and an influx in 3D content from movies to gaming to digital advertising, 3D is no longer just a trend, rather it's a technology with staying power.

Demonstrating a...


Sony Delivers the Industry's Largest Array of 3D-Capable HDTVs and Home Audio and Video Products

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 9 2010, 9:52pm

Sony today announced that its 3D-capable BRAVIA® HDTVs are now available for pre-sale at Sony Style stores and that its new integrated Blu-ray 3D(TM) devices will hit retail shelves beginning this July. Additionally, the company released a free firmware update that activates Blu-ray 3D capability for previously announced Blu-ray Disc models including the BDP-S470 and BDP-S570 players and the BDV-E570 and BDV-E770W home theater systems.

Sony now offers consumers...

Satellite HDTV3D HDTVSports

DIRECTV Delivers the 'World's Game' to Viewers on Two Continents with Every Match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Offered Live in HD with 25 Matches in 3D

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 9 2010, 9:42pm

DIRECTV, the world's most popular video service, will be the leading distributor of 2010 FIFA World Cup™ coverage in the Western Hemisphere, delivering all 64 matches of the tournament in HD to more viewers than any other video provider. More than 25.6 million DIRECTV customers in the U.S. and Latin America, will have access to every World Cup match, including 25 matches in 3D from ESPN 3D for U.S. viewers.

The 19th FIFA World Cup will kick off June 11 with the match between...


Panasonic Launches Full Suite of Large Format Full HD 3D Plasma Displays

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 9 2010, 9:34pm

Panasonic Solutions Company, provider of collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for government and commercial enterprises, today marked the formal introduction of the highly anticipated Panasonic TH-152UX1 152-inch, 4K x 2K (4096 x 2160) resolution Full HD 3D plasma display, the world's largest1, at InfoComm. Equivalent to nine 50-inch screens, this stunning 17:9 display will immerse spectators in life-like, three-dimensional images and can illustrate even oversized products with life-size views.

Panasonic Solutions Company is also announcing...

Satellite HDTVService & Repair

HDTV Almanac - TiVo Loses Latest Round

By Alfred Poor • Jun 9 2010, 1:00pm

TiVo and the satellite TV service Dish Network (and its parent company, EchoStar) have been embroiled in a series of legal actions over TiVo’s claims of patent infringement. Last year, TiVo won a $200 million judgment against Dish, but a federal appeals court recently decided that it will review that decision and the claim that [...]


The Magic and Wonder of Life at Sea Continues its Journey on Stunning High-Definition

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 9 2010, 11:12am

Images/Disneynature OceansIn celebration of World Ocean's Day, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment today announces the release of Disneynature OCEANS as a Disney Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD) and 1-Disc DVD, October 19, 2010 and the extension of the "See OCEANS, Save Oceans" efforts - an initiative developed between Disneynature and The Nature Conservancy to help establish new marine protected areas.

Disneynature OCEANS is helping...

Digital (DTV) TransitionDigital Rights Management (DRM)LCD HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Apple Reveals iPhone 4G

By Alfred Poor • Jun 8 2010, 1:00pm

Yesterday, Apple announced a new digital camcorder that can take 720p high definition movies. The camera does not accept memory cards, but comes in 16 GB and 32 GB versions. It also serves double duty as a still digital camera, including flash and 5 megapixel resolution. It has an LCD viewing panel that is only [...]

ProgrammingInternet HD VideoSatellite HDTVCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - TV Everywhere is Here, North of the Border

By Alfred Poor • Jun 7 2010, 1:00pm

“TV Everywhere” is the moniker given to a new initiative by subscription-based TV services (cable, satellite, and telco). The idea is that when you’re away from home and your set top box, you can “call in” over the Internet to watch the programming you could have watched if you were home. Think of it as [...]

Digital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Expert - The DTV Transition: One Year Later

By Pete Putman • Jun 4 2010, 10:47pm

Wow, has it been a year since the digital TV transition? How'd it work out for you?

Blu-rayEvents & TradeshowsHTPCs & Laptops

HDTV Almanac - Blu-ray Coming to Redbox

By Alfred Poor • Jun 4 2010, 1:00pm

At a conference yesterday, Redbox president Mitch Lowe announced that the company will start renting Blu-ray titles from its kiosks for $1.50 a night, according to a report published in Home Media Magazine. The discs should start appearing in the next few months, though it the Redbox site already has Blu-ray titles listed as being [...]

General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #428: Aperion Audio SLIMstage30 by Soundmatters

By The HT Guys • Jun 4 2010, 7:26am

The HT Guys love simplicity and sound bars are exactly that, simple to setup and use. Today we take a look at a new entrant into the field, the Aperion Audio SLIMstage 30 (Street Price $799). Sound bars are great solutions for small rooms, bedrooms, or dens. The SLIMstage 30 is sleek, compact, and when using the Bravus 8A subwoofer, a powerful sound system. If you already have a subwoofer you can save $200 by ordering the same system without the 8A. Each version comes with mounting brackets in case you want to attach the sound bar to the wall just below or above your flat panel TV.


Toshiba's New Blu-ray(TM) Players Deliver Extreme Entertainment to Today's Home Theaters

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 3 2010, 2:53pm

Toshiba BDX2700Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C. ("Toshiba"), an innovator in consumer electronics and digital home entertainment, today announced the availability of its latest Blu-ray Disc players, the BDX2500 and BDX2700. Perfect for consumers who demand a variety of entertainment options, Toshiba's new models are a great addition to any modern home theater setup.

Both players include...

Mobile HDTVDigital (DTV) TransitionDigital Rights Management (DRM)

HDTV Almanac - Mobile DTV Test Launched in D.C.

By Alfred Poor • Jun 3 2010, 1:00pm

Late last month, the Mobile Digital Television Consumer Showcase kicked off in the Washington, D.C. metro area. This four month experiment by local television broadcasters is intended to introduce consumers (as well as federal lawmakers and administration officials) to the benefits and convenience of Mobile Digital Television (Mobile DTV).
Nine metropolitan stations are broadcasting more than [...]

PC & Laptop TechnologyHTPCs & Laptops

HDTV Almanac - PC to HDTV via USB

By Alfred Poor • Jun 2 2010, 1:00pm

Okay, I just used my entire quota of acronyms in the title, and I haven’t even started the entry. But this is pretty clever news. Gefen has created a “USB DVI Adapter” — oops, more acronyms — that lets you connect a computer to an HDTV. And it only uses a standard USB port. The [...]

New Products & Equipment3D HDTV

Onkyo Debuts Three THX Certified, 3D-Ready, Network Receivers with Audio Streaming and Multi-Room Functionality

By Shane Sturgeon • Jun 2 2010, 2:20am

Onkyo TX-NR1008Onkyo, a world-renowned name in quality home entertainment, announced the release of three new mid- and upper mid-range network A/V receivers for 2010: the TX-NR1008, TX-NR808, and TX-NR708. Each of these models is THX® Select2 Plus™ certified and offers the latest processing and user-friendly features to support multi-room set-ups, network audio streaming, iPhone®/iPod®-compatible USB, and fully immersive 3D capable home theater with multidimensional surround sound to match.

All of these models have...

3D HDTVBlu-ray

HDTV Expert - 3D: All revved up, but nowhere to go!

By Pete Putman • Jun 1 2010, 4:33pm

Ready to buy a 3D TV? There are plenty of models available, but good luck finding any 3D Blu-ray movies to watch on them.

BroadcastInternet HD VideoProgramming

HDTV Almanac - Internet Tops Broadcast by 2020

By Alfred Poor • Jun 1 2010, 1:00pm

The Diffusion Group has released a report that predicts Internet video will surpass broadcast TV programming by 2020.

The market research firm points out that broadcast television has remained fairly stable in recent years, while Internet video watching has increased by 84% from 2008 to 2009. The company forecasts a rapidly increasing rate of growth, coming [...]


HDTV Almanac - Happy Memorial Day!

By Alfred Poor • May 31 2010, 1:00pm

I’ve got my feet up, sitting under the shade of a big tree, sipping on something cold. I’ll be back at the HDTV Almanac tomorrow, but for today, I’m taking some time off. I hope that you get to do the same.

3D HDTVEvents & Tradeshows

HDTV Almanac - SID 2010: HDTV Take-Aways

By Alfred Poor • May 28 2010, 1:00pm

It’s getaway day here in Seattle for me, but as always, it has been a packed week at the Society for Information Display (SID) annual conference. There were no earth-shaking developments for the HDTV market revealed here, but I want to recap the overall themes based on what I saw and heard here.
First, 3DTV is [...]

Front ProjectionHD DVD

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #427: brite-View Air HD Review

By The HT Guys • May 28 2010, 6:11am

A few weeks ago water damage in Braden's home forced him to remove the ceiling in his family room. He took advantage of this "opportunity" to run some new cables to allow for the installation of a front projector. Of course, one of the necessary cables in that endeavor was HDMI. But not everyone wants to rip out their ceiling to run HDMI.

3D HDTVMarketplaceEvents & Tradeshows

HDTV Almanac - SID 2010: Don’t Look for Panasonic 3DTV Online

By Alfred Poor • May 27 2010, 1:00pm

At the IMS Market Focus Conference at SID 2010, yesterday was devoted to all aspects of the 3DTV market. During the session on the 3DTV Market Outlook, one of the speakers was Jim Sanduski, Senior Vice President for Sales with Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company. He made a number of interesting comments during his presentation, such [...]

3D HDTVSportsHTPCs & LaptopsSatellite HDTVBusiness & Investment

HDTV Expert - MLB All-Star Game carried in 3D? (And ESPN World Cup coverage in 1080i?)

By Pete Putman • May 26 2010, 4:11pm

At yesterday’s 3DTV 2010 event in New York City, panelist Steven Roberts, New Media and Business Development Senior VP for DirecTV, mentioned that his company was testing the possibility of covering this year’s major league baseball All-Star Game in 3D. The game will take place at Anaheim Stadium on July 13.

This statement gives credence to [...]

Digital (DTV) Transition

DTV Around the World - The US DTV System, Not so Popular Around the World (Part 1)

By Rodolfo La Maestra • May 26 2010, 3:34pm

This is a series of articles about how terrestrial broadcast digital TV is being implemented around the world. In this first part in the series, I offer an overall view. Part 2 will cover an interview with a colleague TV engineer that is currently testing the new DTV system in Argentina (ISDB-T), with whom I collaborated over the past few years. Parts 3 and 4 will cover the technical aspects of that system, which is a better choice for Argentina and several other countries than the US system, although the selection was not technically guided.

Most of the rest of the world is not adopting DTV’s ATSC standard...

OLED HDTVsMobile HDTVHTPCs & LaptopsEnvironment / Green

HDTV Almanac - SID 2010: Why You Won’t Have an OLED HDTV Soon

By Alfred Poor • May 26 2010, 1:00pm

OLEDs make my heart sing. They are everything that a display should be: thin, light, great color, emissive, energy efficient, no viewing angle problems. Other people seem to agree; according to some sources, 45 million OLED displays will be sold this year for mobile applications such as cell phones and personal media players. And if [...]

Internet HD Video

Mvix HDHome Converges Home Theater, Gaming and Home Computing Into a Single Device

By Shane Sturgeon • May 26 2010, 1:19am

Mvix HDHome S2/S4Mvix(USA), Inc., a market leader in high-definition entertainment, business signage solutions and networked-accessible storage (NAS) devices, announces the launch of their flagship product HDHome. The device delivers a convergence across high definition home entertainment, gaming and home computing into a single, compact unit along with massive storage space for hi def media files. "This high-end, comprehensive system fills a void in the market where users demand versatility and system flexibility. Our customers have been asking us for a device where they can store terabytes of their movie collection and have access to it from anyplace, anywhere. HDHome is a response to such a market feedback." Said VP of Business Development, Mike Mallon.

Built along the traditional HTPC architecture, Mvix HDHome is targeted toward...

Blu-ray3D HDTV

HDTV Almanac - SID 2010: 3D Avatar on Blu-ray

By Alfred Poor • May 25 2010, 1:00pm

All this week I’ll be reporting from the Society for Information Display (SID) annual meeting which is being held this year in sunny (not) Seattle, Washington. This annual gathering of the worldwide display industry is the best place to take a peek over the horizon at what’s headed our way in terms of displays.
The symposium [...]


HDTV Almanac - Google TV: The Beginning or the End?

By Alfred Poor • May 24 2010, 1:00pm

The Diffusion Group came out with a report that predicts that consumers will watch more video content from the Web than from traditional television sources (free broadcast and subscription services) by just 10 years from now. Then on Thursday, Google announced “Google TV”. I’m starting to think that The Diffusion Group might be a bit [...]

Internet HD Video

Industry Leaders Announce Open Platform to Bring Web to TV

By Shane Sturgeon • May 21 2010, 2:24pm

GoogleToday at the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, leading industry players announced the development of Google TV — an open platform that adds the power of the web to the television viewing experience, ushering in a new category of devices for the living room. Intel, Sony, and Logitech, together with Best Buy, DISH Network and Adobe, joined Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) on stage to announce their support for Google TV.

Over the past decade, the Internet has created unprecedented opportunity for innovation and development across the world, but so far the web has largely been absent from living rooms. With Google TV, consumers will now be able to...

HD DVDInternet HD VideoLED (LCD) HDTVsDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - Free HD Video Codec

By Alfred Poor • May 21 2010, 1:00pm

Okay, this one is going to get a little propeller-headed; feel free to skip this technical entry and just come back on Monday.
In order to send video over the Internet, you need to package the digital data in packets. The more you can condense the data, the smaller the data stream required, and the better [...]

High Definition ProductionCable HDTVHD DVD

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #426: 2009 – 2010 TV Season Ratings Recap

By The HT Guys • May 21 2010, 6:23am

Each year in the middle of May the TV season wraps up here in the US. High Definition TV is a big part of our HD experience and from time to time we like to take the pulse of what Americans are watching. On today's show we want to recap the top 20 shows based on Nielson's rating system.

Cable HDTVHD DVDBlu-rayLaser HDTVDeals & Discounts

HDTV Expert - Is it time to kill the DVD?

By Pete Putman • May 20 2010, 3:56pm

The red laser DVD, that is. With Blu-ray player prices steadily dropping and more aggressive discounts on upcoming releases, it's time to move on.

PC & Laptop TechnologyBusiness & InvestmentHTPCs & Laptops

HDTV Almanac - HDTV Manufacturer Fraud?

By Alfred Poor • May 20 2010, 1:00pm

One thing I’ve learned in almost 30 years in the technology products business is that it’s inevitable that as competition gets more intense, the manufacturers play faster and looser with the whole idea of “specifications”. I saw it in the processor speeds of IBM PC AT compatibles, and in the dots-per-inch claims for personal computer [...]

MarketplaceBusiness & InvestmentLCD HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Sell More, Earn Less!

By Alfred Poor • May 19 2010, 1:00pm

Thinking about entering the LCD HDTV business? Here are some numbers that might make you rethink that plan. According to Quixel Research, unit sales were up in the first quarter of 2010 compared with the same period in 2009, which sounds like good news. However, first quarter revenues declined from $5.2 billion in 2009 to [...]

Satellite HDTVHD DVDLED (LCD) HDTVsDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - DirecTV Offers Whole Home HD DVR

By Alfred Poor • May 18 2010, 1:00pm

TiVo created a revolution in television viewing when its digital video recorder (DVR) first showed up. In a world resigned to scrolling back and forth through an endless stack of VHS tapes, TiVo made it simple to record a show and watch it later. More than anything, the user interface made it quick and easy [...]

Satellite HDTV

DIRECTV to Offer Local Channels in 172 Markets Including 16 New Markets in HD

By Shane Sturgeon • May 18 2010, 1:22am

DIRECTV, the world's most popular video service, will begin the rollout of 16 new HD local-channel markets next month, providing more than 97 percent of U.S. TV households access to local channels by the end of this year. When the rollout is complete, DIRECTV will offer local channels in 172 markets, including local HD in 155 markets.

DIRECTV will roll-out the following new HD local markets...

HTPCs & LaptopsCable HDTVDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Expert - Season Finale of “House” shot with Canon digital SLR

By Pete Putman • May 17 2010, 9:04pm

In another example of ‘cross-over’ media acquisition products, Canon announced last week that the season finale of Fox’ ‘House’ (airs Monday, May 17) was shot in its entirety with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.
You read that right! Canon’s high-end DSLRs have been able to shoot video for some time now. Cinematographers have been experimenting [...]

Politics & PolicyDigital Rights Management (DRM)Satellite HDTVCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - FCC Orders Remote Kill Switch

By Alfred Poor • May 17 2010, 1:00pm

In an order last week, the FCC granted a limited authority to cable and satellite services that allows them to selectively disable ports on your set top box. This order grew out of an original petition by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in 2008. The FCC prohibited the use of “selectable output control” [...]

Internet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - The Balkanization of Streaming TV

By Alfred Poor • May 14 2010, 1:00pm

Would you like to watch your favorite TV shows online? Many of them are available with full episodes that you can stream to your computer or television. Isn’t that convenient? Well, maybe.
The problem is that you have to go to different sites to see different shows. Sure, many of them are on Hulu, but many [...]


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #425: Surround Sound – The New Formats

By The HT Guys • May 14 2010, 6:43am

We came across an article at Home Theater Magazine about the various 7.1 speaker configurations available today. It got us thinking. Do we take the standard 7.1 configuration: 3 in the front, 2 on the sides, 2 in the back, for granted? If we could put the speakers anywhere we wanted to, where would they go?

New Products & Equipment3D HDTV

Integra Delivers its First 3D Ready AV Receivers for Custom Installation

By Shane Sturgeon • May 13 2010, 11:59pm

Integra DTR-30.2Integra, the premier brand of audio-video components specifically engineered for custom installation, has introduced two 3D-video-ready THX Select 2 Plus certified home theater receivers. These include advanced technology that allows home theater owners to take full advantage of all the available dimensions of video and sound.

The new Integra DTR-30.2 and DTR-20.2 use the latest...

Blu-rayCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - New BDs for Old DVDs

By Alfred Poor • May 13 2010, 1:00pm

I wrote about the Warner Brothers exchange program last November. The company not only has continued the program, but has expanded it and made some changes. The DVD2Blu program still lets you exchange up to 25 existing DVDs for Blu-ray versions, but now the price for many of the exchanges has dropped from $7.95 to [...]

Satellite HDTVProgramming

DISH Network Boosts Industry-Leading HD Lineup With Six New Channels

By Shane Sturgeon • May 13 2010, 12:05am

DISH Network L.L.C., America's fastest-growing pay-TV provider, today added five new channels to its already extensive HD lineup of more than 200 channels: DIY HD and Investigation Discovery HD; movie channel EPIX 2 HD; and Spanish-language channels Telefutura HD and Univision HD. In addition, DISH Network will launch Galavision HD in early June.

For more information...

Cable HDTVFiber/IPTV HDTVBusiness & Investment

HDTV Almanac - Time Warner and Cox Need More Fiber

By Alfred Poor • May 12 2010, 1:00pm

According to an Associated Press story last week, the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus issued a decision that Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications should drop their claims of “fiber-optic” networks in their advertising.
The decision came in response to a complaint filed by Verizon with the NAD, which is [...]


HDTV Almanac - The Fat Lady is About to Sing

By Alfred Poor • May 11 2010, 1:00pm

You don’t have to spend the weekend in New York City to see live performances at the Metropolitan Opera. Thanks to the Live in HD program, you can watch the performances live in more than 1,200 movie theaters across the country and around the world. In the 2009-2010 season, the series sold more than 2.2 [...]


Kaleidescape Introduces Next Generation Movie Players

By Shane Sturgeon • May 11 2010, 11:50am

Kaleidescape M500 and M300 PlayersKaleidescape, Inc., the market leader in movie servers, today announced its new M500 and M300 Players. Built on the company's proprietary M-Class architecture, this next generation of players delivers a new and improved onscreen user interface and Blu-ray support. The M500 Player copies Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and CDs onto a server. The imported content can then be played back instantly by M500 and M300 Players, creating the world's first multi-zone movie server for Blu-ray.

To address the concerns of the studios, Kaleidescape requires...


THX Demonstrates First Metadata-Based System for Optimizing the Cable Viewing Experience

By Shane Sturgeon • May 11 2010, 11:47am

The Cable Show 2010 -- At The Cable Show, THX Ltd. and its partners will demonstrate THX Media Director(TM), a new technology that simplifies the cable viewing experience by optimizing the subscriber's playback settings for a wide range of cable programming, including 3D Video-on-Demand (VOD). The technology is designed to integrate with existing cable infrastructure, including the installed base of set-top boxes (STB) via firmware update. The THX Media Director demo will take place in the CableNET Pavilion.

THX will show how THX Media Director metadata is delivered over a cable network to a high definition set-top-box to enable the subscriber's TV and home audio system to automatically select appropriate...

Fiber/IPTV HDTVProgramming

AT&T U-verse TV Lineup Expands to Include Four New HD Channels

By Shane Sturgeon • May 11 2010, 3:32am

AT&T* today announced four new High Definition (HD) channel additions to the AT&T U-verse® TV channel lineup.

U-verse TV HD customers can now enjoy access to HLN HD, Discovery Kids HD, truTV HD and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) HD as part of their existing HD service subscription, depending on their programming package. The U-verse TV HD channel lineup offers more than 130 HD channels, which continues to exceed the HD channels offered by the major local cable providers in every U-verse TV market.

All U-verse TV packages include...

Internet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Best Buy Includes Streaming Bonuses

By Alfred Poor • May 10 2010, 1:00pm

Customer loyalty programs are a big part of modern retail strategy, especially for brick and mortar operations. The use of streaming audio and video content from the Internet is growing rapidly. It does not seem likely that these two trends could possibly intersect. But they have.
Best Buy’s program is called RewardZone. If you spend $2,500 [...]

Cable HDTV

HDTV Expert - tru2way: Who cares?

By Pete Putman • May 7 2010, 7:07pm

Remember CableCARD TVs? They're still around, but never really found favor with consumers. Now, the cable TV industry wants to take the idea to another level...but it's probably too late.

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Hollywood Video to Close

By Alfred Poor • May 7 2010, 1:00pm

Do you still believe that there’s a big future in moving little polycarbonate discs around the country? Here’s another data point to the contrary; Hollywood Video is throwing in the towel and closing all of its 2,415 U.S. stores. The parent company, Movie Gallery, filed for bankruptcy in February and had planned to close more [...]

Front Projection

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #424: Home Automation – Control4

By The HT Guys • May 7 2010, 6:32am

Lately we have become big fans of home automation. While not exactly home theater, home automation is like a first cousin. Home automation is routinely used to control home theaters. After all who wouldn't want to press one button on a controller and have the lights dim, audio system turn on, and have the projector playing the latest movie off your video server?


Responding to the Remarkable Growth of Blu-Ray™ Hardware Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group Expands Its DVD to Blu-Ray Upgrade Program

By Shane Sturgeon • May 7 2010, 2:25am

DVD2BluResponding to the extraordinary growth of Blu-ray set-top hardware, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group has expanded its "DVD2Blu" upgrade program. Starting today, consumers can select from 90 of Warner Home Video's most popular titles to upgrade that include the action-packed "Under Siege" and "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut" as well as classics from the 1980s including "Risky Business" and "The Lost Boys."

According to recently published figures by the Digital Entertainment Group, sales of Blu-ray hardware for the first quarter of 2010 increased by...


Americans Spending More on Consumer Electronics, New CEA Study Finds

By Shane Sturgeon • May 6 2010, 11:11pm

CEA LogoThe average U.S. household spent $1,380 on consumer electronics (CE) products in the past 12 months, an increase of $151 from last year, according to a new study released today by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®. The average household spent 12 percent more on CE devices in the past year, according to the 12th Annual Household CE Ownership and Market Potential Study, which also shows that individual consumer spending is up 10 percent from the previous 12 month period.

The average adult spent...

General Interest

One Installer's Opinion - A Half Dozen Reflections on a Thousand Theaters

By Terry Paullin • May 6 2010, 3:06pm

O.K. Truth is, I don't know EXACTLY how many theatres I've actually done. When I started Front Row Cinema in 1988, general accounting was not the top priority. A few years later the IRS convinced me it should be higher on the list. Since then, two hard disc crashes have also taken a toll on the precision of the count. Still, as of April, 2009, the number of installations could conservatively be pegged at somewhere north of 900. Now add another year and something called "editorial license" (a term journalists hide behind when they want to make stuff up) and I've got to be very close to 1,000 installs, plus or minus.

The only systems I count are the ones I have designed (hardware), sourced, installed and calibrated myself, which means I have...

Politics & Policy

HDTV Almanac - FCC to Impose “Net Neutrality” Rules?

By Alfred Poor • May 6 2010, 1:00pm

Okay, is anyone else here confused?
On Monday, the Washington Post ran a story that stated “The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission has indicated he wants to keep broadband services deregulated”. That’s pretty clear, though it left some people scratching their heads a bit. Chairman Genachowski “swept into his job pledging to protect ‘net neutrality’” [...]

General Interest

HDTV Expert - Classic Pete: Contrast, Shmontrast! (2003)

By Pete Putman • May 5 2010, 11:49pm

High contrast ratios don't make the display - grayscales do!

3D HDTVSatellite HDTVSports

YES Network, FSN Northwest and DIRECTV to Take Viewers 'Deep' with First-Ever 3D MLB Telecasts

By Shane Sturgeon • May 5 2010, 10:18pm

MLB LogoYES Network, FSN Northwest and DIRECTV will present the first-ever Major League Baseball telecasts in 3D on Saturday, July 10 and Sunday, July 11 when the New York Yankees take on the Seattle Mariners. DIRECTV and Panasonic will be presenting sponsors of the two 3D telecasts.

The historic 3D broadcasts from Safeco Field in Seattle will be made available to...

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - High-Definition Floor

By Alfred Poor • May 5 2010, 1:00pm

Who wouldn’t want a high-definition wall in their home? But have you ever considered a high-definition floor?

Researchers at McGill University have come up with floor tiles that can have a surface image displayed using projectors mounted overhead. So far, pretty cool. But the plastic tiles can sense pressure and be made to vibrate. As a [...]


Consumer Reports' Initial 3D TV Tests Find Images Pop, But There's Not Much to Watch - Yet

By Shane Sturgeon • May 5 2010, 2:21am

There's been a lot of hype surrounding the launch of 3D TV, but is the new technology worth buying right away? Consumer Reports tested several new sets in its labs--the first hands-on evaluation outside the manufacturers' facilities--and found that the sets live up to their advance billing, but the average consumer shouldn't rush out to buy one.

The results of Consumer Reports' tests of two Samsung LCD sets and a Panasonic plasma TV with 3D capability are...

Internet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Hulu #2 for March Viewers

By Alfred Poor • May 4 2010, 1:00pm

comScore released its comScore Video Metrix results for March 2010. In terms of number of videos viewed online, it should be no surprise that “Google sites” came out on top with more than 13 billion videos, and a 41.8% share of the total. (Why no surprise? Because Google owns YouTube.)
But here’s the surprise: Hulu came [...]

3D HDTVDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Expert - Ebert gives 3D a “Thumbs Down”

By Pete Putman • May 3 2010, 5:51pm

Roger Ebert is at it again. 10 years ago, he came out strongly against digital cinema. Now, he's set his sights on 3D in movie theaters

OLED HDTVsLED (LCD) HDTVsPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - Truth Patrol: $229.99 22″ OLED Monitor

By Alfred Poor • May 3 2010, 1:00pm

A tip of the hat to DisplaySearch for spotting this one.
When it comes to cutting edge technology, you may not think of Target first. Yet if you go to the company’s Web site, you’ll find a listing for a 22″ Widescreen OLED Monitor. Now that alone would be enough for a stop-the-presses news alert, but [...]

Front ProjectionLCD HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Sanyo 120 Hz HDTV Projector

By Alfred Poor • Apr 30 2010, 1:00pm

Earlier this week, Sanyo announced a new front projector, the PLV-Z4000. The LCD projector has 1080p resolution and a 120 Hz refresh rate, interpolating the intermediate frames from a 60 Hz signal to produce smooth motion on moving images. It can also handle the film-based 1080p24 signal (24 frames per second) that can be produced [...]

General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #423: Home Theater Market Trends

By The HT Guys • Apr 30 2010, 5:55am

Every so often we like to take a look at the top sellers at Amazon.com in various Home Theater categories. We use this information as a thermometer to roughly gauge the market as a whole. At least that's what our crack market research team tells us we can do. There are always some interesting tidbits of information that emerge.


HDTV Almanac - Amazon Explains 3DTV

By Alfred Poor • Apr 29 2010, 1:00pm

There’s no doubt that 3DTV is creating a lot of buzz, but it’s also creating a lot of confusion. Do you need special 3D glasses to see the images? Can you get 3D on both plasma and LCD HDTVs? How does the 3D effect happen? Thousands of words have been written to answer these questions, [...]

Front ProjectionLCD HDTVs

SANYO Introduces A New 120Hz FullHD LCD Front Projector With Topaz Real HD And Color Management System

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 29 2010, 11:17am

SANYO PLV-Z4000SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO), a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., one of the world's largest manufacturers of LCD and DLP projectors, announces the introduction of the PLV-Z4000, a high-performance 120 Hz Full HD 3 LCD front projector with 1080p24 capability for an exquisite home theater and HD video experience. With SANYO's exclusive TopazReal HD system, the projector produces superb image quality and has a 3D color management system that enables extraordinary color accuracy. Through dual HDMI 1.3b inputs, it is Deep Color and x.v.Color capable. Rated at 1,200 ANSI lumens, with a 65,000:1 contrast ratio, it produces superb black levels even in ambient light conditions. The addition of installer-friendly mounting and optical features allow it to be used in a wide variety of rooms and environments. Scheduled for rele ...

Satellite HDTVSports

DIRECTV Launches Univision and TeleFutura in Crystal-Clear HD

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 28 2010, 5:53pm

DIRECTVDIRECTV, the world's most popular video service, today became the first video provider to offer national distribution of Univision HD and TeleFutura HD networks, marking the beginning of DIRECTV's HD expansion to more than 160 HD channels. DIRECTV is also launching Univision and TeleFutura local stations in HD in top Hispanic markets soon, in anticipation of the 2010 FIFA World CupTM.


HDTV Almanac - Would You Wear Goofy 3D Goggles?

By Alfred Poor • Apr 28 2010, 1:00pm

One of the most common complaints that I hear about 3DTV is that people won’t wear 3D glasses in order to watch TV. I’m not so sure that’s true. Let me paint an alternative view for you. Let’s start with the fact that if I asked you 15 years ago whether or not you’d be [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - YouTube Expands Movie Rental Catalog

By Alfred Poor • Apr 27 2010, 1:00pm

As reported here earlier this year, Google has started experimenting with renting films on the YouTube site. At the “YouTube Store“, you can rent feature-length films as well as shorter program episodes. Much of the content is from the Sundance Film Festival, but the offerings have been expanding to include other titles, some of which [...]

HD Video Production3D HDTV

RealD Announces Stereo3D Calculator App for iPhone, iTouch and iPad

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 27 2010, 4:48am

RealD Professional Stereo3D CalculatorRealD Inc., a leading 3D technology provider for cinema, home and professional applications, in association with FrameForge Previz Studio, a cutting-edge pre-visualization solution for professional filmmakers, announced today the availability of the RealD Professional Stereo3D Calculator app for iPhone, iTouch and iPad, a pre-production and on-set tool for filmma ...

Blu-ray3D HDTV

AVATAR is the #1 Movie in North America -- This Time on Blu-ray and DVD

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 27 2010, 4:24am

AVATAR Blu-rayTwentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announced today that James Cameron's phenomenal epic AVATAR became the best selling Blu-ray of all time after just four days in stores, with an astonishing 2.7 million units sold in North America alone. AVATAR Blu-ray sales crushed the previous record of 2.5 million units.

Retail sales of AVATAR Blu-ray and DVD Discs have exceeded...


Amazon.com Unveils "3D 101" Customer Education Center

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 27 2010, 2:13am

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) today unveiled a new customer education center, Amazon 3D 101 (www.amazon.com/3d), a one-stop information and shopping destination for all things 3D. Amazon 3D 101 provides customers with centralized, easy-to-understand information and offers a lineup of 3D-related products, including 3D capable HDTVs, projectors, monitors, Blu-ray players and movies, gaming consoles and games, laptops and accessories.

Amazon 3D 101 provides a comprehensive destination where anyone can get the information they need about 3D. Key features of the Amazon 3D 101 customer education center include...


HDTV Almanac - Panasonic Announces VT25 3D HDTV Series

By Alfred Poor • Apr 26 2010, 1:00pm

On Friday, Panasonic announced delivery dates and list prices for the VT25 Series plasma HDTVs, the newest line of VIERA models with 3DTV support.
- 50″ TC-P50VT25, list $2,599.95, ships May 3, 2010
- 54″ TC-P54VT25, list $2,999.95, ships May 3, 2010
- 58″ TC-P58VT25, list$3,399.95, ships June 2010
- 65″ TC-P65VT25, list $4,299.95, ships June 2010
These will join [...]


Panasonic Announces Pricing and Availability of VIERA VT25 Series of Full HD 3D Plasma TVs

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 24 2010, 1:57am

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Full HD 3D technology, announced today pricing and nationwide retail availability dates for its critically-acclaimed VIERA(TM) VT25 Series of Full HD 3D Plasma TVs. The debut of the VT25 series will expand Panasonic's 3D offerings to four screens sizes with availability at a wide range of consumer electronics retailers.

The first VIERA VT25 models will be available...

Satellite HDTVProgramming

HDTV Almanac - Who Has the Most HDTV?

By Alfred Poor • Apr 23 2010, 1:00pm

Ah, the HDTV channel wars are heating up again. Earlier this week, Dish Network announced that it was going to add eight more HD channels, bringing its “total” to 200 HD channels. Then DirecTV revealed plans to add 30 more HD channels this year, bringing its “total” to 160 HD channels. Now, I’ve put “total” [...]

High Definition ProductionDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #422: Sonos S5 Review

By The HT Guys • Apr 23 2010, 5:34am

We're big fans of being able to listen to your music in any and every room in your house. In the past that meant connecting your multi zone receiver to speakers placed throughout your house. Sonos makes the entire process a snap. Each Sonos S5 ZonePlayer is a 5 speaker system with an all digital design that produces high quality audio.


Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Redbox Forge Distribution Agreement

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 23 2010, 1:23am

Universal Studios Home Entertainment and redbox have reached a long-term distribution agreement that will make Universal DVD and Blu-ray titles available for rental at redbox locations 28 days after release. The agreement ends the legal dispute between redbox and Universal. The announcement was made today by Craig Kornblau, President of Universal Studios Home Entertainment, and Mitch Lowe, President of redbox.

The deal provides redbox with...


Twentieth Century Fox and Redbox Announce Distribution Agreement

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 23 2010, 1:18am

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and redbox announce a multi-year distribution agreement that will make DVD and Blu-ray titles from Fox available for rental at redbox locations following a 28-day window from the home entertainment street date for new Blu-ray and DVD film releases. The agreement also ends the legal dispute between redbox and Fox.

Under the agreement redbox will receive...

Cable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Change of Heart by Cable?

By Alfred Poor • Apr 22 2010, 1:00pm

Jim O’Neill is the editor of Fierce Online Video, and he made an interesting observation in his column today :
At the American Cable Association’s policy summit this week in Washington, several smaller cablecos posited that acting as a “dumb pipe” for the flood of online video that was moving across the system of late might [...]

Business & Investment

HDTV Almanac - Best Buy Sues Ultimate

By Alfred Poor • Apr 21 2010, 1:00pm

Be careful what you say out there, especially if you’re in the consumer electronics retail business. Ultimate Electronics has been advertising that they comparison shop at Best Buy and Walmart, then adjust their prices so that consumers can be sure that they are the lowest. Not so fast, according to Best Buy, which is the [...]

Front Projection

SANYO Introduces New Wide XGA High-Brightness High Performance Projectors with a Variety of Functions

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 21 2010, 2:10am

SANYO PLC-WM5500SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO), subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., one of the world's largest manufacturers of LCD and DLP projectors, announces the introduction of four new high performance Wide XGA format projectors to the US market. Targeting a wide range of environments, including large conference rooms, lecture halls and digital signage applications, the PLC-WM5500 (with standard zoom lens:LNS-S20), and PLC-WM5500L (with optional lens) have a very high brightness of 5,500 ANSI lumens, and the PLC-WM 4500 (with standard zoom lens:LNS-S20), and PLC-WM4500L (with optional lens) have brightness of 4,500 ANSI lumens. Each projector features two new modes that enable the simultaneous presentation of two images. All four projectors use Wide XGA panels in 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio, with 1280 x 800 resolution, allow ...

Satellite HDTV

DIRECTV Continues To Deliver More Full Time HD Than Any Other Provider With The Addition Of Over 30 New HD Channels -Bringing DIRECTV's HD Lineup to More Than 160

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 21 2010, 1:13am

DIRECTV, the world's most popular video service, continues to deliver more full time HD channels than any other television provider in the nation with the addition of over 30 new HD channels. These new channels will begin rolling out in May and will continue in the following few months bringing DIRECTV's total HD channel lineup to more than 160.

Among the 30 new HD channels that DIRECTV will begin launching next month are...

Internet HD VideoHTPCs & LaptopsHD DVD

HDTV Almanac - Seagate Adds Netflix

By Alfred Poor • Apr 20 2010, 1:00pm

Seagate announced this week that it is adding support for Netflix streaming video content to its FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player. Existing owners of the device can add support for this new feature through a free download. The media player also now supports online access to content from YouTube, vTuner, and Mediafly. The device can [...]

Satellite HDTV

DISH Network Becomes First and Only TV Provider to Offer 200 National HD Channels

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 20 2010, 3:20am

DISH Network L.L.C., America's fastest-growing pay-TV provider, today became the first and only company to offer 200 national high definition channels. New additions to the nation's largest full-time HD line-up include EPIX HD, G4 HD, Headline News HD, History International HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, ShortsHD, Style HD and Turner Classic Movies HD.

Consumers can enjoy these high definition channels...


HDTV Almanac - More LED Backlight Price Drops Forecast

By Alfred Poor • Apr 19 2010, 1:00pm

Two months ago, I reported on DisplaySearch’s forecast that prices for LED backlight units for a 40″ LCD HDTV would fall about 15% this year, though LCD HDTVs with LED backlights would continue to cost significantly more than equivalent models with traditional CCFL (cold-cathode fluorescent lamp) backlights.
Now another display market tracking firm has weighed in [...]

Digital (DTV) TransitionEvents & TradeshowsBroadcast

HDTV Expert - NAB 2010: A Show in Transition

By Pete Putman • Apr 16 2010, 11:40pm

This year’s National Association of Broadcasters trade show resembled CES more than it did a traditional broadcast and engineering show.

Audio/Video (A/V) Receivers

Yamaha RX V565 Home Theater Receiver

By The HT Guys • Apr 16 2010, 3:45pm

The receiver is lighter than most receivers were used to. Noticeably lighter! We also noticed that the heat sinks are smaller which means the amplifiers are smaller and require less power. Also, there is no AC power outlet on the back of the unit so if you have something to plug into it you may want to consider a bigger power strip. The speaker wire jacks use spring clips on all but the mains. We're not criticizing its just economics. To get all this stuff into the unit Yamaha had to cut someplace. S-Video is gone too. But seriously, how many of you are actually connecting something to your HDTV via S-Video? On the front the only real change we saw is the color of the LEDs, they have gone to white instead of the amber that their previous receivers used. None of this matters if the receiver sounds good. More of that later...

Mobile HDTVDigital (DTV) TransitionBroadcastProgramming

HDTV Almanac - Mobile TV Moves Ahead

By Alfred Poor • Apr 16 2010, 1:00pm

Mobile digital TV (Mobile DTV) is one of the new technologies under development intended to bring video programming to portable devices. Mobile DTV is designed to use part of a local television station’s broadcast spectrum to provide a signal for mobile devices, delivering a combination of free and subscription content.
One issue (of many) challenges for [...]

Cable HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #421: Logitech Squeezebox Touch Review

By The HT Guys • Apr 16 2010, 7:08am

Sure it's the HDTV and Home Theater Podcast, but we like to dabble a little in the peripheral edges of home theater from time to time. One such area is whole house audio. Braden has a whole house system based on Logitech Squeezebox devices and their Squeezbox Server software. Logitech recently released a new Squeezebox Touch player, so of course, we wanted to try it out.


HDTV Almanac - OLED Progress

By Alfred Poor • Apr 15 2010, 1:00pm

Researchers at two of the Fraunhofer Institutes in Dresden have announced the successful production of OLED devices using a continuous roll-to-roll process. While these devices are targeted for lighting devices, it is a step that could have a big impact on the future of OLED televisions.

The OLED devices created at Fraunhofer are interesting on a [...]

HTPCs & Laptops

HP MediaSmart Server LX195

By The HT Guys • Apr 14 2010, 3:34pm

Imagine with me, if you will, a day when a small box no bigger than a standard dictionary will be able to hold as many pictures as you can ever take, as many songs as you could ever listen to and a ton of movies and video as well. That day has come, and HP calls it the MediaSmart Server LX195. We got a chance to play around with one, and really liked it.


General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Hard Drive Comes with Movies On Board

By Alfred Poor • Apr 14 2010, 1:00pm

Buy a new external hard drive, get the 2009 movie “Star Trek” for free. That’s the deal with select units of the new 500 GB FreeAgent Go drive from Seagate. The drive comes with 21 movies from Paramount, including “Star Trek” which you can watch for free once you’ve registered your purchase. The other 20 [...]

HD Camcorders & Cameras

Cisco Launches the All-New Flip SlideHD

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 14 2010, 3:02am

Cisco Flip SlideHDSAN FRANCISCO, April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Cisco today announced the newest member of its groundbreaking Flip Video(TM) line, the Flip SlideHD(TM). It's an all-new Flip, with an all-new form factor, designed to make it even more fun to capture, watch and share HD videos anytime, anywhere. With Flip SlideHD, active consumers and families can record up to four hours of HD video, or store up to 12 hours of content, and then view it instantly with a stunning slide-up full widescreen.

With SlideHD, anyone can...


HDTV Almanac - ViewSonic Brings 3D Home

By Alfred Poor • Apr 13 2010, 1:00pm

ViewSonic has announced their PGD-150 active shutter glasses that will allow viewers to watch 3D content on any of the company’s 3D-capable DLP projectors. The glasses are priced at just $99 apiece, which is a reasonable list price this early in the game.
This announcement also keeps front projection systems in the mix for those who [...]

HDTV Accessories

Harmony 700 Universal Remote

By The HT Guys • Apr 12 2010, 3:17pm

Not content with what the HT Guys have declared the best universal remote on the market, Logitech continues to put out new Harmony Universal Remotes. Of the two most recent models on the market, the Harmony 700 and the Harmony 900, we've had a chance to look at the 700. It is the less expensive of the two, and can be found in retail stores and online for an MSRP of ...


Motorola Introduces Innovative 3D TV Set-Tops for Cable

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 12 2010, 1:35pm

The Mobile Devices and Home business of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) announced today software enhancements for its industry-leading DCX line of set-tops that represents a breakthrough in 3D video processing, providing consumers with an exceptional and seamless 3D TV experience in their home. By enabling 3D content to be processed in the set-top before delivery to the 3D-capable television, consumers will no longer be confused by having to use remote controls and access on-screen menus to configure the set-top and television set every time a channel change involves switching between 2D and 3D video. Furthermore, all of this is done while maintaining the visual integrity of emergency broadcast messages, closed captioning or on screen displays while 3D video is playing.

With many service providers having already announced their intent to broadcast select 3D programming, there are several challenges to overcome to deliver 3D signals to the home using currently deployed infrastructure and dev ...

HD DVDCable HDTVInternet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Strange Bedfellows?

By Alfred Poor • Apr 12 2010, 1:00pm

What could possibly bring the cable companies and the Hollywood studios together? Aren’t these the same two warring camps that have been playing chicken over retransmission fees? Well, consider these two words: Netflix and Redbox.
The fact is that DVD sales continue to drop as consumers choose other ways to get their movies at home, and [...]


HDTV Almanac - Get Part of the Earth in HD for Free!

By Alfred Poor • Apr 9 2010, 1:00pm

40 years ago, I was a marshal for the first Earth Day parade in Boston. We’ve certainly learned a lot about our planet and its ecology since then, and some of that knowledge has informed actions in our daily lives. I suspect that a significant portion of people reading this participate in some form of [...]

Blu-rayInternet HD Video

Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Netflix Announce New Distribution Deals for DVDs, Blu-ray and Streaming Content

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 9 2010, 12:12pm

Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Netflix, Inc. [Nasdaq: NFLX] today announced agreements covering the distribution of Universal new release DVD and Blu-ray titles at Netflix while providing an expanded selection of the studio's movies that can be streamed instantly from Netflix to TVs and computers.

New release titles on DVD and Blu-ray will be...

Mobile HDTVPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #420: Apple iPad Review

By The HT Guys • Apr 9 2010, 6:20am

Everyone must be aware by now that Apple has released a new product called the iPad. It's selling pretty well and, according to some, may become the next big thing in technology. We've had a chance to play with it for a while, so we'll give you our take on it. Our biggest question: How does it apply to the HDTV and Home Theater market? There have big some huge fads in the past, and some have been huge duds. We'll let you know if the iPad makes the grade.


HDTV Expert - They’re Back…HDTVexpert.com Archives Update April 8, 2010

By Pete Putman • Apr 8 2010, 8:35pm

Still wondering where some of your favorite old HDTVexpert.com articles went? Look no further.

Digital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Expert - Product Review: Three For DTV…Reception (February 2009)

By Pete Putman • Apr 8 2010, 8:31pm

Here’s a tale of three indoor digital TV antennas – low-priced, mid-priced, and high-priced. See how they fared in a side-by-side test.

Front ProjectionDLP HDTVsPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Expert - Product Review: Optoma HD8200 Home Theater Projector (August 2009)

By Pete Putman • Apr 8 2010, 8:11pm

Here’s another sleek, piano-black 1080p home theater projector with a long throw lens, horizontal and vertical lens offset, and dynamic iris. The difference? It uses single-chip DLP technology, and is priced at $5,000. Surprised?

General Interest

HDTV Expert - Product Review: Kramer ProScale VP-729 Presentation Switcher/Scaler (June 2009)

By Pete Putman • Apr 8 2010, 8:05pm

Kramer’s ProScale VP-729 switcher/scaler packs a bunch of features into an affordable and practical package…and it supports HDMI, too.

Digital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Expert - HDTV Tech Talk: I’ve Got The Low-Band DTV Blues (June 2009)

By Pete Putman • Apr 8 2010, 7:55pm

Did DTV channel 6 disappear on your converter box or digital TV after June 12? Here’s why it may be “MIA”…and what you may be able to do about it.


HDTV Expert - Product Review: Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD Blu-Ray Player (May 2009)

By Pete Putman • Apr 8 2010, 7:42pm

Pioneer’s top-line BD player is built like a tank, has whisper-quiet operation, and delivers top-notch audio and video.

Mobile High Definition

Zune HD Video MP3 Player

By The HT Guys • Apr 8 2010, 3:59pm

All of us have a need to take our content on the road for one reason or another. There are plenty of devices that can do that for you. Anything from an iPod or a laptop to a portable media center. You can choose the ultra portability of an iPod but you'll give up video quality. If you want HD quality you can use a laptop or portable media center but those are a bit bigger and more difficult to drag around with you. Today we are taking a look at the Zune HD. With the Zune you can have ultra portability and HD video quality in one nice looking package.


3D HDTVBlu-raySports

FIFA and Sony to Launch First Ever Global 3D Experience of the FIFA World Cup(TM)

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 8 2010, 3:24pm

Following the initial joint announcement to make the world's first FIFA World Cup(TM) available in 3D, FIFA and Sony Corporation today unveiled insights into what the football fans around the globe can expect from this innovative undertaking to add a third dimension to the football viewing experience. Coinciding with the rapidly growing consumer interest in 3D fuelled by the release of blockbuster movie titles in 3D and impending launch of 3D TV sets for the home, the first ever FIFA World Cup(TM) in 3D will further capture the excitement for millions of football fans around the globe.

With a total of...

Laser HDTVCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - New Laser HDTV

By Alfred Poor • Apr 8 2010, 1:00pm

You may have heard the buzz about Prysm and its new “laser phosphor display” (LPD). The short take-away points on this story are (1) this is a new and different approach to flat screen displays, and (2) it is not likely to be a consumer product any time soon.
Here’s how the display works; an array [...]


AOC Revitalizes Its TV Brand Line with a Jolt of Innovation

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 7 2010, 10:26pm

AOC is known for producing stunning displays that offer quality performance, clean aesthetic lines and user-friendly interfaces at competitive prices. Most, however, may not realize that AOC (Admiral Overseas Company) has been a fixture in the American television manufacturing market for more than 60 years, formerly under the brand name Admiral. From the 1940s to the 1960s, Admiral Televisions dominated the market thanks to their innovative design, consumer-oriented features, and affordability. It is these characteristics that have made the AOC brand popular in Asia, South America and Europe.

During this year's CES in Las Vegas, AOC's product line-up pointed to a redirection of focus towards reinvigorating its once ubiquitous TV line by introducing new technologies such as LED lighting and additional innovative features, starting with...

HDTV Accessories

RedEye Universal Remote System for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

By The HT Guys • Apr 7 2010, 5:10pm

If you have spent any time listening to our show you know how important we feel universal remote controls are to a home theater system. Our remote control of choice is the Harmony line of products made buy Logitech. The Harmony remote is an IR remote that needs a line of site to your equipment so that it can manage you activities like "Watching Movies", "Watching TV", or "Playing Games". If you are in another room with your remote you have to walk back to where the equipment is in order to control it. Today we look at a product that eliminates the need to be in the same room with your gear and will work with your iPod Touch or iPhone. We are talking about the RedEye Universal Remote Control. The RedEye is a...

3D HDTVBlu-rayInternet HD Video

One Installer's Opinion - Equine Brutality, The Wisdom of the Doors ... ... and Other Matters.

By Terry Paullin • Apr 7 2010, 4:05pm

Look, I hate to beat a dead horse, ...well, maybe occasionally I ... O.K., O.K., I love to milk a topic that deserves it, and this horse ain't runnin' off into the sunset anytime soon. Yup, I'm talking about the NEW stallion on the block, 3D. While most periodicals are still gushing "2010 is the year of 3D", I'm more convinced than ever that it won't be. Clearly, the hype will be excruciatingly loud and constant for the remainder of the year, but the substance will remain elusive.

Here's the thing...

Politics & PolicyCable HDTVInternet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - FCC Loses on Net Neutrality

By Alfred Poor • Apr 7 2010, 1:00pm

Something big happened yesterday. It sounds a little geeky at first, but the implications are serious. Here’s the quick summary. Comcast penalized some of their broadband subscribers for downloading too many movies (presumably from pirate sites, but that’s beside the point) by slowing down their Internet connections. The FCC stepped in and ruled that Comcast [...]

3D HDTVCable HDTVSports

The Masters® Golf Tournament Available in 3-D to Time Warner Cable® Customers

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 6 2010, 10:32pm

Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) today announced that beginning April 9, customers will be able to view daily highlights from this year's Masters Golf Tournament in 3D on Demand. On demand highlights will be available for viewing until April 30. Customers must have 3D TVs and a Time Warner Cable HD box with HDMI output in order to view the daily highlights.

Time Warner Cable will also...


From the Trenches - 2 Million 3D Ready Displays Already in the Home, but…

By Richard Fisher • Apr 6 2010, 3:32pm

If you purchased a Mitsubishi or Samsung DLP rear projection HDTV over the last 3 years, you might want to check your owners manual, spec sheet or back of the TV to confirm you are 3D ready. The fact is that many owners are unaware of the feature since it isn’t the reason they bought it to begin with. From experience in the field, many are bound to unwittingly consider replacing it for a 3D ready display when they may not need to.

If you are one of the current 2 million 3D DLP owners...

Politics & PolicyLCD HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Anti-Trust Suit Filed Against LCD Makers

By Alfred Poor • Apr 6 2010, 1:00pm

It has been widely reported that a U.S. District judge has ruled that class action suits can be brought against the LCD panel manufacturers that were accused of price fixing for their products. One class includes those companies that bought the panels to include in their own products — such as televisions, cell phones, and [...]

Mobile High DefinitionInternet HD Video

Envivio Delivers Stunning Live and On Demand HD Video to New Apple iPad

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 6 2010, 1:11am

Envivio Inc. today announced that its 4Caster C4(2) video encoding/transcoding platform now offers comprehensive support for Apple iPad, enabling delivery of live and on demand high definition (HD) TV services over Wi-Fi and 3G networks for Apple's exciting new device. Available for both the 4Caster C4 and 4Caster C4(2), the enhancement further expands the flexibility of the industry's leading Three Screens video delivery platform, which already powers network operator and over the top TV services for the iPhone, including premium Pay TV, sports and movie content for operators in Europe, coverage of the Olympics and NHL hockey in Canada, and telecomm Mobile TV services worldwide.

New iPad owners can experience the quality of...

HD Camcorders & Cameras

JVC to Introduce GY-HM790 ProHD Camcorder at NAB 2010

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 5 2010, 5:12pm

JVC GY-HM790 ProHD CamcorderJVC Professional Products, a division of JVC U.S.A., will introduce the new flagship of its ProHD camcorder line, the GY-HM790, at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nev., April 12-15 (Booth C4314). With an innovative modular design and a full complement of accessories, the new camera supports multicore or fiber-based production. Plus, as a shoulder-mount camcorder, it delivers outstanding ENG and sports production performance with more features than ever.

The GY-HM790 features...

New Products & Equipment3D HDTVBlu-ray

New Yamaha '3D-Ready' Home-Theater-in-a-Box Systems Offer HD Audio, Far-Reaching HD Source Connectivity

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 5 2010, 5:07pm

Yamaha Electronics Corporation, the innovator in home theater and digital audio and video reproduction, today introduced five new HTIB (home-theater-in-a-box) systems that offer advanced features, such as ample HD source connectivity and HD Audio decoding, ideally suited for integration with Blu-ray players, flat panel displays, HD services, game consoles and portable audio/video devices. The new line includes the YHT-893 (7.1 channel, 730W Total Power, MSRP: $849.95), YHT-693 (5.1 channel, 625W Total Power, MSRP: $649.95), YHT-593 (5.1 channel, 625W Total Power, MSRP: $549.95), YHT-493 (5.1 channel, 600W Total Power, MSRP: $449.95) and YHT-393 (5.1 channel 600W Total Power, MSRP: $399.95).

Each system in the line boasts advanced features...

New Products & Equipment3D HDTVBlu-ray

Yamaha Unveils Line of 3D-Ready AV Receivers for HD and Next Generation Entertainment Experiences

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 5 2010, 5:03pm

Yamaha Electronics Corporation, the innovator in home theater and digital audio and video reproduction, today introduced a new line of three versatile, high-performance 3D-ready AV receivers, the RX-V567 (90W x 7; MSRP: $479.95), RX-V467 (105W x 5; MSRP: $379.95) and RX-V367 (100W x 5; MSRP $249.95). These models deliver wide-ranging source connectivity and convenience features for superior HD video and audio performance, 3D support for the Side-by-Side (Half) and Top-and-Bottom formats that broadcasters are adopting, as well as for current 3D Blu-ray content (via upcoming firmware update).

Yamaha's new receivers enable...

Global & WorldviewBlu-rayBroadcast

HDTV Almanac - HDTV: Just 6% Worldwide

By Alfred Poor • Apr 5 2010, 1:00pm

We tend to get a provincial view of technology in this country, sometimes. A recent report from Inform Telecoms & Media puts things in perspective a bit. According to their numbers, HDTV penetration worldwide for last year was estimated to be just 6% of consumer households. Of this, North America makes up about two thirds [...]


Blu-ray Disc Association Announces Additional Format Enhancements

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 4 2010, 4:20am

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) today announced two new media specifications that use Blu-ray Disc technology to provide targeted functionality for commercial and consumer applications. The specifications for BDXL™ (High Capacity Recordable and Rewritable discs) and IH-BD (Intra-Hybrid discs) are expected in the next few months.

The BDXL specification...

Internet HD Video

Netflix iPad App Available From App Store

By Shane Sturgeon • Apr 3 2010, 1:51am

Netflix iPad AppLOS GATOS, Calif., April 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) today announced that a free Netflix App for iPad is available on the App Store, allowing Netflix members to instantly watch an unlimited number of TV episodes and movies streamed from Netflix to iPad. Streaming to iPad is at no additional cost to Netflix members on plans starting at just $8.99 a month.

The Netflix iPad App for iPad will...

Mobile HDTV

Ed's View - How Mobile Capability Could Redefine and Save Over-the-air Television

By Ed Milbourn • Apr 2 2010, 3:44pm

Arguably, 3D HD was the "star" of CES 2010 and is the primary focus of the television business starting now. And rightfully so, as 3D will be a welcome incrementally profitable business as HD approaches market maturity. However, the same cannot be said for broadcasters as they gather in Las Vegas this month for NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention 2010. To OTA broadcasters, whose very lifeblood – their spectrum – is under assault, the issue is survival. And that survival may very well depend on their successful embrace of the new ATSC Mobile/Handheld (M/H) standard. So, in spite of its glitter, 3D may very well take a second seat to M/H at NAB 2010.

To some extent M/H is a solution waiting for a problem. It is not clear there is any driving conventional need for linear mobile television and/or non-internet data services, at least in the US, or any that would appear to be economically viable. However, here are some factors, both commercial and technical, tha ...


HDTV Almanac - $59 LCD TV

By Alfred Poor • Apr 2 2010, 1:00pm

Psst! Over here! Shhh! Don’t draw attention. Look, you wanna buy an LCD TV for $59? I know just the place: Walmart.


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #419: Dell Inspiron Zino HD

By The HT Guys • Apr 2 2010, 6:14am

By now you know that Ara has built himself a nice HTPC out of a Mac Mini. We've received a bunch of email asking us to define a similar system using a PC. There far more options using a PC than a Mac and they come in all shapes and sizes. Ara touted size and quiet operation as a major factor in his love of the Mac Mini. So when we saw that Dell had a box that was roughly the same size as a Mac Mini we ordered one and put it through its paces. The Dell Inspiron Zino HD we bought cost $747, about $150 more than the Mac Mini. The Dell comes with something you can't get on a Mac, a Blu-ray drive.


HDTV Almanac - HDTV Headlines

By Alfred Poor • Apr 1 2010, 1:00pm

Wow — the news keeps coming so fast and furious these days that I can’t keep up with it all. So I’m clearing my “Almanac ideas” file in Evernote today as part of my annual spring cleaning. Here is a bunch of short items.
Sony brings back OLED TV: Sony has announced plans to bring out [...]

3D HDTVSports

HDTV Almanac - ESPN 3D on DirecTV

By Alfred Poor • Mar 31 2010, 1:00pm

Conventional wisdom says that hardware precedes software. We’ve seen this over and over again in the personal computer industry; we had USB ports on PCs for years before there were many practical applications for them. Now we have programs that run directly off of USB thumb drives, as well as a host of peripherals and [...]


HDTV Almanac - HDTVs: Is that Model Available in Mauve?

By Alfred Poor • Mar 30 2010, 1:00pm

Runco continues to be the high-end home entertainment display company that defies gravity and demonstrates that there is still room for an exclusive home theater company. The company has announced a new program called “ColourPallette”, which lets customers order the full line of Runco home theater projectors and flat panel displays in any of 13 [...]

4K (Ultra HD)Broadcast

Ed's View - UHDTV - See It Soon?

By Ed Milbourn • Mar 29 2010, 3:38pm

Hidden in the backwater of all the 3D hoopla at CES 2010 was the Panasonic 152" Viera Plasma 4K (4096 x 2160) display that has been showcased for the last couple of years. Arguably, the big Viera display was the most striking TV image at the show. There may have been other such Ultra High Definition TV (UHDTV) direct view displays at the LVCC complex this year, but I didn't see them. But NHD's idea of UHDTV promises to be even better!

From the start of serious HDTV research in the late 1970's, Japan's NHK has been "pushing the envelope" of ever increasing television picture resolution – not just related to displays, but...

Cable, Satellite & Fiber

HDTV Almanac - Cable and Satellite Ask FCC for Help

By Alfred Poor • Mar 29 2010, 1:00pm

A group of subscription television providers — both cable and satellite – have petitioned the FCC for some protection against networks pulling the plug on their program as part of licensing negotiations. The most recent round of brinkmanship was between Cablevision and Disney leading up to the Academy Awards coverage, but we’ve also seen other [...]

3D HDTVSatellite HDTV

DIRECTV to Launch ESPN 3D to Millions of Customers Nationwide

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 29 2010, 11:43am

Continuing to lead the 3D revolution by offering customers new dimensions in sports programming, DIRECTV will add ESPN 3D, the industry's first 3D sports television network, to its upcoming 3D lineup that will offer three dedicated 3D channels, including DIRECTV's newly named linear 3D channel, N3D(TM) powered by Panasonic. Launching in June, millions of DIRECTV HD customers will have access to ESPN's entire 3D programming lineup, including up to 25 2010 FIFA World Cup matches.

ESPN 3D will showcase a minimum of 85 live sporting events during its first year, beginning...

Internet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Cisco to Turbocharge the Internet

By Alfred Poor • Mar 26 2010, 1:00pm

Ah, the Law of Unintended Consequences is always hiding around the corner, waiting to bite you in the butt.
I’ve been writing a lot about watching movies and video content over the Internet, and this has prompted some readers to question whether or not the Internet can stand up to the load of all this increased [...]

Front ProjectionPC & Laptop TechnologyDLPDLP HDTVs

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #418: Front Projector Technologies

By The HT Guys • Mar 26 2010, 3:39am

We have to admit, we got a little giddy when we got an email from Jason asking us to go over the various technology options available for front projector home theaters. With rear projection television fading into the sunset, we don't often get the opportunity to talk about the various merits of LCD, DLP, and LCoS projection technologies anymore. It'll be like the good old days.


HDTV Almanac - HDTVs: What Recession?

By Alfred Poor • Mar 25 2010, 1:00pm

According to a press release from DisplaySearch for a new research report, TV unit sales rose 32% in 2009, and are projected to rise another 24% in 2010. LCD TVs are expected to make up 180 million of the total 228 million units forecast for 2010, as it continues to expand its domination of the [...]


Cablevision Licenses RealD Format for 3D Content in the Home

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 24 2010, 6:55pm

RealD, a leading 3D technology provider for cinema, home and professional applications, and Cablevision Systems Corp. (NYSE:CVC) , one of the nation's leading media and entertainment companies, announced today that Cablevision has licensed the stereoscopic RealD Format for the delivery of high definition 3D content to the home. Through this licensing agreement, Cablevision's content providers will be able use RealD tools to format their 3D content and deliver it to millions of homes in crisp, clear high definition 3D. The delivery of RealD Format content is compatible with Cablevision's current HD broadcast and on-demand systems and works with existing HD set-top boxes

The RealD Format will first be utilized for the...

HDTV History

From the Archives - The Next Generation of Television

By Dale Cripps • Mar 24 2010, 3:34pm

Those of you who have been long-time readers of HDTV Magazine, know that we've been around since the beginning of the movement, quite literally. I began working with HDTV back in the 80's. We had the first newsletter on HDTV (The HDTV Newsletter) and the first website devoted to HDTV (HDTV Magazine, of course). I have penned many articles in the last 25 years on the subject, many of them "lost" in our archives. Well, it's time to bring them back and give them a permanent home.

The article below was written in 1994. It's quite a trip to read again now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


HDTV Almanac - 190 Million Watch NBC Winter Olympics

By Alfred Poor • Mar 24 2010, 1:00pm

According to a report in Multichannel News, NBC racked up more than 190 million Americans who watched at least some of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. In spite of the nail-biter men’s hockey final that pitted the U.S. against host Canada in an overtime gold medal game, the audience count still came up with [...]


Samsung Launches 3D Cinema Advertising Campaign to Highlight World's First 3D LED TV

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 24 2010, 12:03pm

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, will be the first electronics company in the U.S. to launch a 3D cinema advertising campaign to highlight the wonder of Samsung's new 3D LED TV.

Premiering on...

Speakers & Sound Systems

Aperion Audio Home Audio Link (HAL)

By The HT Guys • Mar 23 2010, 5:09pm

Pretty much since we have been doing the HDTV and Home Theater Podcast we have had listeners ask us about wireless solutions. We have been pretty happy with products from Rocketfish™ and AudioEngine. Today we take a look at the Aperion Audio Home Audio Link (HAL) which will transmit high quality uncompressed audio up to 100 feet.


Blu-rayInternet HD Video

Blockbuster and Warner Bros. Announce New Agreement

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 23 2010, 4:13pm

Blockbuster Inc. (NYSE:BBI) (NYSE: BBI.B) , a leading global provider of media entertainment, announced a new agreement that continues to provide immediate availability of Warner Bros. titles, with Academy Award-winning The Blind Side available on March 23, in BLOCKBUSTER® stores and by-mail. The digital agreement already in place remains unchanged. On March 30, Blockbuster will have Sherlock Holmes available for immediate release.

The new agreement, which covers DVD and Blu-ray, means Blockbuster is the only...


HDTV Almanac - Avatar Blu-ray Goes Flat!

By Alfred Poor • Mar 23 2010, 1:00pm

You are likely one of the many who helped push Avatar into the record books, grossing more than $2.6 billion worldwide (and still counting!) So you may be anxiously awaiting the release of the high definition Blu-ray version of the movie so you can enjoy it all over again at home. (It will also be [...]

LED (LCD) HDTVsInternet HD VideoNew Products & Equipment

Toshiba Introduces the New UX600 Series LED TV, Blending High Picture Quality with Internet Capability That is Fun and Easy

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 22 2010, 1:31pm

Toshiba America Consumer Products L.L.C. ("Toshiba"), a market leader in LCD TVs, today announced the availability of the new UX600 LED TV, offering breakthrough picture quality with advanced interactive features for non-stop entertainment.

Entertainment on-demand is taken to new levels with the UX600's NET TV(TM) capabilities. Net TV includes a wide variety of applications that broaden the definition of "TV Content" and enrich the overall user experience. VUDU(TM) Movies offers true 1080p HD, 5.1 surround sound and gives viewers access to over 3,000 HD movies on demand. NET TV also streams audio applications such as Pandora(R) and creates personalized "Channels" of the music users enjoy. Viewers can also...

LCD HDTVsNew Products & Equipment

Toshiba Unveils its First Four LCD TV Series for 2010 with Enhancements at Every Level

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 22 2010, 1:27pm

Toshiba America Consumer Products L.L.C. ("Toshiba"), a market leader in LCD TV, today announced the availability of four new LCD TV Series for 2010. Complementing the brand's new and upcoming LED product lines, Toshiba continues to offer a wide range of new LCD televisions, including the G300, E200 and C100 LCD TV, and CV100 LCD / DVD Combo TV, each featuring the new Horizon(TM) design. Boasting a slimming tapered bezel and attractive front panel gradation, the new Horizon design creates a more modern, elegant appearance. Available in a variety of sizes, from 19 to 55 inches, these new LCD series provide an exciting array of home entertainment options for every lifestyle and room in the home.

These new LCD televisions feature...

Internet HD VideoService & Repair

HDTV Almanac - Netflix Coming to the Tiny Screen

By Alfred Poor • Mar 22 2010, 1:00pm

Netflix has a hit on its hands with its streaming service, which allows anyone with an unlimited Netflix subscription to watch movies and TV episodes for free on the Internet. So it should come as little surprise that the service is looking to expand its coverage. It has been widely reported that Netflix demo’ed streaming [...]

Internet HD VideoBlu-ray

BLOCKBUSTER On Demand(R) to be Available on the Latest Samsung Connected HDTVs, Blu-ray Players and Home Theater Systems

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 22 2010, 11:54am

Blockbuster Inc. (NYSE:BBI) (NYSE: BBI.B) announced that BLOCKBUSTER On Demand® will reach millions more homes across America through the latest models of Samsung connected HDTVs, Blu-ray players and Blu-ray integrated home theater systems. Consumers now have even more ways to enjoy the hottest new releases from BLOCKBUSTER.

BLOCKBUSTER On Demand is part of the newly-launched...

Cable, Satellite & Fiber

Dish Network Launches New Satellite to Expand Industry's Largest HD Offering

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 21 2010, 5:35am

DISH Network L.L.C., the fastest-growing pay-TV provider in America, today announced the successful launch of its latest satellite, EchoStar XIV.

EchoStar XIV allows DISH Network to continue expanding the largest high definition offering in the U.S. The definitive HD leader, DISH Network currently broadcasts more than 160 HD channels as well as HD locals in 152 markets.

Today's launch brings the size of DISH Network's satellite constellation to...

HD Camcorders & Cameras

Bluetooth-Enabled JVC HD Everio Camera Now Available

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 20 2010, 2:26am

JVC Everio GZ-HM550JVC today announced the availability of a new high definition Everio camera with built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology, allowing the camera to work with a variety of other wireless devices. In addition, the new Everio GZ-HM550 features a 10.6 megapixel CMOS sensor for recording high quality Full HD video and nine megapixel digital stills to its internal 32GB flash memory. An SD/SDHC card slot provides the camera with additional storage.

Among the capabilities the camera's Bluetooth technology offers is...

3D HDTVProgramming

HDTV Almanac - 3DTV: It Starts with Sports

By Alfred Poor • Mar 19 2010, 1:00pm

With some consumers willing to spend hundreds of dollars per seat to attend some sporting events, it should come as little surprise that live 3DTV programming is going to begin with sports coverage. The press is still writing pages about the first 3D-capable sets from Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic — many of which have not [...]

General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #417: ZVOX 575 Single-Cabinet Surround Sound System

By The HT Guys • Mar 19 2010, 5:21am

We understand that many of our listeners don't have the space for a full blown home theater system. However, those same listeners don't necessarily want to listen to their movies through the TVs tiny speakers. For them a single unit solution is what the doctor ordered. The ZVOX 575 (Buy Now $699) is such a system that takes all of 10 minutes to un-box and start enjoying fuller richer sound from your home theater.


HDTV Almanac - Dell Sues for LCD Price Fixing

By Alfred Poor • Mar 17 2010, 1:00pm

It has been widely reported that Dell sued five LCD panel manufacturers for price fixing last week. The companies named in the suit are Sharp, Toshiba, Hitachi, Epson, and HannStar.
Sharp and Hitachi have already made plea agreements with the U.S. Justice Department for price fixing. In 2008, Sharp agreed to pay $120 million in fines, [...]

3D HDTVDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - Universal 3D Glasses

By Alfred Poor • Mar 16 2010, 7:21pm

One of the complaints about 3DTV that is often repeated in the press is that “there are no standards“. I may be the only one who does not see that as a major obstacle. After all, there are a lot of different digital image file formats out there, yet programs like Microsoft Word or most [...]

Blu-ray3D HDTVProgramming

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Announces AVATAR Blu-Ray Disc and DVD Global Release Dates

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 16 2010, 4:14pm

Avatar Blu-ray/DVDTwentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment today announced that it will launch director James Cameron's history-making motion picture AVATAR on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on Thursday, April 22.

AVATAR on Blu-ray presents the ultimate high definition experience for home viewing audiences. Fans around the world will soon be able to discover every detail and relive every moment of James Cameron's AVATAR in the comfort of their own home. Blu-ray is recognized for presenting optimal picture and sound, and now AVATAR's masterful cinematography, art direction and visual effects will lend itself to awe-inspiring clarity when you become absorbed in the extraordinary all-encompassing experience in the living room.

Since its global theatrical release last December, AVATAR...

Internet HD VideoCable HDTVHD DVD

HDTV Almanac - Free HD Video Online

By Alfred Poor • Mar 16 2010, 1:00pm

WARNING: You can waste a lot of time if you read this.
I stumbled across a great project call “FedFlix” in which volunteers are taking digitized video and film content from the National Archives and making them available on the Internet. One of the repositories for this content is the Internet Archive, which includes sections for [...]

BroadcastMobile HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Broadband: the New Gold

By Alfred Poor • Mar 15 2010, 1:00pm

While we’re distracted by the tussles over the radio spectrum for mobile services and broadcast television and cell phones and a zillion other applications, keep your eye on the prize. Broadband means big data pipes delivered right to your door (or basement or apartment to be more precise). Phone companies like Verizon and AT&T got [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - More Web-to-TV Connections

By Alfred Poor • Mar 12 2010, 1:00pm

My friend and colleague Peter Putman calls the new network-ready HDTVs “NeTVs” which I think is an apt name. It eliminates the need for another set top box or even a desktop computer parked next to the screen, but there are plenty of people who are happy to use such extra hardware. A new study [...]

Digital Rights Management (DRM)HTPCs & LaptopsDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #416: Cryptography, DRM and You

By The HT Guys • Mar 12 2010, 8:07am

We talk about DRM quite often. Technically it stands for Digital Rights Management, but we did have a listener recommend we try to change that to Digitally Restricted Media. The point of DRM is to protect digital media files from piracy. The actual result of DRM is a lot of frustration for those who just want to watch movies and listen to music.


HDTV Almanac - Deathwatch: Blockbuster

By Alfred Poor • Mar 11 2010, 1:00pm

Blockbuster has gone to the top of my list of home entertainment companies that may not be around a year from now. It has already closed more than 500 of its 7,000 stores (including our neighborhood store), and could close another 300 or more this year. It posted a net loss of $558 million for [...]

Events & TradeshowsLCD HDTVsLED (LCD) HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Samsung Adds Skype

By Alfred Poor • Mar 10 2010, 1:00pm

The 7000 and 8000 series of LED-backlit Samsung LCD HDTVs are getting a new feature. In addition to their network connectivity, these sets will also offer Skype video call functionality. As I wrote in my CES coverage, I believe that this is likely to sell a lot more TVs in the next two years than [...]

3D HDTVNew Products & Equipment

SAMSUNG Announces Availability and Pricing of Next-Generation Lineup of LED HDTVs

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 10 2010, 1:19am

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the U.S. availability and pricing of its award-winning LED HDTVs. Samsung has delivered the largest LED TV lineup with eight series ranging from 19 to 65 inches, with select series delivering the most immersive 3D experience. Samsung's LED TV lineup will begin to roll out in retail...

3D HDTVNew Products & Equipment

Samsung Redefines Home Entertainment with Global Availability of World's First Full HD 3D LED TV and First-Time Offering of DreamWorks Animation's Beloved Shrek Film Collection in 3D

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 10 2010, 1:08am

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today made another stride toward redefining the home entertainment experience by officially announcing the world's first-available Full HD 3D LED TV and full lineup of 3D home entertainment products to consumers worldwide. Samsung also announced today the expansion of its strategic alliance with DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. (Nasdaq: DWA) to feature an exclusive offering of the Company's beloved Shrek film series – which to date has grossed over $2 billion in worldwide box office – in its entirety in 3D for the first time ever.

To make 3D TV more accessible for consumers globally, Samsung unveiled...

Internet HD VideoBlu-ray

Samsung Officially Announces First Ever Application Store For TVs, Blu-ray Players, and Home Theater Systems

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 10 2010, 12:51am

Samsung Electronics America Inc., market leaders and award-winning innovators in consumer electronics, have launched Samsung Apps, the first HDTV-based application store where users can download applications from select 2010 Samsung HDTVs, Blu-ray Players and Home Theater systems via the upgraded Internet@TV – Content Service. Samsung Apps provides consumers with an expanded, easy to navigate selection of content and applications from leading services like The Associated Press, Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, USA TODAY, and VUDU. More than 20 apps will be available by the end of March*, with hundreds expected by the end of the year. The new application platform allows content owners and developers to...

3D HDTVNew Products & Equipment

SAMSUNG Announces Availability and Pricing of Blu-ray Home Theater Systems

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 10 2010, 12:40am

Samsung Electronics America Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the U.S. availability and pricing of the company's next-generation Blu-ray Home Theater Systems. As announced at CES, the lineup includes the HT-C6930W, HT-C6730W, which received a CES "Best of Innovations 2010" award, the HT-C7530W and entry-level HT-C6500 and HT-C5500. All five models introduce a new, no-grill speaker design. They also offer Samsung's newly-introduced immersive Crystal Amplifier Pro technology, which ensures accurate sound reproduction. The HT-C6930W is a Blu-ray integrated home theater system that also includes 3D capability.

New Products & Equipment

SAMSUNG Announces Eight Plasma Ultra Slim TVs in 2010 Lineup

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 10 2010, 12:33am

Samsung Electronics America Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the U.S. availability and pricing of its 2010 portfolio of Ultra-Slim Plasma HDTVs, with three series ranging from 50 inches to 63 inches. Six of the eight models of this year's Ultra-Slim Plasma HDTV line (8000 and 7000 Series) are 3D-enabled, giving consumers the ability to experience a new dimension over the traditional HDTV viewing experience. While the TV is optimized for viewing 3D content, the built-in 3D processor lets you render 2D content into 3D in real time.

To further kick-start the 3D experience, consumers, for a limited time, will receive a free 3D Starter Kit with the purchase of a Samsung 3D HDTV and either the Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu-ray Player or the HT-C6930W 3D Home Theater System. Included in the kit is a 3D version of...


SAMSUNG Announces Pricing and Availability of 2010 Blu-ray Player Lineup

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 9 2010, 11:48pm

Samsung Electronics America Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the U.S. availability and pricing of its ground breaking 2010 lineup of Blu-ray players, beginning at $179.99. As announced at CES, the BD-C6900, winner of the 2010 CES Best of Innovations Award, leads the lineup, featuring built-in 3D playback. For design and performance-conscience consumers...

New Products & Equipment

Samsung Announces Pricing and Availability of 2010 Line of Premium AV Receiver Lineup

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 9 2010, 11:31pm

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the U.S. availability and pricing of its 2010 line of AV Receivers, further demonstrating the company's commitment to providing a superior audio experience. The lineup begins at $299.99 and features a stylish design aimed at complementing the 2010 lineup of Blu-ray players. Samsung's AV receivers will be...

Wireless HDMI/HDTVService & RepairInternet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Wilmington NC: Guinea Pig Again

By Alfred Poor • Mar 9 2010, 1:00pm

If you’ve never been to Wilmington, NC, you should plan a trip because it’s a wonderful town close great ocean beaches with lots to do. And now there’s something new to do there: connect to the Internet using “white space” wireless connections.
This is a “Smart City” experiment coordinated by TV Band Service of Wilmington and [...]

3D HDTVTechnology

Onkyo Introduces the World's First THX Certified 3D-Ready A/V Receiver

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 9 2010, 12:26pm

Onkyo TX SR608Onkyo USA has announced March deliveries of its first 3D-Ready home theater receivers and home theater in a box (HTiB) systems. The new models consist of three A/V receivers and three HTiB systems ranging in price from $299 to $599, and all of them support the new HDMI v1.4 connectivity standard for new 3D video displays and Audio Return Channel capabilities. All are exceptionally well equipped to provide a superior music, home theater sound and video experience, with high build-quality and offering excellent value.

The new TX-SR608 7.2-channel THX-Select2 Plus certified receiver has...

HD DVDLCD HDTVsDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - HD Camcorder: $80

By Alfred Poor • Mar 8 2010, 1:00pm

I got notice today that Best Buy is selling an HD camcorder for $80. Normally $130, this 720p camera with a 3″ LCD screen is marked down an extra $50. With the Best Buy “Insignia” house brand, it has digital image stabilization, 90 MB internal capacity, and an SD memory card slot. It also has [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - And the Oscar Loser Is...

By Alfred Poor • Mar 5 2010, 1:00pm

Sunday night, millions of TV viewers across the nation and around the world will be watching the Academy Awards ceremonies, with the possible exception of Cablevision subscribers in the New York City area, including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Westchester County. The problem is that the ABC network (and its parent company Disney) want [...]

Cable, Satellite & FiberCable HDTVHD Video ProductionPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #415: Switched Digital Video

By The HT Guys • Mar 5 2010, 5:36am

Last week Braden wrote that Cablevision is planning on rolling out network DVR functionality in April. This technology has got us excited because it shows that Cable is pushing itself to compete with Satellite, FiOS and U-Verse. One area that cable still falls a little short when compared to these other services is the number of HD channels they offer. A new technology called Switched Digital Video is being deployed that will allow cable companies to increase the number of HD channels they offer. But not every is happy about it.

3D HDTVTechnology

HDMI Licensing, LLC Releases HDMI Specification Version 1.4a

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 4 2010, 11:05pm

HDMI Logo – HDMI Licensing, LLC, the agent responsible for licensing the High-Definition Multimedia Interface® (HDMI®) specification, today announced, on behalf of the HDMI Founders, the release of HDMI Specification Version 1.4a featuring key enhancements for 3D applications including the addition of mandatory 3D formats for broadcast content as well as the addition of the 3D format referred to as Top-and-Bottom. The complete HDMI Specification Version 1.4a, along with the 1.4a version of the Compliance Test Specification (CTS), is available to Adopters on the HDMI Adopter Extranet.

An extraction of the 3D portion of Specification Version 1.4a is available for public download on the HDMI Web site at...

Internet HD VideoFiber/IPTV HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Broader Band on the Way

By Alfred Poor • Mar 4 2010, 1:00pm

Last month, two giants held forth the prospect of faster broadband Internet connections to the home. First, Google announced that it was going to build a trial fiber network designed to deliver 1 Gbps bandwidth to subscribers, about 100 times faster than most broadband services. Then the Financial Times reported that Cisco was also developing [...]

New Products & Equipment

Introducing TiVo(R) Premiere, the One Box to Rule Them All

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 3 2010, 10:32pm

TiVo PremiereTiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), a leader in advanced television services, including digital video recorders (DVRs), announced today the launch of TiVo® Premiere and TiVo® Premiere XL boxes. TiVo Premiere elegantly combines access to cable programming, movies, web videos, and music all in one box at a truly affordable price. TiVo Premiere is now the only way to unlock the real value of the HD television set, a box that is more powerful, compact, and energy efficient than previous generations. If the DVR changed your life, TiVo Premiere will change it again.


HDTV Almanac - Fighting Over the Phone

By Alfred Poor • Mar 3 2010, 1:00pm

If you can’t agree with your housemates about what to watch, a deathgrip on the remote control may no longer be a winning strategy. Verizon has announced that FiOS customers who have a Motorola Droid or HTC Imagio cell phone can download an app that lets them control their FiOS television set top box using [...]


Acer Extends Leadership in 3D Space With NVIDIA 3D Vision-Ready Projectors

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 2 2010, 6:43pm

Acer H5360 3D ProjectorAcer America today extends its leadership in delivering excellent products that take advantage of consumers' growing demand for 3D imagery with two new NVIDIA 3D Vision-Ready video projectors.

The three-dimensional experience is made possible by...


Philips Selects XpanD Active 3D Technology As Key Component Of Its 3D Strategy

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 2 2010, 6:37pm

XpanD LogoUnderscoring the innovation leadership of XpanD's active 3D technology platform for cinematic, television and gaming applications, the company today announced a partnership with Philips to provide consumers with co-branded iterations of its award-winning, patented pi-cell active 3D glasses with Philips' 3D television sets. In doing so, XpanD and Philips will provide consumers with the most advanced, most comfortable and highest-performing 3D technology that couples Philips' heritage in bringing truly immersive cinematic viewing experiences into the home with XpanD's advanced active 3D technology.


CBS and Sony Electronics Unveil New 3D Consumer Research Center

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 2 2010, 6:32pm

Sony/CBS 3D ExperienceAs 3D technology and content continue to change the way consumers experience their entertainment, Sony Electronics and CBS today unveiled "The Sony 3D Experience." This research center and screening facility will focus on consumer preferences and perceptions toward 3D programming, as well as how broadcasters and studios can best deliver 3D content for viewing both in and out of the home.

The Sony 3D Experience will be located...

New Products & Equipment

Logitech Adds to Award-Winning Harmony Remote Line

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 2 2010, 1:37pm

Logitech Harmony 600/650Nearly all of the entertainment devices in today's living rooms use remote controls, so for most people a remote that simplifies complex home-entertainment systems is essential to performing even the simplest of activities, such as watching TV. Today, Logitech (SIX:LOGN)(NASDAQ:LOGI) added to its award-winning line of Logitech® Harmony® remotes by unveiling the Logitech® Harmony® 600 Remote and Logitech® Harmony® 650 Remote. Giving you one-click control over your favorite activities, both new remotes are simple to set up and simple to use, and can replace up to five other remotes.

DLP HDTVsDigital (DTV) TransitionDigital Rights Management (DRM)PC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - DLP Wins Award from Academy

By Alfred Poor • Mar 2 2010, 1:00pm

Two weeks ago, the Academy Board of Governors gave the 2009 Scientific and Engineering Award (Academy Plaque) to four of the people who helped develop the color accuracy for DLP Cinema projectors. The Texas Instruments technology has become an important part of digital cinema, with installations at more than 17,000 screens worldwide. IMAX digital projection [...]


Pioneer 5.1 Channel A/V Receivers Deliver Expanded iPhone Experience to the Home Theater

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 2 2010, 12:14am

Pioneer VSX-820-K iPhone Certified A/V ReceiverPioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today unveils a new line of 5.1 channel A/V receivers that deliver a dynamic music experience to the living room. For the first time, the Pioneer VSX-520-K and VSX-820-K feature wireless Bluetooth® transfer of audio content allowing users to enjoy their music directly from their Bluetooth®-enabled device to their home theater system and are 3D Ready with the latest HDMI, version 1.4, providing more high definition connectivity options for the Blu-ray 3D specification. The VSX-820-K also features "Works with iPhone" certification, providing a seamless user experience for iPhone owners. Pre-orders of the VSX-520-K and the VSX-820-K are currently available at Amazon.com.

The new models feature expanded iPhone™ functions including...

New Products & Equipment

Three-Tuner Moxi(R) HD DVR Now Available for Standalone Purchase

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 1 2010, 2:47pm

ARRIS (NASDAQ:ARRS) today announced that the three-tuner version of the Moxi HD DVR, which allows recording of three channels simultaneously while watching a fourth recorded program, is now available for standalone purchase. Special offer, discounted bundles including the Moxi HD DVR and Moxi Mate multi-room players are also still available for consumers who want the premiere whole-home, multi-room entertainment experience only Moxi provides.

The award-winning Moxi product line is now available in the following configurations and price-points...

3D HDTVCable, Satellite & Fiber

SES WORLD SKIES to Host Extensive 3D TV Tests

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 1 2010, 2:42pm

With its 3D-ready satellites and teleports serving as the distribution backbone, SES WORLD SKIES, a division of SES S.A. (Paris:SESG)(LuxX:SESG), today announced it plans to join leading broadcasters, programmers, TV makers and technology providers in a series of extensive tests aimed at accelerating the delivery of 3D TV.

Planned for this spring, the trials are expected to bring together eight major 3D TV components that will be tested under real-life scenarios in an end-to-end platform. Participants in the high learning environment will include...

Wireless HDMI/HDTV

NETGEAR Supercharges Home Theater Experience With New Class of WiFi Products to Support Internet-Enabled Set-top Boxes, TVs, Blu-ray Players and Gaming Consoles

By Shane Sturgeon • Mar 1 2010, 2:18pm

NETGEAR High-Performance Wireless-N HD Home Theater Kit (WNHDB3004)HANNOVER, Germany, March 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NETGEAR®, Inc. (NASDAQ:NTGR) , a worldwide provider of technologically innovative, branded networking solutions, today announced two new networking accessories for home theaters. The High-Performance Wireless-N HD Home Theater Kit (WNHDB3004) is a carrier-grade, tested and proven solution for wirelessly playing multiple jitter-free 1080p HD video and audio streams to every room in the house flawlessly, and at double the performance and range of solutions in the market today. The Universal WiFi Internet Adapter for Home Theater Devices and Gaming Consoles (WNCE2001)delivers Wireless-N performance of up to 300 Mbps through the Ethernet port of consumer ...

Internet HD VideoService & RepairBusiness & Investment

HDTV Almanac - Walmart to Buy Vudu

By Alfred Poor • Mar 1 2010, 1:00pm

I don’t know about you, but there are too many similar names floating around in our business. Look, I realize that it’s difficult to come up with an original and compelling name for a new company or service, but now we’ve got Vudu, Hulu, Roku, and Lulu. Is it any wonder that people get confused? [...]


From the Trenches - How About 3D on Any Display?

By Richard Fisher • Feb 26 2010, 5:32pm

There are some mumblings on the internet about this possibility related to PS3 3D gaming but I can’t tell you if it is wishful thinking on the part of writers or rumors pulled from within engineering circles. I can tell you that the 720p specification is fully capable of delivering 1280x720 left/right eye high definition 3D at 30 frames even via broadcast DTV (although the content would not be 2D compatible and you would need a new receiver). I could be watching 3D today on my native 720p front projector via my PS3 (after firmware upgrade). Even the 1080i specification could deliver dedicated 3D using checkerboard encoding at 540p. One problem is...

Internet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Choose Your Ad

By Alfred Poor • Feb 26 2010, 1:00pm

Earlier this month, NewTeeVee reported the results of a study by VivaKi on the best online video ad units. The accuracy and impartiality of the data collection and analysis apparently is open to some debate, but the bottom line is that the results indicate that Hulu could be revolutionizing the use of advertisements with streaming [...]

Internet HD VideoHD Video ProductionService & RepairPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #414: Wal-mart is buying Vudu

By The HT Guys • Feb 26 2010, 7:04am

Rumors surfaced earlier this week, but it has been confirmed by official press release that Wal-mart is planning to acquire Vudu, a pioneer in the instant movie service market. Wal-mart has tried to get into the online video game once before. Does this mean the death of what otherwise was a great technology, or is it a huge step in the right direction?


3D TV at CES 2010 - Was it Actually Like HD a Decade Ago? (Part 4)

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Feb 25 2010, 5:04pm

My previous articles in this series have mentioned a few factors by which the 3D implementation effort is different from HD a decade ago, rather than similar, as some industry experts have expressed.

In this fourth installment, I analyze how consumers could embrace the 3D effort, and I provide some ideas to help them evaluate the adoption of 3D for their particular application: Either as a replacement of HDTV, or as a value added feature for 3D content, whether it is sourced from satellite, cable, or Blu-ray.

Internet HD VideoService & Repair

HDTV Almanac - Netflix Streaming to TVs

By Alfred Poor • Feb 25 2010, 1:00pm

A new report by The Diffusion Group reveals that of the Netflix subscribers who have broadband Internet access in their homes, more than 62% of them are using the “Watch Instantly” service to watch all the movies and television episodes that they want, at no additional charge. Perhaps the most telling result, however, is that [...]


3D TV at CES 2010 - Was it Actually Like HD a Decade Ago? (Part 3)

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Feb 24 2010, 5:11pm

As mentioned in part 2: In addition to the DTV type of conversions, such as digital compression, resolution and frame rate, 3D will subject the signal to conversions of structures/formats to match source devices with display devices capabilities.

From the world of digital audio/video, although many mistakenly generalize that bits are bits, we know that original signal quality suffers with conversions, which is what we will discuss in this part 3 of this series.

As mentioned earlier, 3D for the home is been implemented either with...

Internet HD VideoService & Repair

HDTV Almanac - Netflix Scores Sony

By Alfred Poor • Feb 24 2010, 1:00pm

Sony has a new Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen device that it calls the Dash Personal Internet Viewer. Last week, Sony announced that it was adding a dedicated application to the Dash for the Netflix streaming video service. If you have a Netflix subscription, an icon on the screen will provide access directly to your “Watch [...]


Two Disney-Pixar Animated Classics Come to Blu-ray: Toy Story & Toy Story 2

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 24 2010, 2:11am

This Spring, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (WDSHE) proudly presents the eagerly awaited high definition debuts of Disney-Pixar's original animated classics Toy Story and Toy Story 2. In 1995, Toy Story made history as the first feature-length computer animated film and, together with its beloved sequel Toy Story 2, helped establish Disney-Pixar as creators of unrivaled quality family entertainment. Now, viewers can rediscover these wondrous tales of what happens when humans leave the room -- and toys come to life -- as Toy Story and Toy Story 2 debut on Disney Blu-ray(TM) + DVD Combo Pack, followed seven weeks later by the Special Edition DVDs.

For the first time ever, these two groundbreaking films will be presented...

New Products & Equipment

ZeeVee Introduces ZvBox 170

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 24 2010, 1:53am

Today, at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, ZeeVee introduced a low-cost, simple-to-deploy system for distributing HD video and digital signage. The new ZvBox®170 joins the company's flagship ZvPro® 250 and ZvBox 150 products, creating a complete good-better-best product and pricing assortment.

ZeeVee products use HD encoding and RF modulation to distribute...


From the Trenches - Who Wants 3D HDTV: Us or Them?

By Richard Fisher • Feb 23 2010, 8:30pm

3D is coming to a device near you, in the form of displays, broadcast TV, Blu-ray players mobile phones and new technology to convert 2D to 3D. While I am “up” on 3D technology, I was not aware of the mass market 3D infrastructure that had been put in place over the last few years until I attended the CEDIA show in Atlanta this past fall. 3D is coming, Blu-ray specs have been delivered and broadcast is just around the corner!

ProgrammingInternet HD VideoLED (LCD) HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Will People Pay for Online Content?

By Alfred Poor • Feb 23 2010, 1:00pm

The World Wide Web has changed everything, and it appears that it hasn’t finished changing yet. One of the topics that I keep coming back to is the question of who will pay for production and distribution of video and movie programming over the Internet. One problem is that people tend to like “free” better [...]

Internet HD Video

Walmart Announces Acquisition of Digital Entertainment Provider, VUDU

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 22 2010, 10:48pm

Walmart announced today a definitive agreement to acquire VUDU, Inc., a leading provider of digital technologies and services that enable the delivery of entertainment content directly to broadband high-definition TVs and Blu-ray players. The deal is expected to close within the next few weeks.

VUDU is...


HDTV Almanac - LED Backlight Prices Falling

By Alfred Poor • Feb 22 2010, 1:00pm

Is the glass half full or half empty? DisplaySearch released a report last week that forecasts a rapid drop in LED backlight prices for HDTVs. According to the company’s press release, the current price for an LED backlight for a 40″ LCD HDTV is about $118, and this should fall to $100 by the end [...]


HDTV Almanac - Sony Pulls Plug on OLED TV in Japan

By Alfred Poor • Feb 19 2010, 1:00pm

It’s only 11″ diagonal. It’s not even HD resolution. And it costs a mind-boggling $2,222 in Japan. But it’s OLED and it looks great, so it gets a lot of attention. Apparently, however, it hasn’t gotten enough attention. Sony will stop production of its OLED TV for Japan, just two years after it started. It [...]

Cable HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #413: HT Guys HDTV Recommendations

By The HT Guys • Feb 19 2010, 6:40am

We receive emails from listeners all the time asking us which HDTV we recommend. That list will vary depending on the use case and budget of the emailer. On today's show we'd like to tell you what our picks are for a typical use scenario for low to medium budgets.


Sony Introduces Its First 3D Compatible Audio/Video Receiver

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 18 2010, 6:58pm

Sony today announced its first A/V receiver capable of supporting 3D audio and video.

Featuring HDMI(TM) 1.4 3D pass-through technology, ample high definition connectivity and compatibility with all of the latest Blu-ray Disc(TM) audio formats, the new STR-DN1010 A/V receiver is designed to create a simple solution for controlling any high definition or 3D capable home theater.

The 7.1 channel STR-DN1010 A/V receiver (110 watts power per channel @8-Ohms, 1kHz, 1% THD) features...

Deals & DiscountsBusiness & Investment

HDTV Almanac - More Bad News for High-End Retailers

By Alfred Poor • Feb 18 2010, 1:00pm

Another one bites the dust. Last week, the Washington DC area electronics retailer, MyerEmco Audio Video, announced that it was going out of business. Lack of available credit was cited as a major factor in the company’s demise. The president announced that the store would sell remaining inventory at half-price, with larger discounts available as [...]

Front Projection3D HDTVHD DVDDLP HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - 3D Front Projector for the Home

By Alfred Poor • Feb 17 2010, 1:00pm

Acer has announced the S5200 DLP projector that is certified for 3D image projection. It supports a 120 Hz refresh rate, making it suitable for stereoscopic 3D content using active glasses. The projector is not capable of HD images, as it is only has XGA (1024 by 768 pixel) resolution, but it is reportedly priced [...]

High Definition ProductionNew Products & Equipment

JVC Introduces Premium 'G Series' Broadcast Monitors with Improved Picture Quality, Dual-Link HD/SD-SDI Inputs

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 17 2010, 1:41am

JVC G Series Broadcast MonitorsJVC Professional Products, division of JVC U.S.A., today announced its new Vérité "G Series" of professional LCD monitors, which feature 3G and dual-link HD/SD-SDI (1080p/60 4:4:4) inputs. The 17-inch DT-V17G1Z and the 24-inch DT-V24G1Z are designed for broadcast, studio, mobile, and field applications that demand accurate color reproduction for critical image evaluation.

G Series monitors feature...

4K (Ultra HD)Digital Cinema

Christie First to Ship and Install 'Series 2' DLP Cinema Projectors

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 16 2010, 6:29pm

Christie®, the leader in digital cinema projection technologies, is pleased to confirm full production, shipping and installation of the latest generation of 4K-ready DLP Cinema® projectors, the Christie Solaria™ series, beginning with the Christie CP2220. The Christie CP2220 digital cinema projector features Texas Instruments' (TI) (NYSE: TXN) next generation Series 2 DLP Cinema technology. Shipments began early January to North and South America, Europe and Asia and are now installed and showing feature films worldwide, including Australia, Canada, Korea and the United States. With orders arriving daily, Christie continues its lead in digital cinema deployment resulting in 70% of all digital cinema installations worldwide since the introduction of DLP Cinema projectors – which Christie was also the first to market.

Designed to meet all Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specifications, the Christie Solaria is...


3D TV at CES 2010 - Was it Actually Like HD a Decade Ago? (Part 2)

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Feb 16 2010, 2:05pm

As I mentioned in part one, many experts in the HD industry, such as Mr. Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, compared the 3D CES movement of 2010 to when HD was introduced in 1998.

Several factors make the two efforts similar: they are both based on digital technology, use the same digital distribution channels as 2D HDTV, use similar digital displays (with upgraded features for 3D), and both are as complex regarding having multiple formats, standards, conversions, compressions, connectivity requirements, etc.

Unfortunately, due to that complexity, consumer confusion is also as high, if not higher. If local consumer electronics stores for years had difficulty learning HD right and to explain it correctly to consumers (and many have not reached that point yet even after a decade), I anticipate that 3D will be worse, and misinformation will fill consumers heads again.

One could say that standards and compatibility should help … keep reading.

Mobile HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Apple Wants Lower Prices

By Alfred Poor • Feb 16 2010, 1:00pm

According to a Wall Street Journal article last week, Apple is in negotiations with TV networks to lower the price for TV shows sold on the company’s iTunes site. The report indicates that the goal is to make video content more affordable when the iPad starts shipping, presumably in support of their claim about it [...]

Internet HD VideoLED (LCD) HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - The Power of Internet TV

By Alfred Poor • Feb 15 2010, 1:00pm

You won’t find this in your TV guide. It barely got mentioned on the national news that I heard this morning. You may not know it, but the U.S. challenger, BMW Oracle Racing, won the America’s Cup back from the Swiss defender yesterday by winning the second race in a best-best-of-three competition. Oh, this [...]

3D HDTVSports

Panasonic To Provide 152-Inch Plasma Display for NBC's Studio Coverage of the Vancouver Winter Games

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 12 2010, 7:54pm

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in high definition technology and the Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Audio and Visual Equipment category for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, has been selected to provide its 152-inch Plasma Display Panel to NBC during the network's studio coverage of the Vancouver Winter Games from Vancouver, February 12-28. The announcement was made today by Randy Raddatz, Vice President, Sourcing and Production Logistics, NBC Olympics and Andrew Nelkin, President, Panasonic Professional Display Company.

According to the agreement, Panasonic will provide...


3D TV at CES 2010 - Was it Actually Like HD a Decade Ago? (Part 1)

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Feb 12 2010, 7:30pm

The 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas between January 5 and 10 (the first two days were for the press). The show received approximately 120,000 attendees and 2500 exhibitors, according to preliminary estimates.

I visited all the exhibits relevant to audio and video, including the high-end audio exhibits at the Venetian and THE Show, and the usual non-CES high-end audio event, this year held at the Flamingo, in addition to 62 meetings I planned with companies, 90% related to 3D this year. If you wonder why, you might be the only one who did not see Avatar.

Although it was an exhausting effort, it was worth every minute of it. CES was a great opportunity to see ...

3D HDTVSports

Panasonic Opens Full HD 3D Theatre At the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Live Site

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 12 2010, 1:27pm

Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC) , the Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Audio and Visual Equipment category for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, today opened the doors of its Olympic Pavilion "Panasonic FULL HD 3D THEATRE" featuring two 103-inch full HD 3D theatres at LiveCity Yaletown, official celebration site of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Open February 12-28 from 11 am to 11 pm daily, the theatres will screen high definition, three dimensional images of the...

Mobile High Definition

Samsung's New CMOS Imagers Offer High-Performance, HD Capable Solutions for Smart and Slim Mobile Phones

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 12 2010, 1:19pm

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced that it has developed two new CMOS image sensors – the S5K4E2 and the S5K5CA – for the mobile phone market. Designers and manufacturers of high-end smart phones and slim mobile handsets can now integrate one of these high-performance, cost efficient, small form factor imagers into their next generation design.

Using its proprietary pixel technology...


HDTV Almanac - Sharp and Samsung Settle

By Alfred Poor • Feb 12 2010, 1:00pm

Earlier this week, Samsung and Sharp announced the settlement of their long-running dispute over patents related to LCD panels. As is often the case when both side sue each other, they agreed to a cross-licensing agreement that will give each company access to the disputed intellectual property claimed by the other. Additional details of the [...]

SportsInternet HD Video

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #412: VIA: Vizio Internet Apps

By The HT Guys • Feb 12 2010, 5:53am

If you happened to watch the Super Bowl and paid attention to the commercials, there were some really good ones. Bud light had a few, Doritos had a couple, but there also might have been a few that didn't make much sense to you. One of those could have been the Vizio add for their newly refreshed Vizio Internet Apps offering.

Cable, Satellite & FiberProgramming

DISH NETWORK® Extends HD Leadership, Delivers Slate of Nine New National HD Channels

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 11 2010, 1:40pm

DISH Network L.L.C., the fastest-growing pay-TV provider in America, today announced a substantial expansion of the largest high definition lineup in the U.S. with the introduction of nine new HD channels: Fox Soccer Channel HD, Sportsman HD, Hallmark Channel HD, IndiePlex HD and RetroPlex HD, which are only available on DISH Network, as well as truTV HD, E! HD, BBC America HD and SHOWTIME® (West) HD. The definitive HD leader, DISH Network now broadcasts more than 160 HD channels.

E! HD is available in...

Cable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Is This Any Time to Expand CE Stores?

By Alfred Poor • Feb 11 2010, 1:00pm

In a story last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that consumer electronics retailer hhgregg is planning a massive expansion, starting with the mid-Atlantic region but then spreading throughout the U.S. The company currently has 127 stores and plans to add up to 45 more stores in the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas. [...]

3D HDTVBlu-ray

Sony Launches Its First Blu-ray 3D-Ready Player

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 10 2010, 1:51pm

SONY Blu-ray 3D-Ready PlayerContinuing to drive innovation, Sony® today launched the new BDP-S470 stand-alone Blu-ray 3D(TM)-ready player. The model can be upgraded to play Blu-ray 3D content with a firmware update available this summer.

The company also announced that the previously introduced BDP-S570 Blu-ray Disc(TM) model and the BDV-E770W and BDV-E570 Blu-ray Disc home theater systems will be Blu-ray 3D capable with firmware updates available...

HD Camcorders & Cameras

Panasonic's New 3MOS HD Camcorders Produce True-to-Life Color and Excel in Low-Light Environments

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 10 2010, 1:42pm

Panasonic today introduces two additions to its 2010 line of camcorders, the Panasonic HDC-HS700 and HDC-TM700, both Full High Definition (HD) 3MOS camcorders with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The new Panasonic HD camcorders combine 1080/60p recording - allowing them to capture expressive video without detail loss or Moire pattern - with an advanced 3MOS system that produces vivid, true-to-life colors and excels in darkly-lit environments. The new HDC-HS700, records both to its large...

Cable HDTVPlasma HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Panasonic Plasmas Not So Smart?

By Alfred Poor • Feb 10 2010, 1:00pm

In a story last week, CNET broke the news that Panasonic has admitted to problem with rising black levels on some Viera models of their plasma HDTVs. Apparently there have been many consumer complaints about the increase in black level over time on these sets. Black level is important because it is perhaps the key [...]

Mobile HDTVHTPCs & Laptops

HDTV Almanac - AT&T Supports SlingPlayer Mobile on 3G

By Alfred Poor • Feb 9 2010, 1:00pm

Okay, maybe you don’t want to watch some version of mobile TV that delivers content that has been boiled and strained. But would you want to watch your favorite shows on your cell phone or other 3G-capable device? That’s going to be possible, now that AT&T has announced a deal with Sling Media (a subsidiary [...]

Blu-rayDigital Rights Management (DRM)

HDTV Almanac - Movie Gallery Files for Bankruptcy

By Alfred Poor • Feb 8 2010, 1:00pm

Last week, another bit of evidence appeared that supports the position that DVDs (and Blu-ray discs) should be put on the endangered list. Movie Gallery filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it tries to find a way to deal with its growing debt. The company has more than 2,600 stores in the U.S. in [...]


HDTV Almanac - $68 Blu-ray Player

By Alfred Poor • Feb 5 2010, 1:00pm

Okay. That’s more like it. Walmart is offering the Magnavox NB500MG1F Blu-ray player for $68. Yes, there are lots of features that you don’t get with this basic model, but it does have an HDMI connection and an SD card slot. And it’s not even Black Friday!
This brings Blu-ray into range for the average buyer. [...]

High Definition ProductionWireless HDMI/HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #411: Aperion Audio Home Audio Link (HAL)

By The HT Guys • Feb 5 2010, 7:14am

Pretty much since we have been doing the HDTV and Home Theater Podcast we have had listeners ask us about wireless solutions. We have been pretty happy with products from Rocketfish™ and AudioEngine. Today we take a look at the Aperion Audio Home Audio Link (HAL) which will transmit high quality uncompressed audio up to 100 feet.

HD Camcorders & Cameras

SANYO Debuts New Dual Cameras That Look as Good as They Perform

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 5 2010, 1:57am

SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO) introduces three new Dual Cameras, the VPC-GH2, VPC-CG102, and VPC-CG20, featuring Full High Definition 1080 60i (1920x1080) video and up to 14 MP photo capability. Offering style, performance and value, these new additions provide a convenient way to capture both videos and photos in daily life or for special events. Available nationwide starting in March, 2010, the VPC-GH2 and VPC-CG102 will have an MSRP of...

Service & RepairCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Rather Switch than Pay?

By Alfred Poor • Feb 4 2010, 1:00pm

Brand loyalty remains an important part of many consumer markets in the U.S., but according to a new report by Strategy Analytics, subscription television service is not one of them. A recent survey found that more than 2 out of 3 cable subscribers would change providers if they were offered a 20% discount. For the [...]

LCD HDTVsBusiness & InvestmentMobile HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Will Toshiba Call It Quits on LCD?

By Alfred Poor • Feb 3 2010, 1:00pm

A report last week in Tech-On speculates on the possibility that Toshiba might exit the LCD business. The article quotes a senior executive vice president as saying “”Our LCD display business has been worsening, and we are in very difficult circumstances.” He was referring to the LCD business of Toshiba Mobile Display Co Ltd (TMD). [...]

High Definition ProductionHD Camcorders & CamerasTechnology

Canon Announces MPEG-2 Full HD (4:2:2) File-Based Recording Codec for Upcoming Professional Video Camera

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 2 2010, 9:57pm

Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, announced today the Company has adopted an MPEG-2 Full HD (4:2:2) file-based recording codec for a new file-based professional video camera currently under development. The new Canon MPEG-2 codec will enable high-quality imaging and audio performance with up to 50 Mbps data recording and twice the color data of the HDV*1 profile format. File-based recording helps video operations realize greater efficiencies during post-production, making it an ideal format for many industry applications such as newsgathering, documentary filmmaking and event videography. The main features of the new Canon MPEG-2 codec include...


HDTV Almanac - Another HD Cell Phone Video Camera

By Alfred Poor • Feb 2 2010, 1:00pm

Last fall, I wrote about the Samsung Instinct HD cell phone that could capture HD video. Now comes news that SonyEricsson is following suit. The new Vivaz is a 3G touchscreen phone that can record 720p video using the 8.1-megapixel camera. (The phone originally was known as the “Kurara”.) Apparently, the press release announcing the [...]

Blu-ray3D HDTV

Panasonic First Out of the Gate with Blu-ray 3D™ Authoring Facility

By Shane Sturgeon • Feb 2 2010, 3:03am

Following on the announcement of a broad range of Full HD 3D TV products, from VIERA consumer 3D TVs to a Prosumer Full HD 3D camcorder, at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Panasonic is now unveiling its fully operational Blu-ray 3D™ Advanced Authoring Center located at Panasonic's R&D facility, Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory. The Advanced Authoring Center was recently upgraded and equipped with...

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Turn Down the Sound!

By Alfred Poor • Feb 1 2010, 1:00pm

I have reported previously on the “Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act”, or CALM, which has been passed by the House of Representatives and now is in the hands of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. However, we don’t have to wait for federal legislation to do something about the large variations in sound [...]

Mobile HDTV

HDTV Almanac - iPad Display: Flawed Picture

By Alfred Poor • Jan 29 2010, 1:48pm

Okay, I was determined to maintain the HDTV Almanac as an iPad-Free Zone, but Steve Jobs has forced me to break my resolution. There are many amazing points to pick out of Wednesday’s announcement, but I’m just going to focus on the video part. First, consider these quotes from the iPad promotional video on the [...]

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #410: The Details Behind 3D TV

By The HT Guys • Jan 29 2010, 7:46am

Far be it from us to stay away from the latest juicy new idea in home theater technology, 3D. It's been all over the news and the blogs for a while, recently culminating with a huge display at CES. Whether or not the technology actually catches on is a discussion for a different day. Today we're going to talk about the technology behind it.

PC & Laptop TechnologyHTPCs & Laptops

HDTV Almanac - DisplayMate Now Tweets!

By Alfred Poor • Jan 28 2010, 1:00pm

Raymond Soneira is the creator of DisplayMate, which is an excellent program that can quickly tell you volumes about your display, whether it’s an HDTV, a computer monitor, a notebook, or even a cell phone. I used DisplayMate extensively for many years when I developed and used the display tests for PC Magazine, and they [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - YouTube to Rent Movies

By Alfred Poor • Jan 27 2010, 1:00pm

If there’s a way to make money with YouTube, Google is sure to find it. The company is certainly trying enough different ways to generate revenue. Last week, YouTube announced that they will start renting movies. According to a company blog entry, an agreement with the Sundance Film Festival will make five films available for [...]


Samsung Electronics First to Begin Mass Producing 3D TV Panels

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 27 2010, 4:34am

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in display technology and digital media, announced today that it has become the first company to commence mass production of panels for 3D LED TVs and 3D LCD TVs.

The company began producing LED and LCD compatible panels for 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch full-HD 3D TVs using '3D Active Glasses' this month, employing Samsung's exclusive...

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - China Workers Protest at Touch Panel Plant

By Alfred Poor • Jan 26 2010, 1:00pm

China News Daily reported last week that more than 2,000 workers demonstrated at a touch panel plant owned by a Taiwanese company to protest pay disputes and unsafe working conditions. According to the protesters, at least four workers have died from over-exposure to hexane, a toxic solvent used to clean the panels. Some other reports [...]


OPPO Releases New BDP-80 Blu-ray Disc Player

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 25 2010, 7:27pm

OPPO Digital announced today the release of a new high-performance Blu-ray Disc player, model number BDP-80.

The new BDP-80 is a full-featured universal Blu-ray Disc™ player that supports BD Profile 2.0 (BD-Live and BonusView), DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD (SACD), HDCD, CD and other popular media formats such as AVCHD, MKV video files, digital photos and music. Sharing the same decoder and similarly optimized firmware as OPPO's award-winning BDP-83, the BDP-80 features fast disc load times, quick response to user operations, and robust audio and video controls. In contrast to the BDP-83...

PC & Laptop TechnologyLCD HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - FED: Not Yet Dead

By Alfred Poor • Jan 25 2010, 1:00pm

One of Taiwan’s top two LCD manufacturers, AUO, has announced that it is buying some technology (intellectual property) and other assets from Field Emission Technology (FET). FET was a spin-off from Sony that was develop and manufacture field-emission displays (FEDs), but during last year’s economic downturn, the company balked at spending the $300 million required [...]

Satellite HDTVPolitics & PolicyProgrammingCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - FCC Backs “Sports Neutrality”

By Alfred Poor • Jan 22 2010, 1:00pm

Earlier this week, the FCC ruled that cable companies that control local content — such as professional sports games — must make the programming available to other services, including satellite systems like DirecTV and DISH Network. This closes what has been called the “terrestrial loophole“. It got its name from the fact that any programming [...]


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #409: LED TV Technology

By The HT Guys • Jan 22 2010, 7:18am

When we first started our podcast there were five competing technologies vying for your living room. Today its pretty much down to LCD and Plasma. Most would say LCD is running away with the market but Plasma is hanging in there. So what about LED? LED is not a new TV technology but rather a different way to light the LCD. A Liquid Crystal Display is a glass panel that works by controlling the opacity of segments of itself by varying the electrical signal. Each individual segment, called a pixel, acts as a shutter to control the amount of light being passed through. The light source is what we will be focusing on today.

BroadcastDigital Rights Management (DRM)Global & WorldviewSports

HDTV Almanac - TV Rights for Next Olympics: $2 Billion

By Alfred Poor • Jan 21 2010, 1:00pm

According to a report last week in Television Broadcast, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) expects to get more than $2 billion for the U.S. television broadcast rights for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. NBC paid nearly $0.9 billion for the 2009 Summer Olympics [...]

Blu-rayBroadcastHD DVDLED (LCD) HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Reader Question: Ban the Black Bars?

By Alfred Poor • Jan 20 2010, 1:00pm

Q: I was visiting someone with a high definition TV. When they play back DVDs (normal ones, not Blu-ray), the images were letterboxed with black stripes on the top and bottom of the screen. What gives? I expect letterboxing on a square CRT but not on a widescreen HDTV. The TV plays HD broadcast [...]

Internet HD VideoSatellite HDTV

HDTV Almanac - DISH Network is Everywhere

By Alfred Poor • Jan 19 2010, 1:00pm

“TV Everywhere” is the moniker given by subscription video services to their attempts to let their subscribers watch their content through a streaming connection over the Internet. It makes sense; if I’m already paying for the content, why can’t I “tune in” over a broadband connection to see whatever my set top box can deliver?
It’s [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Where Did You Shop?

By Alfred Poor • Jan 18 2010, 1:00pm

Earlier this month, the market research firm BIGresearch released their results for the top five retailers for consumer electronics for December 2009. According to the company press release, nearly one-third of all adults (18 years old or older) surveyed indicated that they shopped at Best Buy most often when looking for electronics. Walmart was close [...]

Wireless HDMI/HDTV

WirelessHD - Integrating Wireless HDMI For Displays

By Richard Fisher • Jan 15 2010, 4:35pm

A wireless solution to get rid of the audio and video cables for a display has been a focal point for many years now. While many wireless adapters have come to market the Achilles Heal has always been that none of these solutions could fully duplicate the capability (and more importantly the performance) of a wired HDMI connection. At CES 2008 the WirelessHD group announced they were developing a new wireless standard and technology that could!

At CES 2009 there were...

Events & TradeshowsInternet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - CES 2010: The Big Story

By Alfred Poor • Jan 15 2010, 1:00pm

We’ve managed to stuff another Consumer Electronics Show into the history books (and no doubt consuming more than a few terabytes of Internet storage along the way with all that’s been posted about it). So let me make one last entry to sum it all up.
First, this year leaves no doubt that CES is the [...]

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #408: CES Roundup

By The HT Guys • Jan 15 2010, 7:37am

We decided to once again make the trek out to Las Vegas to get our own impression of all the hype coming out of CES. We didn't go last year, and we missed it a little, so we had to go this year. By far the biggest theme of the show this year was 3D. Some of what we saw was really good, some was really bad and of course some was just downright strange.


3D HDTV in the Home

By Richard Fisher • Jan 14 2010, 4:36pm

This is not a full technology report on 3D because there is still so much development going on and standards yet to be formulated. This report covers observation of 3D demos at CEDIA and what I have been told or have read about 3D that should remain true regardless of future standards.

During the Sony press conference at CEDIA we were told their goal...

Events & Tradeshows

HDTV Almanac - CES 2010: Here Comes 480 Hz!

By Alfred Poor • Jan 14 2010, 1:00pm

The arms race continues. When you have a product category where the competing products do not differ significantly, manufacturers must find a way to make their product stand out. Almost all televisions are now thin and flat and have 1080p resolution, so what can they do? Competing on price is difficult, with margins already cut [...]

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HDTV Almanac - CES 2010: OLED TVS — Keep Waiting

By Alfred Poor • Jan 13 2010, 1:00pm

If you were hoping for a breakthrough announcement about OLED TVs at CES 2010, you were let down again. OLEDs are a promising new display technology that is widely used in mobile phones and personal media players, but these are small displays. While OLEDs would make great televisions due to their incredible thinness and great [...]


Ed's View - CES 2010

By Ed Milbourn • Jan 12 2010, 4:22pm

One cannot appreciate the enormity of this exhibition except in person. This was my fortieth CES – the first being in 1965 at the old American Hotel in NYC, called the EIA Convention at that time. Then as a young engineer with RCA, I was awestruck by two full floors of products – one floor with radio, phonograph and audio tape products and the other with television – mostly black and white models. Now, the CES occupies several square miles of Las Vegas convention space exhibiting and hosting presentations relative to all types of electronics products competing in the ever hungrier world-wide consumer electronics marketplace. But one factor remains the same as in 1965: television is the king. Video products continue to...

LED (LCD) HDTVsEvents & TradeshowsLCD HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - CES 2010: LED Backlights Take Over

By Alfred Poor • Jan 12 2010, 1:00pm

LEDs are a solid state light source that have extraordinarily long lifetimes, and do not use mercury or other environmentally hazardous chemicals that are found in the fluorescent lamps traditionally used as backlights for LCD panels in devices such as computer monitors, notebook displays, and HDTVs. In addition, LED backlights provide better color performance, resulting [...]

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HDTV Almanac - CES 2010: Four-Color LCD HDTVs

By Alfred Poor • Jan 11 2010, 1:00pm

I know that at least some of you frequent HDTV Almanac readers are old enough to remember when the NBC peacock revealed a major change in television technology. Overnight, we went from shades of gray on the TV screen to full color (or what was close enough to full color for us at the time). [...]

3D HDTVEvents & Tradeshows

HDTV Almanac - CES 2010: Do We Need 3DTV Content?

By Alfred Poor • Jan 8 2010, 1:00pm

As I mentioned yesterday, we will need a sufficient quantity of 3D content in order for 3D channels and 3D television sales to succeed, but only a limited amount is available at this point. But maybe that’s not the obstacle that it would appear to be.
At the press conferences at CES on Wednesday, two companies [...]

Events & Tradeshows

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #407: Preview of CES 2010

By The HT Guys • Jan 8 2010, 7:31am

We know its kind of late to be talking about what we expect to see at CES since there is only two days left of the show, but what the heck. Here we go!

3D HDTVCable, Satellite & Fiber

DIRECTV - First Television Provider to Launch 3D in the Home Will Soon Deliver Three Dedicated 3D Channels

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 8:16pm

DIRECTV, the world's most popular television service, and Panasonic, a world leader in HDTV and digital electronics, announced today a strategic relationship that, for the first time, will bring 3D TV, the next frontier of television entertainment, to the largest audience nationwide. Beginning in June 2010, millions of DIRECTV HD customers will receive a free software upgrade enabling them to have access to three dedicated 3D channels through their 3D television sets, such as Panasonic's VIERA Full HD 3D TVs.

Panasonic will be...

New Products & Equipment

Haier Introduces Ultra-Slim LED HDTV Line Today at 2010 CES

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 7:40pm

Today at CES, Haier is launching its ultra slim LED TV lineup. The company's first generation of LEDs is available in 46", 40", 32", 24", 22" and 19" screen sizes. The 19" and 22" models are shipping in January and the other sizes shortly after. The 46" and 40" measure in at just 1.2" thick and the TV cabinets are available in a high gloss piano black cabinet for a smooth, sexy look or a high gloss white cabinet for a modern luxury appearance. Haier's Edge-lit LED technology paired with full HD 1080p and 120Hz Full Motion refresh rate, offers amazing picture quality with true-to-life colors without motion blur. In addition, SRS TruSurround XT technology gives any movie a live-performance quality that makes any movie night, a night to remember.

One of the new technologies available in 2010 is...

New Products & Equipment

ViewSonic® Leaps Into CES With New ViewLEDTM TV Lineup

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 6:04pm

ViewSonic® Corp., a leading global provider of visual display, computing and digital content solutions, today introduced its new ViewLED™ eco-friendly LED TV offerings. From 19" to 42", these latest solutions are...


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to Deliver Blu-ray 3D™ Content

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 6:03pm

To coincide with the rollout of 3D electronics hardware from Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) today announced the studio will begin releasing 3D content on Blu-ray Disc™ worldwide in 2010.

The first planned SPHE Blu-ray 3D release will be the recent animated blockbuster...

New Products & Equipment

Vivitek Adds New 1080p Projector to Home Theater Line-Up

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 3:21pm

Vivitek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of environmentally innovative visual display and presentation products, today announces the shipping date of its latest 1080p home theater projector to its line-up with the H5080. A professional-grade projector with the consumer enthusiast in mind, the Vivitek H5080 utilizes the latest advancements in video processing technologies to create remarkable image quality and delivers amazing video processing performance.

The Vivitek H5080 home theater projector provides...

Blu-rayInternet HD Video

Dreamer Blu-TV Interactive Television Service Now Available on OPPO Digital Blu-Ray Disc Players

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 3:19pm

Dreamer Corporation, a leader in interactive TV platforms, today announced that OPPO Digital, a leading designer and manufacturer of Blu-ray Disc players, is offering Dreamer's Blu-TV interactive television service on the OPPO BDP-83 model, which has won multiple awards since its introduction to the U.S. market in July 2009. Dreamer will demonstrate Blu-TV on the OPPO Digital player in its booth (#10045) at CES 2010 from January 7 – 10.

To activate the Blu-TV service, OPPO BDP-83 users simply...

Blu-rayInternet HD Video

LG Electronics Expands Access to Content-On-Demand With New High-Performance Blu-ray Disc Players

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 2:49pm

Delivering on its commitment to give consumers endless entertainment options in a stylish package, LG Electronics today introduced its 2010 family of Network Blu-ray Disc Players and Home Theater Systems that bring a new level of convenience to playing pre-recorded and online high-definition content.

Leading the line-up...

New Products & Equipment

LG Electronics Reinforces Commitment to Plasma HDTVs With Slim, Versatile Design, Picture-Enhancing Technology

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 2:48pm

LG Electronics underscored its commitment to the plasma HDTV category with eight new models for 2010, led by the new LG INFINIA series, which represents the best in LG's design, technology and entertainment options.

Featuring new picture-enhancing technology and lightweight designs in a variety of screen sizes, four new plasma series...

Cable, Satellite & Fiber

XStreamHD™ Revolutionary Whole-Home Entertainment System Available for Advance Purchase on January 7

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 1:20pm

XStreamHD, an emerging leader in the delivery and distribution of Full High Definition (HD) entertainment directly to the home has announced for the first time an advance purchase option which will allow consumers to reserve the product prior to the official delivery date of April 30, 2010. Consumers can pre-order either XStreamHD's FAST Start or PRO Start packages with only a $25 deposit to receive guaranteed delivery of the first release systems.

Consumers can place their order(s) for either the FAST Start or PRO Start packages starting...

3D HDTVService & RepairEvents & TradeshowsSatellite HDTV

HDTV Almanac - CES 2010: 3D Broadcasts on the Way

By Alfred Poor • Jan 7 2010, 1:00pm

Last summer, European satellite service BSkyB made headlines by announcing plans for an all-3D HDTV channel to begin broadcasting this year. Many people — including me — thought that this is probably premature due to the limited amount of 3D content available. Like the early days of HDTV broadcasts, you were likely to see the [...]

Cable, Satellite & Fiber3D HDTV

DIRECTV and RealD Work Together to Deliver 3D Content to the Home

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 4:52am

DIRECTV, Inc., the world's most popular television service, and 3D technology leader RealD are currently working together to deliver high-definition 3D movies and TV programming via satellite to DIRECTV subscribers. DIRECTV's content providers will be able use RealD tools to format their 3D content and deliver it to millions of homes with the crisp, clear 3D images that RealD has become known for. DIRECTV will be launching three 3D channels...

Blu-ray3D HDTV


By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 3:44am

Sony today introduced its new Blu-ray Disc™ line featuring Blu-ray 3D™ playback, Wi-Fi® Internet connectivity, and instant streaming of online video content from the BRAVIA® Internet Video platform. The new Sony Blu-ray Disc devices are another example of how Sony is providing consumers with networked products that enhance the home entertainment experience.

The full HD 1080p line featuring Sony’s new Monolithic Design Concept includes...

HD Camcorders & Cameras

Sony Unveils New Solid State Camcorders

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 3:29am

Sony Electronics is expanding its line of solid state camcorders with two new models designed to broaden the shooting capabilities for professionals and consumers. The company is introducing its first professional camcorder that implements the AVCHD format, the HXR-NX5U, as well as a consumer AVCHD model, HDR-AX2000.

The professional HXR-NX5U model is...

3D HDTVNew Products & Equipment

Sony Makes 3D Come to Life at Home with First 3D Capable Bravia HDTVs

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 3:20am

From black-and-white, to color, to digital, Sony Electronics is once again setting the new standard for how televisions look and perform. Today, the company introduced its 2010 BRAVIA® LCD HDTV line featuring its first 3D HDTVs, a new innovative and stylish Monolithic Design Concept, and LED backlighting.

The new Sony televisions are...

New Products & Equipment3D HDTV

SAMSUNG Unveils Slim 2010 Plasma Series HDTVs

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 1:23am

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today unveiled its new portfolio of ultra-slim Plasma HDTVs with the 8000, 7000 and 6500 Series. Each provides technologies that deliver exceptional picture quality, advanced connectivity with the updated Internet@TV feature and compliance to revised EnergyStar 4.0 standards – all in a slim form factor. Additionally, the premium plasma TV line (8000 and 7000 Series) includes Samsung’s proprietary built-in 3D processor that adds a new dimension to TV viewing at home. The TVs will be...

New Products & Equipment3D HDTV

SAMSUNG Unveils 2010 LCD TV Lineup

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 1:20am

Samsung Electronics Co. ., Ltd., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today unveiled its 2010 portfolio of LCD HDTV’s including the 750 and 650 Series. Each includes enhanced picture quality and advanced connectivity. With DLNA networking capabilities, and new Touch of Color™ (ToC™) designs, these HDTVs raise the bar of excellence in their respective categories. The 750 Series features built-in 3D technology, making images leap off the screen so you feel like you’re a part of the action. Across the board Samsung is delivering a host of picture improvements including its picture enhancing HyperReal™ Engine, for a true-to-life range of color and contrast. Additionally...


SAMSUNG Sets New Standards, Breaks Boundaries with Latest Lineup of Blu-ray Players

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 1:18am

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today unveiled its 2010 lineup of Blu-ray players, reaching new frontiers in delivering quality HD home entertainment.. Standing out among the f our-player lineup is the winner of the 2010 CES Best of Innovations Award, the BD-C6900, featuring built-in 3D playback and supporting the new 3D Blu-ray standard. For those looking for the best in design and performance...


SAMSUNG Redefines Immersive Entertainment with New Connected Blu-ray Home Theater Systems

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 1:16am

Samsung Electronics Co. ., Ltd., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today unveiled its next-generation Blu-ray Home Theater Systems; the HT-C6730W, which received a CES “Best of Innovations 2010” award, the HT-C7530W and the HT-C6500. All three models introduce a new retro, no-grill speaker design and Samsung’s newly-introduced immersive Crystal Amplifier Pro technology, which ensures accurate sound reproduction and minimal noise interference.

For the first time, Samsung’s Home Theater systems now have...

New Products & Equipment3D HDTVInternet HD Video

Samsung's New Lineup of LED HDTVs Raises the Bar for TV Excellence

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 1:12am

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, unveiled today the next generation of its award-winning LED back-lit TVs, featuring a first of its kind built-in 3D processor, connected interactive experiences and innovative, trend-setting designs with a wide range of options to match the décor of almost any living room. . This year’s flagship Series, the 9000, has proudly won the 2010 CES Best of Innovations award. Perhaps most notably, Samsung offers its most versatile LED TV lineup, which consists of entry level HD offerings to its highest performing full HD TV’s ever, in a variety of screen sizes. Samsung’s latest HDTVs will be...

3D HDTVBlu-ray

Technicolor Brings 3D to the Home and Beyond

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 12:59am

Technicolor (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TMS) today announced several innovations to support the consumer electronic industry’s migration to 3D, including new technologies for Blu-ray 3D, broadcast 3D, 3D subtitling, and auto-stereoscopic 3D delivery to mobile handsets.

Technicolor will demonstrate the following at CES...

Internet HD VideoBlu-ray

VUDU Apps Lets Customers Access Hundreds of Internet Services on Broadband HD Televisions and Blu-ray Players from Mitsubishi, SANYO, Sharp and Toshiba

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 7 2010, 12:39am

VUDU Inc., a leading provider of streaming entertainment technology, today introduces VUDU Apps, a platform for the delivery of Internet applications and services to home theaters, HDTVs and Blu-ray Disc players (BDPs), the company announced today. Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, SANYO Manufacturing Corporation, Sharp Corporation and Toshiba America Consumer Products L.L.C. have adopted VUDU Apps as their platform for the delivery of Internet services directly to their broadband HDTVs. Toshiba will also integrate VUDU Apps into their line of broadband BDPs.

VUDU Apps provides customers with access to a wide range of Internet services and applications including...

Internet HD Video

VUDU Now on Broadband HDTVs and Blu-ray Players from LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung, SANYO, Sharp, Toshiba and VIZIO

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 6 2010, 11:29pm

VUDU Inc., a leading provider of Internet entertainment services, has extended its distribution as an embedded platform to include broadband home theaters, HDTVs and Blu-ray Disc players (BDPs) from LG Electronics, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Samsung Electronics Co. Inc., SANYO Manufacturing Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Toshiba America Consumer Products L.L.C., and VIZIO, the company announced today. The VUDU Streaming Movie Service will be available...

Blu-rayInternet HD Video

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Netflix Announce New Agreements Covering Availability of DVDs, Blu-ray and Streaming Content

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 6 2010, 7:16pm

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) today announced new agreements that will continue to make Warner Bros. new release DVD and Blu-ray titles available to Netflix members while adding to the selection of direct to video titles and Catalog movies available to be streamed instantly to TVs and computers.

New release titles on DVD and Blu-ray will be made available...

Internet HD Video

LaCie Introduces LaCinema Mini HD: Full HD WiFi Media Center in a DVD-Sized Footprint

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 6 2010, 7:10pm

LaCinema Mini HDLaCie today unveiled LaCinema Mini HD, the all-in-one Wi-Fi High Definition media center. Its amazingly small and stylish design packs a big punch, bringing your HD movies, photos and music collections to your widescreen TV in full 1080p resolution.

LaCinema Mini HD bridges the gap between the computer and entertainment worlds in full HD quality. Featuring...

Internet HD VideoNew Products & Equipment

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Expands Relationship with VUDU, Adds VUDU Apps to All Models in its New Line of Internet-enabled HDTVs

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 6 2010, 7:01pm

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America will introduce a line of Internet-enabled televisions this year integrating VUDU Apps, a platform for the delivery of Internet entertainment services. The lineup of VUDU Apps on Mitsubishi televisions will feature the VUDU Streaming Movie Service, the leading HD on-demand movie service available today, which is currently supported on select Mitsubishi Unisen™ Immersive Sound televisions.

Mitsubishi’s 2010 line of Internet-enabled televisions will provide access to more than...

New Products & Equipment3D HDTVInternet HD Video

LG Electronics Redefines Home Entertainment Expectations With Broad Line of Stunning, Slim LED and LCD HDTVs

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 6 2010, 5:22pm

INFINIA, an innovative new family of LED LCD HDTVs from LG Electronics that delivers "freedom through infinite possibilities," highlights the company's 2010 lineup of LED LCD HDTVs introduced here today at the International Consumer Electronics Show (Booth #8205).

LG INFINIA HDTVs (the LE9500, LE8500 and LE7500 series) combine a slim design and thin bezel with enhanced connectivity and abundant content options. Leading the way to the ultimate home entertainment experience, the 55- and 47-inch class* LE9500 sets will be LG's first 3D-ready models available in the United States.

INFINIA is the flagship of...

Internet HD Video

NETGEAR Expands Family of Award-Winning Digital Media Players With Introduction of Digital Entertainer Express

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 6 2010, 5:20pm

NETGEAR Digital Entertainer ExpressNETGEAR® today announced the worldwide launch of the Digital Entertainer Express (EVA9100), a powerful and flexible digital media player that enables consumers to easily enjoy and seamlessly stream personal digital media collections and Internet content over home networks to high-definition televisions. Providing all of the playback performance and video reliability of the Digital Entertainer Elite (EVA9150), the Digital Entertainer Express is an ideal solution for the serious media enthusiast. It incorporates...

3D HDTV4K (Ultra HD)

JVC Demonstrates 3-D Technologies at 2010 International CES

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 6 2010, 1:55pm

JVC is demonstrating an array of 3-D television technologies at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which opens here today. Technologies on display include a 3-D LCD monitor already on the market, an ultra high resolution high definition 3-D demonstration and a processor for the professional market that converts 2-D content to 3-D.

Here's an overview of JVC's 3-D technologies on display at International CES...

Internet HD VideoNew Products & Equipment

D-Link Tosses 'Pebble' into Media Player Pond at CES 2010

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 6 2010, 1:35pm

D-Link today introduced a stylish addition to any home entertainment environment -- the D-Link® Pebble™ -- a uniquely designed media player that lets users play virtually all of their media in an attractive, easy-to-use and compact device.

Lightweight, decorative and functional, no other media player of its style and price offers...


Krell Industries Introduces First Blu-ray Player

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 6 2010, 1:32pm

Krell Industries, LLC, the leader in high performance music and home theater systems has announced the introduction of the company’s first Blu-ray player, the Evolution 555.

Engineered to maximize performance from today’s large format flat panel and front projectors, the Evolution 555 offers home entertainment enthusiasts unprecedented levels of performance, flexibility and upgradeability. Featuring the acclaimed 12-bit Sigma Design VXP technology, this superior engine delivers the world’s highest quality video processing algorithms for noise reduction, de-interlacing, scaling, image enhancement and frame rate conversion. Incorporating industry-leading compression artifact reduction, the VXP recognizes object edges and removes mosquito noise to produce crisp, clear images. Detail enhancement seeks out underlying image information bringing unprecedented texture, sharpness and clarity to images. 3D and 2D noise reduction which adaptively applies both temporal and spatial noise red ...

Cable, Satellite & FiberInternet HD Video

DISH Network® Introduces TV Everywhere™

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 6 2010, 1:27pm

DISH Network today introduced TV Everywhere™ – a unique suite of integrated products designed to maximize the convenience and ease of watching TV anytime and anywhere.

TV Everywhere™ from DISH Network provides customers with access to all their live and recorded programming on a laptop, mobile device, or anywhere in the home wirelessly. Key components of TV Everywhere™ include

Service & RepairEvents & TradeshowsCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - CES 2010: Dress Nice When You Call

By Alfred Poor • Jan 6 2010, 1:00pm

Skype is a service that lets you make free phone calls between computers using your broadband connection. What many people don’t realize is that close to a third of those calls are video calls, where you get to see the people you’re talking to. We use this feature all the time, and even have added [...]

3D HDTVProgramming

Discovery Communications, Sony and IMAX Announce Plan to Launch First 24/7 Dedicated 3D Television Network in the U.S.

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 8:51pm

Three of the world’s leading media, technology and entertainment companies – Discovery Communications, Sony Corporation and IMAX Corporation – today announced a joint venture to be established to develop the first 24/7 dedicated 3D television network in the U.S. The partnership brings together three leaders with an extraordinary collection of award-winning 3D content, technology expertise, television distribution and operational strength to deliver a high-quality three-dimensional viewing experience to home television audiences.

Discovery, Sony, through its U.S. affiliate, Sony Corporation of America, and IMAX each will be equal partners in the joint venture. It will be launched in...


Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Brings 3D to Life at "Experience 3D Tech Zone" at CES

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 6:57pm

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. (MDEA) will showcase the flexibility and versatility of its 3D-ready TV products by displaying 3D content delivered by various video sources, including Blu-Ray players at CES 2010 in the "Experience 3D Tech Zone". MDEA has also announced a new 3D adapter which will provide Mitsubishi 3D-ready Home Theater TV owners with an easy and affordable solution to display 3D from a 3D Blu-Ray player. The Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 3D adapter will be available in...

HD Camcorders & Cameras

Canon U.S.A. Introduces a Powerful New VIXIA Lineup to Meet the Needs of Every User

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 6:18pm

Canon U.S.A., Inc, a leader in digital imaging technology, today announced an exciting new line of nine VIXIA High Definition flash memory camcorders. The 2010 high-definition lineup includes Canon’s flagship VIXIA HF S-series, the compact VIXIA HF M-series and a new entry-level VIXIA HF R-series. Some new features enhancing Canon’s 2010 lineup include...

Cable, Satellite & Fiber3D HDTV

CableLabs® Develops 3D Test Support, Opens Laboratory for 3D TV Technology

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 6:14pm

CableLabs® has expanded support for development of 3D television technology. This effort results from the positive responses of the consumer electronics and programming industries.

CableLabs is providing testing capabilities for 3D TV implementation scenarios over cable. These capabilities cover...

New Products & Equipment

InFocus Creates New Performance Category for Mainstream Projection

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 6:12pm

InFocus® Corp., the industry pioneer in digital projection technology, is debuting five new projectors in its IN2100 and IN3100 series that create a new standard in high brightness and rich features for entry-level priced projectors. Increased zoom capabilities, true-to-life colors, and 3000-3500 lumens ensure a crisp, brilliant image under any classroom or meeting room lighting condition. The IN2100 series also introduces the first InFocus projector to offer networking functionality for less than...

Internet HD Video

LG Electronics to Unveil Broadband HDTVs with Embedded Skype Capability

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 6:04pm

LG Electronics and Skype today announced that LG’s 2010 HDTVs with NetCast Entertainment Access™ will feature embedded Skype™ software* allowing Skype users to make voice and high-definition video calls directly from their family room without a PC. Skype on the new LG HDTVs will be demonstrated this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show (Central Hall Booth #8205).

Beginning this spring, Skype will be available on...


Simplay™ Labs Launches HDMI® CTS Version 1.4 Certification and Two New Test Tools for HD Development and Testing

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 2:42pm

Simplay™ Labs, LLC, the leading solutions provider of technologies, testing programs, development tools, and interoperability and performance design standards for the high-definition (HD) consumer electronics industry, today announced a number of new initiatives in HDMI Specification Version 1.4 certification, test tools, and testing facilities. The continuing evolution of the HD ecosystem and complexities of HD features, along with the growth of HDMI-enabled devices, have driven the need for...

Internet HD Video

Skype and Panasonic Announce Collaboration to Add Skype Software to Viera® HDTVs

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 2:38pm

Panasonic Corporation, a worldwide leader in High Definition technology and built-in TV web entertainment, and Skype, a leader in internet communications, today announced a collaboration that will enable consumers to make voice and video calls over Skype™ on Panasonic's line of 2010 VIERA CAST-enabled HDTVs planned for launch in spring 2010.

This collaboration takes Skype...

Internet HD Video

Skype Ushers in New Era in Face-to-Face Online Video Communication

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 2:22pm

Continuing to lead the revolution in face-to-face online video communication, Skype today announced support for Skype™ video calls on PCs in 720p high definition (HD), as well as Skype software embedded into Internet-connected widescreen televisions from its consumer electronics manufacturer partners.

The latest version of Skype for Windows can deliver up to 720p HD-quality video calling at 1280 x 720 resolution, at up to 30 frames per second, giving individuals an even smoother and richer video calling experience. To make an HD video call...

New Products & Equipment3D HDTV

VIZIO Launches NEW XVT Pro(TM) Series of Advanced HDTV Technology

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 2:08pm

VIZIO's XVTPRO720SV 72" 480Hz SPS TruLED Full HD3D HDTVVIZIO, America's #1 LCD HDTV Company, has unveiled their new high-performance XVT Pro Series of 480Hz SPS(TM) 16x9 TruLED(TM) Full HD3D(TM)HDTVs available in 72", 55" and 47" sizes, as well as a 58" Cinema Wide HDTV that displays content in 21 x 9 aspect ratio. The 480Hz SPS(TM) 16x9 TruLED(TM) Full HD3D(TM)HDTVs incorporate the very latest in advanced HDTV technology with 480Hz SPS(TM), TruLED(TM) brilliant LEDs that pervade the entire screen, Smart Dimming(TM) circuitry controls hundreds of zones of LEDs per screen to the precise light level per picture frame. In addition, the set's full HD3D(TM) delivers stunning 3D images in FULL HD 1080P resolution, with other advanced features like...

Internet HD Video

D-Link Debuts Boxee at CES 2010; Directly Links Internet Entertainment Services to TVs Everywhere

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 1:46pm

D-Link made lots of geeks and early adopters happy today by introducing the revolutionary Boxee Box by D-Link, winner of the CES Best of Innovations award in the Home Entertainment category.

The Boxee Box by D-Link reinterprets what TV should be. The Boxee Box delivers movies, TV shows, music, and photos from a user's computer, home network, and the Internet to their HDTV with no PC needed. Additionally, Boxee's core social features make it easy for friends to discover new content from each other through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Boxee is a...

Wireless HDMI/HDTV3D HDTV4K (Ultra HD)Blu-ray

WirelessHD® Next Generation Standard Now Supports 3DTV, HDCP 2.0, Data Applications and Data Rates in Excess of 10 Gbps

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 1:31pm

The WirelessHD® Consortium, the first and largest 60 GHz initiative worldwide and the only wireless standard that provides wireless lossless A/V support, today announced a major enhancement to the WirelessHD 1.0 specification. The next generation of the WirelessHD specification will enable HDTVs, Blu-ray disc players, PCs and portable devices to transmit, share and display content in billions of colors with unprecedented vividness and accuracy as well as instantaneously transfer large multi-gigabyte media files among a variety of devices. The WirelessHD standards group also announced...

Wireless HDMI/HDTV

SiBEAM Partners with VIZIO to Develop Wireless Solutions Using The WirelessHD® Standard for Home Multimedia Connectivity

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 1:24pm

VIZIO, America’s #1 LCD HDTV Company, today announced that it has chosen to add WirelessHD technology and SiBEAM 60 GHz chipsets, based on the globally available WirelessHD standard, for a new line of LCD HDTVs and wireless HDMI adapters. VIZIO is also in the process of joining WirelessHD as an Adopter with the intent of incorporating WirelessHD technology into a wide range of product offerings for the consumer.

VIZIO will demonstrate...

Service & Repair

Datacolor® and Portrait Displays Demonstrate New Generation TV Calibration System – Spyder3HDMI®

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 1:07pm

Datacolor®, a global leader in digital color management technology, along with its product development partner, Portrait Displays, Inc., announced they will demonstrate an incredible breakthrough in TV calibration with their new Spyder3HDMI® calibration system.

Spyder3HDMI automatically calibrates any digital TV using...

Mobile HDTVHTPCs & LaptopsDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - Why 16:9? Is There Room for Others?

By Alfred Poor • Jan 5 2010, 1:00pm

The world of displays has gone flat and wide. HDTVs use a format that has a 16:9 aspect ratio, which means that for every 16 units of width, the screen is 9 units high. Due to the economies of making everything the same format, we now have 16:9 computer monitors, portable media players, and digital [...]

Wireless HDMI/HDTV

ProVision to demonstrate multi-room wireless HDTV system at CES

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 12:59pm

PRV0025 AXAR 1500 FamilyBristol, UK – 5th January 2010 - ProVision Communications has created the world’s first consumer electronics technology capable of securely streaming live HD video content across all the rooms of a home.

The system, called AXAR1500, streams HD video content from a Blu-ray player, PVR or HD set top box to...

New Products & Equipment

TV Ears to unveil first “Senior-Friendly” HDTV at Consumer Electronics Show

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 12:11pm

TV Ears, a manufacturer of doctor recommended TV listening solutions, will unveil the first ever “Senior-Friendly” LCD high definition television at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show this week.

The 32-inch set includes...

3D HDTVBlu-ray

3D Television to Take Center Stage at 2010 International CES

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 5 2010, 4:40am

3D TV is expected to dominate the show floor at the 2010 International CES this week with an abundance of products on display ranging from television displays and Blu-ray DVD players to end-to-end 3D solutions. A focal point of 3D exhibits at CES is the Experience 3D TechZone located in Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) where more than 10 companies will showcase their products and technologies.

Some highlights at CES include...

Cable HDTVProgrammingDigital Rights Management (DRM)

HDTV Almanac - Fox and Time Warner Settle, but…

By Alfred Poor • Jan 4 2010, 1:00pm

The much-publicized game of chicken between Fox and Time Warner ended on New Year’s Day with a settlement. The terms were not disclosed, but Time Warner agreed to pay Fox for the rights to retransmit the Fox Network programming and some other News Corp cable networks. As a result, Time Warner’s customers did not miss [...]

HD DVDDigital (DTV) TransitionBroadcastProgramming

HDTV Almanac - Happy HD New Year!

By Alfred Poor • Jan 1 2010, 1:00pm

Happy New Year!
While there are plenty of gloomy topics floating about in our world these days, high definition television is not one of them. We survived the transition to digital broadcast of television programming (more or less) and now many viewers can enjoy HD shows for free over the air. HDTV prices fell another 20% [...]